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Friday, December 30, 2005

Antoine Walker Celtics Redux??
Ainge should make Real GM TRADE his REALITY
Boston Trade Breakdown
This Trade Passes the salary cap test!
Mark Blount7-0 C from Pittsburgh12.9 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 2.0 apg in 28.8 minutes
Brian Scalabrine6-9 PF from USC1.6 ppg, 0.7 rpg, 0.3 apg in 8.7 minutes
Celtics #1 Pick in 2005-06
Antoine Walker6-9 PF from Kentucky12.4 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 2.5 apg in 28.3 minutes
Change in team outlook: -2.1 ppg, +0.9 rpg, and +0.2 apg
Blount has picked up his play, while Antoine Walker is struggling in Miami...and the Celtics are struggling in the East. It is readily apparent that Al Jefferson isn't ready to be a go to guy, so bringing Antoine back would let him develop as the starter or 6th man, (still getting major minutes), while the Celtics compete. This would give the Heat much needed front court depth in the form of role players that won't need as many shots as 'Toine, as well as a first rounder. Will it happen? Highly unlikely, although both teams need to do something.
A more likely scenario/rumor has Antoine going to Indiana in a deal for Ron Artest.

Reese Sox Redux Ruled Out
Pokey Reese gets 1-year deal from Marlins
KRT Wire 12/29/2005 No muting of Tejada chatter; 2 Chicago teams, Red Sox interested:
"Tejada reiterated his trade request Thursday night to the Baltimore Sun, saying he was more upset than ever at the Orioles' lack of off-season moves.'I thought I (would) put pressure and we'll see,' Tejada said. 'What have they done? Nothing.''Next year, I want to be somewhere where they want to win.'"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Red Sox Trade Rumor Central
Hot Stove Edition

The Red Sox, according to one source, have made one of the most intriguing offers -- outfielder Manny Ramirez and starting pitcher Matt Clement for Miguel Tejada -- but several high-ranking Orioles officials remain opposed to trading the team's best player within the American League East.
-- Baltimore Sun

The Cubs apparently are no closer than they were last week to dealing Mark Prior to Baltimore for Tejada. Baseball sources said Tuesday the Cubs and Orioles have not spoken since news of the proposed deal was leaked to an Internet site last Thursday. Prior, Corey Patterson and a top prospect, believed to be left-hander Rich Hill, are thought to be part of the preliminary package.
-- Chicago Tribune

A four team internet special is being rumored by various sources, with Tejada a Red Sox, Manny a Met, Lugo and Benson, and prospects Orioles, and Matsui, Heilman, and prospects Devil Rays.
--New England Sports Hub
Palmeiro Said Not Sure Why Test Positive -
Red Sox should sign Rafael Palmeiro
Major League Minimum deal with incentives would work well for both sides. Gold glover Raffy would solve the Sox needs for a left handed hitting first baseman. An estimated 80% of major leaguers were on steroids just a few years ago, so even if guilty, he is far from alone. He deserves a chance to play and prove that he can be clean and productive.
-Red Sox Hub

Monday, December 26, 2005

New York Post-Manny A Bull In A Broken China Closet:
"'Manny said, 'You should go to New York,' ' Michelle Damon told The Post..."


Sox Finally Get Lucky, Lucchino
Lose out on over rated, overpriced Millwood to the Rangers. He could make up to $60 million in Texas.

Pedro, Papi, Tejada, Dotel, Sox
Target Lugo linked to phone-card scam

An Idiot Burns Damon In Effigy - My Sensible Reaction to Johnny Damon Signing with the Yanks

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Scrambling Sox Now Look
To Overpay for Millwood

Scouting Report:
Millwood has delicate mechanics and it doesn't take much to get him out of rhythm. When he was in Atlanta, pitching coach Leo Mazzone was able to keep him in synch, but he never developed the same kind of relationship with Joe Kerrigan in Philadelphia. While his fastball still hits 92 MPH consistently and his backdoor slider and sinker remain effective weapons, command has been a concern. In the last year and a half, he too often fell behind, raising his pitch count in the process. He's also been prone to leaving too many hittable pitches up in the strike zone.
2004 Season:
Kevin Millwood pitched his way out of the Phillies' plans in 2004. That was a crushing disappointment both for the team, which had made him the No. 1 starter for the second straight season, and for Millwood himself, who filed for free agency on the first allowable day after the World Series. He made only 25 starts, mostly due to elbow tendinitis that landed him on the disabled list. Conditioning became an issue-he never went deeper into a game than seven innings and only managed to pitch that long six times.
File Under: Compound your mistakes.
The best thing for the Red Sox to do at this juncture is to save the money that was earmarked for Johnny Damon, fill their gaping holes in center field, shortstop, and first base, keep Manny, and try and stay in the hunt until the trading deadline. By then, they will know more about Andy Marte, Dustin Pedroia, Johnathan Papelbon, and Craig Hansen, and will be able to make the smart moves necessary for a 2006 playoff run.
-Red Sox Trade Rumor-Hot Stove Hub


Johnny Damon-Yankee Quotes Of Note

It looks like it's Johnny who was actually surprised:

"How could this happen?" he asked. "Can you believe this? I told them more than a week ago that it looked like another team was getting close. It didn’t matter. They didn’t believe me."

On his conversation with Terry Francona:
"He was choked up about it. He said, 'I used to know who I was going to pencil in every day. I don't have that one player who can go out night in and night out.' He's going to miss that. It means a lot when a manager calls you up and says he doesn't know what he's going to do."

On the state of Red Sox Nation:

"That team is dismantling. I'm sure it's going to be crushing because I meant a lot to those fans."

Asked if he had been influenced by the Red Sox front-office shuffling and the player exodus:
"It's something I definitely thought about, but what really opened my eyes was their first initial offer a month after the season."

"When he got Boston’s first offer, he knew then there was a possibility he could leave. That offer put him in a difficult position. You hear three for $27 million -- it was basically not a raise. It was something that really changed his feelings about Boston." -Scott Boras

Friday, December 23, 2005

Damon's dad: Red Sox made 'big' mistake: "'Mark it down: It's going to be another Babe Ruth,' Jimmy Damon told The New York Daily News. 'They sent Johnny off just like they sent off Babe Ruth. It's going to be another big, big mistake. They made the biggest mistake of their lives.' "

Boston You're No Longer My Home

Damon Looks Good In Pinstripes
Rock Star Leaves 'Em Laughing at New York Press Conference,
Crying In Boston

It has become increasingly clear that the Yankees are still the model franchise. Tradition and continuity extends beyond ownership and to the roster. Players leave New York too, but don't get smeared on the way out, and often return home for another Yankee term-See Tito, Sierra, Stanton to name a few recent examples. As painful as it is, we must acknowledge the Yankees for being the class organization that they are.
Henry and the Undynamic Duo get lucky enough to win it all in 2004, and proceed to insult players and fans alike; This team has been awkwardly, chaotically, and unprofessionally dismantled. Bridges have been burned. What a joke.
-Red Sox Hub

The Yankee Clipper
Jesus Is Now Just Johnny
Damon cuts his locks for the Yankees
Damon Press Conference scheduled for 1 p.m. today
Johnny and Michelle: Small fish in a big pond.
Just a guess: Michelle's television career is over.
As she likes to say, time for Johnny to "knock her up" before spring training.


It's A Festivus Miracle!!!

December 23rd is the official day of Festival Celebration

My Son Says Your Company Stinks!

Uncle Larry is here to give you both a wedgie...

He is wallowing in Miami, and Blount/Scalabrine/#1 pick match up for a deal...

Joe Thornton is going to have a Merry Little Christmas in the California Sun,You cheap bastard...

Thanks to Coach B., Scotty, Tedy, Tommy, Corey, Willie, Richard, Rosie,

Mikey V., Adam V., The O. Line, and the entire Kraft Family

Thursday, December 22, 2005

D-Backs looking to ship Glaus to Red Sox
Yankees Pay $34 Million In Luxury Tax, Red Sox $4 Million
Did lowering the payroll have anything to do with the inaction on the Damon front? This needs to be watched carefully over the next 12 months...
-Red Sox Henry Debt Load Hub
“It’s just disappointing, man — it seems like the fricking wheels are falling off,” said the 28-year-old pitcher. “Personally, I want to stay with the Red Sox but this could mean that I’m the pitcher who would have to go to another team if they need another center fielder. I’m just hoping we can get (outfielder) Dave Roberts (of San Diego) for David Wells to alleviate that.”
-Bronson "The Dude" Arroyo

Oh Henry! Don't Blame Johnny-Sox Fans-Low Talking, Absentee Owner passes on the last shot:

The Hot Dog Man Was Right About these owners all along...

" Damon's super agent, Scott Boras, explained the last-ditch effort to keep his client in Beantown:

"I called (Red Sox principal owner John Henry) and said, 'John, I wanted to call you, you're the owner of the team, it's important to let you know that we are in a position to do something with another team, something's about to be done and if you have a five-year proposal, now is the time to come forward.He said he would have to talk to his people and I told him that I was not calling to negotiate but to let him know what was happening."

Boras said he placed that call to Henry somewhere between 7 and 8 o'clock Tuesday night. Approximately an hour and a half later, Boras heard from co-GM Jed Hoyer. When Hoyer informed him the call was not about Damon, Boras had an excellent idea the Sox would not be making any last-minute moves to sweeten their four-year offer worth $10 million a year. Between 10:30 and 11 o'clock, Boras and the Yankees had wrapped up their talks. "

At yesterday’s press conference at Fenway Park, team president and CEO Larry Lucchino said the Red Sox told Damon’s camp the Sox’ four-year offer, first made on Dec. 6, would expire on Christmas Eve if the sides could not reach an agreement.

Boras indicated he was unaware of such a deadline.

“I hear there’s a letter waiting for me at home, where I haven’t been in awhile,” said Boras. “John Henry did ask me if I got the letter.”

All along, said Boras, he had been telling teams that Damon was looking for an annual average salary that fell between J.D. Drew’s $11 million and Carlos Beltran’s $17 million. The Red Sox never reached that range. The Yankees did.

As far as the suddenness of Damon’s decision, Boras said, “The reality of it is, everyone in this process had two months to get involved. None of this was a quick decision for anybody.”

-Let's see Larry Lucchino spin his way out of this one. Henry and his headless henchmen simply dropped the ball...A year ago last offseason, when they could have locked this guy up for a Tek-like extension-$30 over 3 years. Here at the Hub, we're not mad at "The Trio" anymore for giving away our star players...We actually feel sorry for them, as it looks like their responsibilities have moved beyond their maximum capacities...they appear best suited for government work.

-Red Sox Hub


Dazed and Confused-Red Sox Brain(Dead)Mis-trust Leaves Team With Sinking Feeling

The Devil is in the details, Larry...

Lost Lawyer Larry and His Two Pumpkin Heads Leave Sox Fans Ready For Festivus:
Bring the pole down from the attic, Cougar...
It is time for the airing of the grievances.
"That said, the 2006 Red Sox look like an 84-78 squad with a management team that is playing rotisserie baseball. The Sox still can go out and get players, but there seems little regard for how they fit together. And until we learn otherwise, there is simply no way to know that Mark Loretta and Mike Lowell can shine in Boston, that Julio Lugo or Coco Crisp is coming (or that they, too, can succeed), that Kevin Youkilis can play every day or that Keith Foulke can close again.

Yes, Johnny be gone.

And the Sox be in trouble.

"Oh my, unexpecting Sox president Larry Lucchino replied when asked what message he might deliver to fans frustrated by this most tumultuous of offseasons. "I would acknowledge that this is a setback in terms of our short-term (goals), but to keep the faith."

Like the Bible says:

Blessed are those who believe and have not seen. "
-So far, the Red Sox Hot Stove has severely Burned the Co-G.M.s-
-Red Sox Hub-Trade Rumor-Free Agent Central after Tejada, could move Prior To Red Sox

Wednesday, December 21, 2005




(Uncle Larry sits in the middle, holds Jed and Ben's hands. Ben drinks a bottled water and says nothing; Jed tries to speak, stutters, looks like he is about to cry, wets himself, and defers to Uncle Larry.)

"The last stages of this did come as a bit of a surprise to us. We're not going to go back and reconstruct the negotiations, and what would we have done. I leave it to the Yankees to make decisions for the Yankees." -Larry Lucchino

Q:How did it come to pass that Johnny Damon wound up a New York Yankee, when the Red Sox have said all along that retaining Damon was your top priority?


" We're not here to talk about the past...We're here to focus on the positive...We were taken by surprise...It's Nomar's fault...The evil emperor has no clothes...It's Theo's fault...It takes two to tango...Maybe I'm not fit to be the President of the Boston Red Sox...A rolling stone catches no moss...Maybe I should move back to Cali and regrow my 1970's porn moustache."


EBay: Johnny Damon's Soul For Sale
Larry Lucchino is the top bidder...

Damn-on Yankee Johnny Says:

-Johnny Damon on WEEI tonight


Johnny Damon Loses His Identity In Yankee Pinstripes

This is likely a mistake for all parties: The Yankees, The Red Sox, and especially for Johnny himself.
-Johnny Damon in A Yankee Uniform Hub

Boston now relegated to second fiddle

Point Guard Play An Achilles Heal For The Celtics
Dickau now lost for the season. He didn't seem to fit in Doc's system; Marcus Banks is now healthy and ready to prove to the Celtics that they made a big mistake in not picking up next year's option on his contract.

This is Mrs. Dickau, ex-Blazers cheerleader


Yankee Doodle Johnny



Ben?? Jed??? Larry?? Bueller??

The Red Sox front office simply needs to be a lot more proactive and smarter. While I agree that the Sox shouldn't pay Damon that kind of dough, continuing to lose our key players on the open market is a symptom of a fatal flaw that exists within this front office.

Once again, the Sox waited to genuinely and sincerely negotiate with a player until he reached the open market (Low ball, token offers don't count), and the result was predictably disasterous for the Olde Towne Team.In ALL cases, this ownership group has either had to pay more than they would have if they had just locked the guy up the year before his deal expired(See Tek), scramble to overpay another team's free agent to make up for the loss of their own (See Error Renteria), or simply lost the player with nothing to show for him (See Pedro, Lowe, etc.).
Hey, they even did it to their hero G.M..

Dan Duquette was ripped for exactly the same thing when Clemens and Vaughn walked and left the Sox with nothing in return. In most cases, it simply makes no sense to wait; sign 'em or deal 'em. This isn't the NFL; draft picks don't come close to being any significant return. This team tried to hire Billy Beane; Even with much less leverage due to a limited payroll, Billy is able to get value back for his soon to be free agent stars. The Sox F.O. could learn a lot from him.

-Red Sox Hub



From Joltin' Joe To Jilted Johnny

Once again, J.D. roams the vast centerfield of Yankee Stadium



Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The Choke's On Us-Once Again Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny
Red Sox Front Office Drops The Ball, So:
Simply Grow tired of waiting on Lowball Larry and sign with the Evil Empire...
Maybe Lucchino and his crew will finally learn that letting key players play out free agency is a losing proposition...In every significant case, the Sox have either overpaid (See Tek, Rent-A-Wreck), or lost the player/front office star altogether. Draft picks don't stop the hemorrhaging...Sign 'Em or Deal 'Em before they can walk!

If Johnny goes to the Yankees, A lot of fans like myself will take on the role of Paulie from Goodfellas; "You were like a Son to me, but now I've gotta turn my back on you." We'll give him the ovation when he returns to Fenway for the first AB, then he is a Dead Sox. He is Roger.
-Yankee Doodle Johnny HUB

-Red Sox Disaster Hub



CBS4 Boston -Johnny Bravo Now On Broadway
Johnny Damon Agrees To 4-Year Deal With Yankees
The Red Sox front office chaos costs them their catalyst...Thanks Larry Lucchino.
Lucchino Boston Death Pool Link soon to follow on New England Sports Hub...


John Henry Covering For Loose Cannon Larry In Damon Negotiations Lucchino Needs To Have His Responsibilities
"Reorganized" To Business Other Than Baseball Operations
"See no evil, hear no evil, lawyerspeak more evil"

Larry Lucchino Boston Death Pool Officially Begins In Boston!!


Shank Shaughnessy-West Rips Nomar In His Introductory Press Conference

"When I suggested to Garciaparra it appears he's on the downward side of his career, he disagreed, saying he wouldn't have been in demand if that was true."No one wanted you to play shortstop," I said, "which would indicate you've lost something," and once again he disagreed, saying several teams wanted him to play shortstop."Name them," I said, and he declined.Garciaparra then told the media that when he walked through the Dodger clubhouse looking at the names above each locker, he concluded this team can win the World Series. I guess they've already taken down Jason Phillips' name plate.

I asked him to repeat that just to make sure he's not some kind of practical joker, and he did — like he really believed it — so I asked him what would he know about winning a World Series?He said he won a World Series, the one the Red Sox won three months after they traded him to the Cubs — although the record shows Boston went 56-46 with Garciaparra, and 42-18 to finish the regular season after trading him.In fact when the Red Sox traded Garciaparra, Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy wrote, "Thank the baseball god, he's gone. We no longer have to watch Garciaparra pretend he cares about the fortunes of the Red Sox. … He had to go. He was more miserable than any athlete I have ever seen."Jeff Kent and Garciaparra on the same team — yeah, this is going to be fun...

(I have a feeling Kent is going to catch a break this season, as I'll probably be spending most of my time trying to cut through Garciaparra's baloney.)"

-Red Sox West Hub

Monday, December 19, 2005


Scouts Discuss Nomar's Future

Is He Finished, Or Can He Rebuild His Career??
More On Cherington-Hoyer
Nomar spurns Yanks, & Seanez may Spur Pinstripes For Red Sox

Frank McCourt Buys Red Sox

Friday, December 16, 2005

Red Sox Quotes Of Note:

"We had a tight-knit group in Boston. I'd like to be in a place that is comfortable. And hey, Nomar could end up with me in either LA or New York."
-Free Agent outfielder Johnny Damon

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nomah- Bargain or bust:
"Just about everybody I've talked to in the game thinks that Garciaparra still can hit, as long as he's healthy. To his credit, Nomar has an admirable history of fighting back. After his wrist injury limited him to 21 games in '01, he had two straight good years. Injuries kept him out of 81 games in '04, but he still hit .308 when he was healthy.
Last year, before the groin injury, he was hitting just .157. After he returned to the Cubs' lineup, in early August, he hit .318 the rest of the way, with nine homers and 26 RBIs in 179 at-bats."

Corgan Cherington Looks "Smashing"
Hey, we shouldn't blame the Sox GM duo for being distracted; After all, it isn't easy leading a major rock band AND being even 1/2 of a G.M..

Billy Corgan Cherington's World Tour schedule must be behind why, despite massive holes at SS, 1B, and maybe the outfield, the Sox haven't even had time to make the bat with the biggest upside-Nomah-an offah. I wonder what Cherington's wife, media goddess Wendy Nix, thinks about all the groupies now coming his way...
-Smashing G.M. Hub

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Down To Four Teams-Nomar could decide by Thursday

Through the magic of bad paintwork: Kendrick Artest


Red Sox trade rumors -- The Buzz -

Red Sox trade rumors -- The Buzz -

Can't You Smell That Smell???...

"Renteria, 30, acknowledged he wasn't prepared for the negative reception from Boston fans.

'This was my first time,' he said of the boos from the home-team supporters. 'I didn't know how to handle it. ... Nobody likes to get booed. You see me play, I always start slow. Maybe the fans didn't know anything about me.'

In a Sunday telephone conversation with a Boston Globe reporter, Renteria acknowledged that he 'wanted out of Boston,' but not because of the fans or his comfort level with the American League, which he said increased as the season progressed. Rather, he cited the Fenway infield, which he said contributed to his error total.

'It's one of the main reasons why I didn't feel comfortable,' he said. 'I worked a lot last year to feel comfortable and just couldn't.'"
-Overrated Pressure Player Error Renteria

Escape Artest: Pierce wouldn't mind if Celts traded for troubled Pacer
" Without question, I definitely wouldn't mind going to war (into the stands to beat up fans) with Ron Artest."
-Celtics captain Paul Pierce

-Boston Celtics Hub

Nomar's Uncle Victor On Nomar Returning To Boston:
"They want Nomar back"
"Not long after Sox slugger Manny Ramirez put a ''For Sale' sign on his plush apartment on the 37th floor of the Ritz-Carlton, a couple of desperate diehards launched Well, with the departure of shortstop Edgar Renteria, it was only a matter of time before someone in Red Sox Nation started an online petition to bring back Nomar Garciaparra. Voila! The site -- -- hit the Web yesterday morning. ''The Sox are so PR conscious that if there's an outcry, maybe they'll bring him back,' said the site's co-creator Steve ''Dakota' Happas, an equity options trader from Braintree. ''Sure, there was some bit of bad blood when he left, but maybe enough time has passed.' Happas started the site with his friend John Fanning, a huge Sox fan who bought the domain name way back when. As a courtesy, Happas said, he spoke with Nomar's uncle Victor Campos before launching the site. ''He didn't rule [a return] out,' said Happas. ''But he said if it's going to happen, it wouldn't be at shortstop.'"

Nomar Garciaparra Now Has Suitors In The Free Agent Dance-Per
Multi-year offers on the table. Sox need to get in on this bargain auction.

-Nomar Garciaparra Hub

Hey Joe: Paulie Torre Calls Nomar-Times

If Nomar goes to the Yankees, A lot of fans like myself will take on the role of Paulie from Goodfellas; "You were like a Son to me, but now I've gotta turn my back on you." We'll give him the ovation when he returns to Fenway for the first AB, then he is a Dead Sox. He is Roger.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

In Case You Missed It-
Transcript of Sox Press Conference

“The door has been ajar for some time and until the time Theo goes to work for another organization, we’ll keep a light on in the window. It’s fair to say there’s been some general discussions about Theo coming back in some way, shape or form, but there has been no final decision.”
-Larry Lucchino on Theo's impending return


Who Are Jed And Ben??

Chicago Tribune: Pierzynski and Damon Tag Team??

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ben And Jed Will Be Seen Together
At Fenway In 2006

(Give props to Hubartworks)
Like Bennifer, they won't be together...or alone forever...

Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss...
Eptsein May Be Walking through that door...

Gratuitous Little Ricky Pitino Celtics Disaster Flashback

Theo may soon be finished with Pearl Jammin' and backpackin' through Europe and ready to get a real job...It will be fascinating to watch the power play in Boston this winter...and we don't mean the hapless Bruins. Will Larry stop meddling in baseball operations and allow Theo to return as "President, Baseball Operations"??? Lucchino has done a fine job with the business aspects of the operation, so this would actually work if he could only check his ego at Theo's door.
-New England Sports Hub-

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Is the 300 LB Gorilla Gone For a Gorilla Suit Wearing V.P.???

If Theo Sneaks Back Into Fenaway As A "Consultant" Lucchino May Have Lost Another Power Struggle

Friday, December 09, 2005

Let Nomar plug hole in the infield-Concord Monitor Online

Brattleboro Reformer - Sports

Lajoie Says That The Sox Are Considering Nomah

Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Let's get the Die-eria out of our system now"
Top 10 Boston Sports Headlines for tomorrow

10. Red Sox are Die-eria free!

9.Die-eria gets run out of town.

8. Sox correct $coring E(6)DGAR...
Deal Renterror to Braves


6.Rent-A-Wreck Sold To Braves;
Sox may call O-Cab.

5.Sox: Theo-logical differences led to
Error Renteria

4.Sox turn down Renteria 3-way,
as Edgar already has enough going between his legs.

3.Nomah really is bettah!

2.Sox paying Braves $11 million Rent



Nomar-Pokey Redux??

Sox Die-eria Gets Run out of town
Good deal for Boston, as they acquire a top 5 major league prospect in third baseman Andy Marte, and free up cash to sign Johnny Damon.
Marte will not move on as part of a 3 way, as Renteria already has enough going between his legs.

Nomar/Pokey Redux????
"Somebody close to him told me that he would come back here"...."he would definitely come back here if there was a job, if it was the firstbase job, the leftfield job.....or the shortstop job."
-Nick Cafardo on the possibility of Nomar returning to Boston

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