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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Red Sox Hub:
Hafner The Mule Kicks Foulke In The Ass:
Rock Star Johnny Damon extended his hitting streak to 15 games with his single in the sixth. He also has an 18-game hitting streak this season. ...

Red Sox Hub Quotes
Foulke is moving closer to the edge:
"(The fans) aren't going to make it any harder for me to look in the mirror...or more embarrassing for me to walk into this clubhouse and look into the faces of my teammates, then I am to walk out and see Johnny from Burger King booing " -Mother Foulker

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Unlucky 7's
Grady Takes It Out On Trot
Tribe snaps Sox 7 game winning streak,
Beat Red Sox 7-0



Pulls a Canseco and helps the ball into the

bullpen for a game deciding bomb


Just Like Old Times:

A guy named Grady(with a little help from Trot) helps the Sox to a loss.

No, not the Cubs roving instructor...Grady Sizemore.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Red Sox Hub Quotes:
From the mouth of the biggest chin beard


"I don't think George Steinbrenner is too happy," Wells told the Boston Globe yesterday, one day after Cashman said he didn't have job security. "I think he is ready to clean house and tell Brian to trade everybody and then fire him."

-Portly Amish biker and Red Sox Lefty David Wells

Red Sox Hub: Trade Rumor Central June 27th, 2005
Colorado is one of the teams that has tried to get catcher Kelly Shoppach from the Red Sox. Boston didn't seem interested in first baseman Ryan Sheely (whom they tried to get for Byung-Hyun Kim) or Joe Kennedy, but that bears watching.
There is a lot of anticipation in Boston for second base prospect Dustin Pedroia, but Sox officials say that because Pedroia doesn't have to be protected on the 40-man roster, if something happened to
Edgar Renteria, they would likely bring up shortstop prospect Hanley Ramirez. -Gammons/ESPN
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central
Monday, June 27th 2004
Boston Red Sox are interested in A.J. Burnett and Mark Kotsay

Maybe Burnett could replace D'Lowe
both on and off the field...

The Marlins are engaged in preliminary discussions about A.J. Burnett with the Orioles and a second, unidentified American League club-Red Sox???
Their goal in trading Burnett, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, would be to obtain three major-league parts — a young starting pitcher, quality reliever and left-handed hitting outfielder.
Papelbon, Cla Meredith, and Payton(Sox could trade him for a lefty hitting OF in a 3 way deal) would get this done. The Red Sox would only make this deal if they could pull off a Schilling type trade and sign Burnett to a reasonable long term deal. Including Bronson Arroyo in this deal would make zero sense.


The Red Sox would like to add another starting pitcher and inquired about Burnett at the winter meetings last December. The Sox would have difficulty meeting the Marlins' exact needs, but could build a package that includes their top prospect, Double-A shortstop Hanley Ramirez, along with right-handed starter Bronson Arroyo.

Rosenthal, Fox

Hanley AND Bronson for a free agent to be #3 Marlins starter?

Not gonna happen Kenny Boy. -THE HUB

Hanley is not going anywhere....

Kotsay What?:
he Red Sox, Cubs, and Yankees are having trade talks with the A’s regarding Mark Kotsay. The Red Sox interest is lukewarm, and is probably designed to drive up the bidding price for the Yankees. The Sox could acquire Kotsay and deal Johnny Damon to the Cubs for pitching, but they're cautiously optimistic about re-signing Damon.
Material from other writers and web sources is used in Hub reports.

Red Sox Hub:Trade Rumor Central
June 27th, 2005:
The Giants need to redefine themselves as a franchise and could use all the talent they can get. The Boston Red Sox reportedly covet Schmidt and may be willing to deal their top prospect, shortstop Hanley Ramirez. -Contra Costa Times

giantsjasonschmidtHUB TAKE: Theo and the Sox are not in the habit of taking on big salary for top prospects, but if Schmidt is proven healthy, his $10 million guaranteed contract for next season would represent true value in a pitching starved market. Jason is a true #1 starter and a character guy that rises to the occasion (i.e. Schmidt would thrive in the A.L. East). He would fit right into the Red Sox team vision of "Theo And The Trio." -The Hub

Jason Schmidt: Many players call Schmidt the most feared starter in the National League. He not only throws hard and has a nasty slider, but he has developed a changeup that is among the best in the game. Rather than nibbling at the corners as he did earlier in his career in Pittsburgh, Schmidt comes at hitters with a fastball clocked as high as 98 MPH. Schmidt had a 12-game winning streak from April 26 to July 17 in which he established himself as the top starter in baseball. He threw two one-hitters during the streak, each against high-powered offenses (Cubs, Red Sox).

What's scarier than Alan Embree in a tie game?? Cathy Bates in a Hot Tub!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Red Sox pass collapsing Orioles over the weekend for first place in the A.L. East

7th straight win for the RedHot Sox

9 Times Ferriss
Red Sox sweep Phillies; Win streak is at 7.
All-Star break, go away...Red Sox win again today...Yankees are in disarray...Georgie Porgie cries in dismay...Save the All-Star game for another day...

At 9-1, Matt Clement hasn't had many off days as a Red Sox...
This Red Sox Ace should Start The All-Star Game For The American League.

Halladay has slightly better numbers, but pitches in an irrelevant environment...Clement has anchored the rotation for the defending World Series Champions.

7 HEAVEN: Red Sox Are Like "Buttah"...
They Are On A Roll:

Manny Ramirez hit his 19th grand slam and drove in five runs, leading the Boston Red Sox over the Philadelphia Phillies 12-8 Sunday for their season-high seventh consecutive victory...Ramirez tied Hall of Famer Eddie Murray for second place on the career grand slams list. Lou Gehrig holds the record with 23...
Bellhorn is giving the Red Sox solid defense and deep counts. He is performing much better on the road, but pressing at home. Red Sox fans need to be part of the solution...Boo the guy that doesn't hustle...stand up and cheer for this guy, as he gives 100% effort and is a team player.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Boston Celtics N.B.A. Draft Hub:
Ainge says he has contacted Milwaukee, Atlanta, Portland and New Orleans, who have the top four selections in that order, as well as other teams to discuss potential draft deals. He wouldn't mind packaging Boston's 18th pick with something else to trade up -- although he said he would probably only make a deal that would give him one of the top four picks -- or to move down in exchange for a future draft pick. But even if the Celts stay with what they've got, Ainge is certain they can find some talent. -Projo

Stupid Boston Celtics:
"I think as a team, and this is not a jab at any one individual, . . . I just think that our team basketball IQ needs to be improved...A lot of that is inexperience, but we need to be smarter on the court. I think that we need to shoot the ball better and be better passers, which a lot of the basketball IQ (is about) taking better care of the ball."
-Danny Ainge on his dumb team
Celtics Hub-Ainge shares thoughts on Pierce:
''I would just say that there's two things in regard to Paul...Paul is a very emotional kid who I think is affected by a lot of things. He's under a microscope here in Boston and he probably senses that people don't like him as much as we really do. Paul's a terrific player and he's 27 and he's just reaching his prime. I think his next few years can be the best years of his career. So, if Paul were frustrated right now because we are a younger team, that would certainly be understandable to me."

-Celtics Boss Danny Ainge on Paul Pierce
Put Tony Womack Out Of Our Misery Petition:
"To: George Steinbrenner, Owner, New York Yankees Baseball Club; Brian Cashman, General Manager New York Yankees Baseball Club; Joe Torre, Field Manager, New York Yankees Baseball Club
We, the undersigned baseball fans, hereby request that Anthony Darrell 'Tony' Womack be immediately removed from the lineup of the New York Yankees Baseball Club of the American League, and be either limited to pinch-running or traded to another Baseball Club, preferably in the Yankees' own division, for anything the other team may offer, including, but not limited to, inanimate objects that may or may not be related to the playing of baseball games or the maintenance of baseball fields (example: bags of baseball, bats, or manure), and that he be replaced in left field and the lineup by a player who gets on base and hits for power at an acceptable level. "

Once again, Yankee fans show their true class. -The Hub

Friday, June 24, 2005

Yankees Literally Suck Hub: Love Stinks

Even Mariah couldn't rock your world like I can...

Celtics Hub: NBA draft Rumors: June 24, 2005: Though Danny Ainge declined to talk about whether the team's plans are tied into a decision on re-signing Antoine Walker, most scenarios drawn up by the Celtics have the 18th pick set as the perfect spot to take a young power forward. -- Boston Herald
Red Sox Hub Rumors: Free Agents and Trade Rumors:

Knowing how much players lobbied the team to re-sign him last winter, Jason Varitek said he could easily envision the same thing happening with Damon.
-- Hartford Courant

Johnny Damon has suggested that if they all wind up in free agency, Passion, Kevin "Mouth" Millar, and Billy "The Kid" Mueller will get together and make a plan to sign with the same team. Right.
-The Hub - SI Players - The Questions: Jason Varitek, Red Sox Catcher :
"What's your most treasured possession?
My World Series ring. I wear it more on the road in case I run into friends and family who haven't seen it. In Boston you try not to bring attention to yourself. "

The...uh...uh...uh..The Yankees LOSE!!!

Derek has finally found the one that completes him...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Boston Celtics 2005 Draft Preview
The Boston Celtics have the 18th overall pick in the 2005 NBA draft.

C’s had a great draft last year, as Danny Ainge selected forward Al Jefferson (#10) and guards Tony Allen and Delonte West with the team's three first-round picks.

Allen, Jefferson and West all showed during their rookie season's that they could be productive players for the Celtics for many years to come.

All-Star Paul Pierce played all 82 regular-season games and averaged a team-high 21.6 points, 6.6 rebounds and 4.2 assists.

Ricky Davis averaged 16 points while playing in all 82 games.

Under first year head coach Doc Rivers, the Celtics finished the 2004-05 season with a 45-37 record, which was good enough to earn them the Atlantic Division crown and the third seed in the East. However, Boston fell in seven games to the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the postseason.

Veteran point guard Gary Payton can also become an unrestricted free agent. He will likely move on.

Forward Antoine Walker will be re-signed if he is willing to take the $5 Million exception.

Danny would love to move the salary of Mark Blount or Raef LaFrentz ; they would likely have to take on bad contracts for these bad contracts or give up their #18 draft pick in order to acquire bad but expiring contracts.

Key Player(s): Tony Allen (Guard), Mark Blount (Center/Forward), Ricky Davis (Guard), Al Jefferson (Forward), Raef LaFrentz (Center/Forward), Gary Payton (Guard), Paul Pierce (Guard), Antoine Walker (Forward), Delonte West (Guard).

Team Needs: Point guard and a strong rebounding forward.

Draft picks: 1st round (18th overall), 2nd round (50th overall), 2nd round (53rd overall)

Patriots Hub: Morton will be worth his Salt for Patriots Special Teams:
"Morton, 28, released by Washington less than three weeks ago to free up some cap space, signed a reported one-year deal worth $600,000 in salary and another $600,000 in incentives. His biggest impact in the league came with the Jets in 2002 as a kick returner, when he averaged 26 yards on 58 returns and took two back for scores."

"So where does Morton fit in? Presumably, the Patriots hope he makes a run at taking over punt-return duties, which were split last season between Kevin Faulk (20 punts fielded) and Troy Brown (12)."

Bethel Johnson better step up as he receiver and steady handed returner this training camp or he will be stepping off.

Red Sox Hub Quotes:
"He's Manny, so of course he's occasionally disinterested."
-Larry Lucchino on Dennis and Callahan today

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Location is a key to your puzzle because you have to make sure to spot your balls."
-Sam Horn tonight on NESN

Bellhorn may be finished sooner rather than later
as Dustin Pedroia zips to PawSox

Quick Rise For Sox Future 2b
Sox are will not deal Dustin...if Theo Epstein planned on trading him at the
he would have let him continue to tear up AA pitching and maxed his value.
He will start at 2b by 2006
at the latest.

"Ballplayer" Pedroia on his way to Fenway
Dustin the Dirt Dog
Arizona State Head Coach Pat Murphy has written "Pedroia" on the side of his cap for the College World Series, in honor of the Sox second baseman of the near future that had a college career of near misses for the C.W.S....Quite a show of respect for Dustin the person and the player. Pedroia was promoted to Pawtucket today after hitting .324 for the AA Sea Dogs and will start at 2b for the PawSox tonight. Mark very afraid.

Trot kept the game out of reach for the Tribe by getting
to this potential base clearing smash in the 8th inning...


If not for Matt Clement's superb first half, Bronson might find himself in Detroit for the break.

Contrary to the writings of 2nd class beat writers, Planet Manny is on a tear and focused on another World Series championship.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Timlin Will Be On The All-Star Team Unless He Pulls An Embree:

"I don't think you should have to be a starter or a closer to make the All-Star team...It's too early to start naming specific guys, but I'm very aware of guys in that role who are having good years, and Mike is certainly one of them. "
-Tito Francona Making Perfect Sense

Torre used to pick his setup guys and load up on Yankees;
it is our turn now!
Meet your 2005 Boston Red Sox American League All-Stars:
SP-Matt "Rocket Roger" Clement
RP-Mike "Country Hardball" Timlin
DH/IB-"Cookie Monster" Ortiz (his kids' nickname for him)
OF-Johnny "Passion" Damon
OF-"Planet" Manny Ramirez
C-Jason "Captain Disco-Tek"
Guys that Francona should pick to show good faith/confidence if players at their respective positions are hurt/decline or once of the "scintillating six" are injured:
ss-Edgar Renteria
Closer-Keith Foulke

Monday, June 20, 2005

Boston Red Sox HUB:
"There's no question the new Red Sox owners are masters of the public spin.
But every so often they swing and they miss. Like Monday night, when they 'renamed' the left-field foul pole 'Fisk Pole'."

Passion's Triangle and Trot's 'Taint?


"Fisk Pole": Sounds like something in Pete Shepherd's VCR.

In keeping with the Barnum and Bailey/Hollywood theme coming over from Yawkey Way these days...We propose that the centerfield triangle be renamed either: Christ's Corner or Passion's Triangle.

"Trot's 'Taint"???
With apologies to "Trupe," who cleverly coined the name "canvas alley" to describe that tarp filled area between first base, right field, and the stands, the area will now be formally named for Gritty Red Sox Right Fielder Trot Nixon.
Stated Red Sox p.r. Dentist Charles Steinberg:
"In honor of the Red Sox Right Fielder and his hard nosed play, and of course, decorum and shameless promotion...we rename canvas alley

"The Gillete Mach7 Trot Taint." This is one Gillette shaving promotion that we'll be skipping...Carson Kressley would think it "Fabulous."

Icing on the Cake for Larry Lucchino:
Larry had to chuckle when seeing Carson and the rest of the "Fab Five" wearing Nomar's #5 on their backs while prancing around during spring training...a detail overlooked by the always prepared dentist Charles Steinberg and Hollywood Tom Werner?? Or just one more subtle kick at the down and out Ex-Red Sox shortstop? Probably somewhere in between a planned delicious recipe and fortuitous creation...either way, it was just another sweet piece of humble pie served up to Cubbie Nomie by Uncle Larry.

Welcome Back Kapler

Yomiuri Giants Outfielder Gabe Kapler has been deactivated by the team...If the Giants can "save face", he will be back in Fenway by the trading deadline. -The HUB

Red Sox Hub: Trade Rumor Central June
Mohr could be in store for the Boston Red Sox
It turns out, there have already been talks with the Colorado Rockies, who can trade outfielder Dustin Mohr and bullpen help for Payton, a player who the organization loves. A deal could happen here. Payton's last year in Colorado was his best season ever. He hit .302 with 28 HRs and 89 RBIs.
The Red Sox were interested in Dustin Mohr in the offseason and made him a free agent offer, but he chose Colorado because of the opportuity to get more playing time.
Sources: Colorado media, National media.
HUB VIEW: With a 1 year, $1.05 million contract, Mohr makes significantly less money than Payton; The Sox can acquire Dustin and a reliever without increasing payroll if they deal Payton.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Red Sox Hub: June Trade Rumor Central

About Schmidt:
The Red Sox have been looking for pitching and have talked to the Giants about Jason Schmidt, although they do not like what they see from Schmidt, even in Friday night's shutout victory over the Tigers.

Jay Payton has whined about his lack of playing time to the media and formally asked to be traded, and Boston is trying to oblige him; curiously, the Braves had no interest. The Red Sox think that 25-year-old minor league free agent Chip Ambres might be able to fill the role of fourth outfielder.

The Red Sox also have Rule V'er Adam Stern and there is a good chance Gabe Kapler will return from Japan. In fact, Craig Shipley, assistant to GM Theo Epstein, is in Japan scouting, and one front office executive says he is working on a deal for Kapler's return.

Cubs, Bosox: Prior Trading Partners Talk Deal??:
"I have heard that this year's squad will be aided by a major change in the outfield sometime soon.
Whether that means Corey Patterson will be traded or a leadoff outfielder like Johnny Damon or a slugger like Carlos Lee could be acquired, who knows?"


Johnny Damon to the Cubs rumors have been milling in Chicago. The Sox would never trade a star free agent to be to the Cubs at the deadline...Oh. The talk even includes the injured Mark Prior, who would seem untouchable. Hanley and Damon for Prior and Patterson??? Sounds like a fit to us. -THE HUB

Where else does Epstein find help, especially with Mike Myers the only reliable lefty left in the pen until/if Alan Embree reinvents himself as something other than the apparition who has been hideously ineffective for nearly a month? The pickings are admittedly slim, though the lefty reliever whose name is in play, according to several scouts, is Jeremy Affeldt of the Royals, who is arbitration-eligible for a ballclub that hoards its nickels.
-Edes, Herald

Affeldt is a lefty with closer stuff; he would be a great pickup in both the short and longterm for the Red Sox bullpen. -THE HUB

Kotchman's Sweet Swing Made For Fenway:
The list of available veterans (including Cincinnati's Sean Casey) doesn't interest the Red Sox much. A number of younger, unproven first basemen remain possibilities -- Anaheim's Casey Kotchman, Texas' Adrian Gonzalez and Arizona's Conor Jackson (an outfielder who could be converted to first) -- but those are deals that make more sense in the offseason.
A number of Red Sox prospects -- including Hanley Ramirez and Jon Papelbon -- are virtually untouchables, but the Sox would move Kelly Shoppach, who is stuck behind
Jason Varitek, in the right deal. -McAdam, ProJo

Kotchman is a top prospect but is blocked by the logjam of outfield/first base types in LAA Land. He is a patient hitter with a line drive swing that is developing power. Translation: Fenway Hitter. -THE HUB
Celtics Offseason Hub-Draft and signing rumors:
"El Mundo Deportivo reported that Maccabi Tel Aviv Simon Mizrahi has said that the hot Euro name Sarunas Jasikevicius has an offer from the Celtics. From everything we've heard, the Pacers have the inside edge on Jasikevicius." -Fox

Maybe Chris Wallace is actually still part of the Celtics organization and traveling Europe looking for hidden gems. -THE HUB

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hollywood Red Sox Had It Coming
Blissful peace was too good to be true
Pirate Payton has a nice ring to it

Is Attention Seeking Hollywood Sox Fan Ben Affleck
Behind Jay's Complaining??
Maybe not, but he's still annoying. I can't wait for another Red Sox Romance Poem from the guy who jumped the shark after his screen play that Damon (Matt, Johnny can't write) actually wrote. Recently, the best thing he has done is some "Good Will Humping" in "Bennifer I" and "Bennifer II." Okay, we're done now. -THE HUB - Boston Red Sox Hub: Shut Up and Become Silent Jay: Payton's Place is On The Bench But Sox' fourth OF wants out:

``There's probably a half a dozen other teams, a dozen other teams, I could be playing for,'' Payton said. ``Actually, as far as playing time, this is one of the worst situations I can be in because if I'm hitting .800 I still wouldn't be playing any more than I am right now because they've got their boys.'' " -Jay...and Silent Theo Will Strike Back

Give this guy his wish...A Pittsburgh Pirates uniform would look great on his ass. An even better deal would be Jay Payton to Japan for Gabe Kapler. Payton has never produced in a starting role less than 10 miles above sea level. He sucked and got hurt with the Mets, and lost his job with the Padres. You are what you are Jay: a whiney 4th outfielder. -THE HUB



Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mientkiewicz: Call (Up) Daubach My Daddy:
Walk Like an Egyptian Eyechart:
Cairo to D.L. but Minky "In-Dee-Nile" about his performance

The Belleville Basher Is Back In The Show:

"The Mets finally rewarded Brian Daubach yesterday, calling the first baseman up from Class AAA Norfolk when Miguel Cairo went on the disabled list.
Daubach, 33, was signed to a minor-league contract in spring training and hit .356 with 11 homers and 42 RBI in the International League this season.
Daubach was originally drafted by the Mets in 1990 but left the organization as a minor-league free agent in 1996. He has played with the Marlins, Red Sox and White Sox since, spending parts of five seasons in the majors.
'We'll see,' said manager Willie Randolph when asked how he planned to use Daubach. 'He gives us some options. He's a professional hitter. I remember him from when (the Yankees) played Boston.'
The arrival of Daubach is a direct challenge to regular first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, who is hitting .208 with 21 RBI. Both are left-handed hitters."

Starring The Egyptian Magician at First Base:
"I feel like I'm starting to get there," Mientkiewicz said. "I've had some decent at-bats lately. I'm trying to hang in there."

The Norfolk coaching staff, which includes former Major League stars Ken Oberkfell and Howard Johnson, helped Daubach focus on getting back to the big leagues.

"I didn't doubt my ability, I only doubted my opportunity. When you're in Triple-A, you can look at it as a dead end. I wasn't going to play down there forever. I've made enough money. I would have played this year out. They assured me I would get an opportunity. Those guys kept me positive. I knew I could still play in the big leagues. I'm just a survivor, I guess... or old." -New Met Brian Daubach

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sweet Lou Could Soon Be Back In Pinstripes
Joe Torre would have no problem finding work...if he wanted it. Torre is still owed approximately $12 million, so this move doesn't make sense for a suddenly cost conscious (they passed on Red Sox closer of the future Craig Hansen because of Scott Bora$$) New York Yankees organization.

The Spankees would be better off changing chemistry by moving bad guys such as Sheffield and dead wood such as Giambi, even if it costs them money in the short run.

A deal which would send Gary Sheffield to the Cubs for Corey Patterson and RHP-Mitre is being rumored 'about in Chicago.

Francona is safe because the Sox defied the odds last season; normally, he would also be very replaceable by a Joe Torre or Curt On The Car Phone's first love, Sweet Lou Piniella.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Seymour Dines, Harrison Whines;
Both attend ring ceremony... Neither Seymour or Beligenius will discuss the situation...Lawyer, Uh...Harrison better be careful out there.

Patriots Bling Bling


Every Seymour have fun tonight...Every Harrison Wang-Chung tonight.
Contracts?? You wanna talk about contracts??
Good to see Tedy looking strong. - New England Patriots HUB: Safety squeeze: Harrison underpaid, but won't hold out:
"Harrison represented a free agent steal for the Pats in 2003, when he turned down more lucrative offers from Oakland and Denver and signed a six-year, $14.5 million deal with a $2.5 million signing bonus. Since then, Harrison has arguably been the most valuable player on the Pats' defense, and he has two Super Bowl rings to show for it.

Harrison will make $1.8 million this year ($1.55 million salary with a $250,000 roster bonus). His salaries in years 2006-2008 range between $2 million and $3 million. The franchise salary at the position (the average of the top five contracts) is $4.9 million. The transition salary (average of the top 10 contracts) is $3.9 million. By any measure, Harrison has outperformed the deal he signed. "
(thanks Felger)

Patriots Celebrate Back to Back Titles


Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch Bling
3 out of 4 ain't bad Meat

Sunday, June 12, 2005 : 2005 All-Star Online Ballot : 2005 All-Star Online Ballot

You can vote for your Red Sox up to 25 times per email address. Get typing Dilbert!!
Starring Theo Epstein As Theo Huxtable in 2005:
All F's on his mid-term:


Theo can't blame cockroach for this mess...

``This is difficult to fix, to be honest with you,'' a calm and controlled Theo Epstein said yesterday at Wrigley Field, where the spiraling Red Sox lost, 7-6, to the Chicago Cubs. ``So many people are performing below our expectations and below our projections that this isn't easy to fix. If this is the best that this pitching staff can pitch, then I really miscalculated and it's time for changes. "

``This is my fault. The guys have to play better or we've got to make some changes. I think we've allowed something like (77) runs in our last 10 losses. We're out of games. It's time for changes. Soon.''
"That problem rests with the young general manager, who in his first two full seasons led the Sox to a world title and a postseason record of 17-9. Now his Red Sox appear more flawed than at any other time during Epstein's tenure, a reality the GM acknowledged as he leaned back in a chair stationed in a hidden corner of a vacant manager's office.
(Tony Maz)

For the first time, this is truly a team crafted by Theo Epstein. Prior to 2005, the stamp on the Red Sox team belonged in large part to Dan Duquette and Mike Port.

Theo made the decisions on the 6 significant free agents that the Red Sox had in 2004.We agree, Theo: It is your fault. 2005 will be a true challenge for the annointed boy genius. Up to this point, it has been tough to criticize Epstein overall.
This offseason, the Red Sox got older rather than better. So far, that has been the achilles of this team, as age, injuries and overuse have decimated the current staff that was hand picked by Theo and the trio. This is Boston, and 2004 is long over. This year's mid-year report card is coming soon. It will take a big mid-term deadline move to avoid an F. -NF

It Still Gets By Buckner:
"I didn't grow up in New England and I only played there three years,' Buckner said, elaborating only a little but more than he intended when he picked up the phone. 'I was "There were times I'd look up in the stands and see 500 people," Buckner said. "But Cubs disappointed we didn't win the World Series. But I got over it. That's baseball."
-Billy Buck on Being a Red Sox.

fans are the best. They're just happy to be there and support their team no matter what. Red Sox fans, they're much more fickle."

-Billy "Behind The Bag" Buck...

Boston's World Series victory last October reminded Buckner how fickle fans are more than it relieved him. He watched the clinching victory on TV with his son, but when replays of his error popped onto the screen moments before the final out, his healing heart felt heavy again. A sleepless night followed.

Buckner even found a way to let his infamy increase his earning power. He has appeared at card shows with Wilson and sold autographed balls ($60 apiece) and photos ($100) for what he has referred to as his son's college fund. He named a subdivision in one of his housing developments Fenway Park.

-I don't want to acknowledge game 6...unless it is about the Benjamins.

Yes, a lot of "fans" conducted inexcusable behavior and took things way to far with personal attacks on Buckner, but it it time for both sides to lighten up about game 6. Red Sox fans were very gracious towards Billy Buck and gave him a standing ovation upon his return to the Red Sox as a bench player in 1989. A few morons are not representative of this region. Buckner himself, despite his pronouncements, is obviously not "over it." He has neither forgiven nor forgotten. When it comes to New England and its passion for the Red Sox, with apologies to the immortal Vin Scully, you could still say that "It Gets by Buckner." -NF

Saturday, June 11, 2005


No Hard Feelings

nomarsoxcubsreunion 002

"I Choose John Olerud, Fredo..."

"At this point, I'd take you, ripped ball sack and all, over E(6)-dgar."


"That Hazel Mae sure has some big breasts"

Ex-Red Sox Hub Quotes:
"A scorned superstar who thought the grass was greener.
It’s a storybook matchup alright…between the haves, and the have nots (shows Nomar injured)
A pitcher labeled with potential(shows Clement) finally finding redemption
-TV 38 Red Sox-Cubs Opener

“To pour your heart out like I did in 2003 and to not be a part of it in 2004, if I’m being honest, is tough to watch.
The other side of it is we’ve (referring to himself and Nomar) got great friends in Boston and you’re extremely happy for those guys…especially in Boston where it’s a once in a lifetime thing when you get a chance to win it there.”
''Nomar hit the nail right of the head, when he said championships are won in years past. What we did the year before in Boston really catapulted them to what they did last year. To pour your heart out in 2003 and then in 2004 not to be a part of that, it's tough. If I'm being honest with you, it's tough to watch.
''The other side of it is we've got great friends over there, you're extremely happy for those guys, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, especially in Boston. Ultimately, when it was all said and done I was proud for the city. I knew how badly the city wanted that to happen."

-Ex-Sox second baseman Todd Walker

``He meant a lot to this team…It's unfortunate how his career has been going the last couple of years with the injuries and being traded. We always wish Nomar the best. Nomar meant a lot to us.-Johnny Damon

""I don't think there's really any need for it to be a public thing, especially here... Me getting it and being part of it is something that obviously was in that other wonderful city. It's something that is going to be done in a private manner that I think is best for everybody -Nomar on the ring

Blinded By The Light:

The former Sox icon claims he didn't watch any of last year's World Series or, for that matter, any World Series. He felt connected, nonetheless.

''You're still part of it," he said. ''The championship wasn't won in just one year or over the course of seven games. It's won over the course of the season and the years before that. That team that won it last year wasn't just put together that one particular year. It was all years, and there was a tradition embedded. People came over there because it was something they wanted to be a part of. " -Nomar on the Sox Championship

Georgia Tek:

Nomar Garciaparra received his ring last night from Jason Varitek following the Red Sox-Cubs game. Unlike in the cases of Pedro Martínez, Doug Mientkiewicz, and Orlando Cabrera, a Red Sox owner did not make the presentation.
The former Sox shortstop wanted it that way.
''We're doing it as former teammates and as friends," Varitek said before yesterday's Sox-Cubs game at Wrigley Field. ''He's been playing with some of us for a long time. I just happened to be the guy whose wife isn't in town."

It sure doesn't look like Nomar has forgiven the Red Sox brass for last year's events. So much for the rumor that Nomar might be playing third base for the Red Sox in 2006. -NF

Patriots HUB: The Ex-Patriots??:

"Safety Rodney Harrison said after yesterday morning's mini-camp practice that he was contemplating sitting out the rest of the weekend because he -- like AWOL defensive end Richard Seymour -- is irked at his contract situation."

It has been too good to be true...eventually guys are going to tire of always "taking one for the team." Especially when the quarterback gets the guaranteed big bucks (well deserved) and the defensive grunts live day to day. -NF

Boston Red Sox Hub-Huh???:
"Gorman stands by decision to trade Bagwell in 1990"

Boston Red Sox Hub-Keeping tabs on the Dauber:
Speaking of Norfolk, it was kind of sad to see former Red Sox slugger Brian Daubach playing first for the Tides against Pawtucket last week. (Yes, New England Sports Network will carry minor-league games on occasion, and, sadly, I will watch them.) From 1999-2002 Daubach joined such Red Sox luminaries as Ted Williams, Tony Conigliaro, Jim Rice and Nomar Garciaparra by hitting 20 or more home runs in each of his first four seasons with the team. Carl Yastrzemski hit 20 home runs just once in his first six seasons in Boston. The Dauber was a beloved figure in Fenway with a penchant for coming up with huge, game-winning hits. -Fox

Friday, June 10, 2005

NESN Video-Nomar Requests That Tek Present His Ring
Sorry Larry

Hi, I'm Manny From Planet Man-Ram

"Hey Man, did anyone ever tell you that you look just like my teammate Nomar?"
-Planet Manny

Tek Wil Present Nomah his ring this weekend:

"These guys (Cub teammates) are trying everyday to get that ultimate thing, to get the ring. Me getting it and being part of it is something that obviously was in that other wonderful city. It's something that is going to be done in a private manner that I think is best for everybody." -Nomar

Boston Celtics HUB:
"I'm just going to say what I've already said about it - it's ludicrous...I don't know where this stuff comes from.'' -Celtics "Man With The Plan" Danny Ainge said of an report that he discussed trading Pierce to Portland for the No. 3 draft pick and guard Nick Van Exel.

Though Ainge declined to discuss the matter further, two league sources said yesterday that Pierce talk has been almost nonexistent across the league"

The thought process behind this deal is actually pretty intelligent:
Nick Van Exel plans on retiring, and his salary matches up with Pierce's. Nick the slick has a team option for next season, which Portland will not pick up...unless it can be used to acquire talent.

If Ainge could actually pull this deal off to acquire Wake Forest pg Chris Paul and have the deal worked out so that Van Exel's approx. $14 million option could be used to sign Ray Allen(The UCONN alum has expressed an interest in playing in Boston in the past), then this deal is a no brainer; pure genius really.

Portland gets Paul Pierce for the #3 pick...Van Exel gets a retirement gift in the form of a buyout...Pierce gets back to the West Coast...Boston finally gets a future star point guard and fixes its chemistry problem by swapping Pierce for Allen. Everybody wins. The odds of all of those components falling into place seem quite long...almost as long as the odds against Ainge actually trading for old #8 last season ... -NF

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Red Sox Arrive to Remind Cubs Who's Left Holding Curse Now:


"'Watching the Red Sox win was a very weird experience. It was like having a neighbor win the lottery. At first you're really happy for them because it couldn't happen to a better guy. And then you realize that he'll move into a bigger house in another neighborhood and you never had anything in common with him in the first place and he was really a big jerk. I mean, the Red Sox' celebrity mascot is Ben Affleck. Doesn't that tell you enough?"
-Cubs fan Jim Belushi

A list of links between the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox is a ridiculously long one:

Bill Buckner
Andre Dawson
Fergie Jenkins
The 1918 World Series
Don Zimmer
Lou Boudreau
Joe McCarthy
The ancient-ruin ballyards
Lee Smith
Dennis Eckersley
Tom Gordon
Matt Stairs
Manny "Juice" Alexander
Calvin Schiraldi
Curses, jinxes, goats and ghosts
Matt Clement
Bill Mueller
Mark Bellhorn

Todd Walkah

Even current Red Sox manager Terry Francona got 31 hits in 1986 in a Cubs uniform.

Yet for all they have in common, when the Cubs and Red Sox share a field (Wrigley) at 1:20 p.m. Friday, it will be for the first time since Sept. 11, 1918."

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New England Patriots HUB: Bruschi sits this one out
LB has eye on future:

" Sources say Bruschi's level of participation this weekend should not be taken as a harbinger of his plans for this year. As Bruschi said two weeks ago, he is taking his time with his decision. Nothing has to be officially determined until training camp begins in late July, which is when the Pats will have to include Bruschi on the 80-man roster or put him on a non-football injury list or preseason physically unable to perform (PUP) list.

Bruschi's condition is said to have steadily improved, and sources say that he continues to weigh all of his options, including playing this year. Most importantly, doctors have not categorically ruled out a return to football for Bruschi, who turns 32 tomorrow. "

Hub Opinion: Of course we would love nothing more than to see a healthy Tedy Bruschi back in the middle of the Patriots defense in 2005 or 2006. However: Unless there is zero increased risk of another stroke caused by playing football, Tedy needs to go home to his wife and kids.

With 3 Super Bowl rings and being the undisputed heart and soul of the Patriots dynasty defense, he has nothing left to prove on the football field. The intelligent and charismatic Bruschi will succeed in whatever he wants to pursue after football, whether that includes coaching, broadcasting, the business world, or raising his family. We wish him the best of luck. -NF

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Heir's Johnny!
Red Sox Draft College CF Who Could Be In Boston Quickly

Jacoby=Johnny Damon without the locks (and the power)?
As Theo Likes To Say: "An On Base Machine"

Ellsbury Dough$$$ Boy:
Sox Make Center Fielder Rich By Taking Him #1:

Scouting Report:

Jacoby Ellsbury
Oregon State
Position: OF B/T: L/L
H: 6'1' W: 185
Scouting report:
Medium frame. Live, lean, athletic build. Pure athletic. Leadoff CF profile w/ impact speed both ways. Contact hitter w/ a level, compact swing. Uses the whole field. Gap to gap power."
Ellsbury finished the regular season tied for second in the Pac-10 with a .415 batting average and a .504 on-base percentage. His 86 hits set a school record and he holds the Beavers' career record in runs scored.
Baseball America rated Ellsbury as the fastest baserunner in the NCAA, clocking him at 6.55 seconds in 60 yards. Ellsbury was one of six selections the Sox had in the first 57 picks.

Nomar Will Greet Red Sox This Weekend:


"'It's nice and flattering,' Garciaparra said of the All-Star voting. 'I've always had wonderful support from the fans everywhere, from the place where I was at for so long [Boston] to here in Chicago. The support has been unbelievable. It tells me they want to see me back as much as I want to come back. I appreciate it so much.

'I also think they're looking at the box score and seeing the shortstop for the Cubs doing so well and think it's me, and I realize how great Neifi's doing,' he said. 'It's him. Hopefully, we'll have a Cubs shortstop at the All-Star Game.
'There should be a Cubs shortstop there, and it's the guy who's playing there right now,' Garciaparra said. 'He's been unbelievable. He definitely deserves it.'"

"Yes, I did run in to Nomar. He's hobbling." -Curt Schilling on Nomar (weei)
(Schilling and Nomar are rehabbing at the Athletes Performance Center in Arizona)

Monday, June 06, 2005



11th error ties for league worst. Takes the collar 0-4, hitting into 2 d.p.'s

Boston Red Sox HUB News: "ST. LOUIS -- For accuracy's sake, it should be noted that the boos came first. Then they were quickly, and overwhelmingly, replaced by cheers. More specifically, by a 38-second standing ovation from the huge crowd at Busch Stadium. "

"To me, it's like my first year in the big leagues," Renteria said. "I feel like a rookie. I've never faced the pitchers before. But I've been working a lot with my teammates, and they've helped me a lot, supported me. I play the best I can." -Edgar Renteria before tonight's game

Hey Rent, that isn't what Red Sox fans want to hear from a guy that is making $10 million a year. How about taking a first year player's salary for first year performance? As they say in the gentle midwest: "Gosh, Edgar, you just hurt me with your words. Gee Whiz, you are the best. I think you can...I think you can." -NF
Felix Gets Sloppy



Felix Romero leaves Sox dirty:

First known Red Sox player to test positive.

Felix Gets Sloppy
Sox minor league (Wilmington Blue Rocks) reliever Felix Romero suspended for banned substances. He was signed in the offseason as a minor league free agent from the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

Don't expect the Jets, rumored to be interested in Ty Law, to sign the former Patriots star. Best guess: He winds up with the Browns, reunited with former Pats defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. -- New York Daily News

Boston Red Sox Fans Show Their Class and Style:

``There were a lot of families there who were accepting and fantastic,'' Carson told the Track. ``Boston and the Red Sox welcomed us into their family and could not have been more gracious. I think the whole event was very positive.''

"The Sox and Boston-based Scout Productions, the creators and producers of ``Queer Eye,'' raised more than $100,000 with the episode to replace Little League fields in Southwest Florida - the Sox spring-training home - that were destroyed by hurricanes. "

Boston has gotten a negative rap over the years (some well deserved) in regards to discrimination. Here is some more proof that Boston has evolved and progressed into one of the most intelligent, sophisticated, open minded, and of course, stylish parts of these United States of America. -NF

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Maybe A Little Queer Eye Will Fix Millar's Batting Eye


Some See Red Sox Sunday Opening Pitch Choice As `Queer':
" Some argued that the Red Sox should not trot out the Fab Five at Fenway on a Sunday because it is a ``family day'' and may force parents to have to explain what ``queer'' means to children".

"Not that there's anything wrong with that, Jerry."

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Fans celebrate the return of the O.C.

Howard Bryant called Orlando Cabrera the best defensive shortstop in the A.L., and possibly all of baseball. We couldn't agree more. Edgah is an offensive upgrade, but the O.C. can really pick'it. -NF

Fans Stand Up For The O.C.
Cabrera loves the Hubbub:
" ``It was incredible,'' he said. ``Boston fans are far too kind. I was here three months and they treat me like it was 20 years. I couldn't even swing the bat. (Jason) Varitek was laughing. He felt it too. It was amazing.'' "

We Still Love The O.C.... In a touch of irony, in Cabrera's celebratory first at bat, Edgar Renteria made a nice stab of the O.C.'s scorching grounder and gunned him out.
"The torch was officially passed." -NF



Let's Recap, shall we:
A-Rod Leaves Seattle...they make the playoffs.
A-Rod whines his way out of Texas...last place to instant contenders baby.
A-Rod winds up with the Yankees over the Red Sox...Curse is Reversed!!!

Friday, June 03, 2005


"Against Royals, Yankees jesters
Suffer 1st sweep in K.C. since '90"

Thursday, June 02, 2005



Tabloid Turmoil in Gotham as The Big Unit disappoints once again...
Yankees and Johnson go limp against the Viagra-blue Royals...

Torre uncharacteristically rips team in closed door meeting.

Team's filthy play in 2005 not suitable for children of any age.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Mouth Of The Sox:
"Last year, now that wasn't an upgrade...I wasn't going to sit behind Doug Mientkiewicz. This year, Olerud is a definite upgrade." -Kevin Millar

"Cowboy Won't Shutup" has now repeated his Schtick for the radio, print, and television media(New England Sports Tonight-Dickerson interview). He'd better start hitting now, or even his buddy Tito will be forced to give up on him. -NF

"I think that's a surprising statistic to me, on Boston, you know, 'cause that's not normally the way they play the game."

"They were a little more free swingers last year…they didn’t have a high on base percentage last year." -Joe Morgan on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball in New York.


In 2004, the World Champion Boston Red Sox led major league baseball with a .360 on base percentage. Working opposing pitchers into a high pitch count was a major component of their success.

Joe Morgan must have some naked pictures of Chris Berman, because while he was a great baseball player, he continues to deteriorate as an analyst. -NF

Yahoo! Edgah Renteriaah named AL Player of the Week: "NEW YORK (Ticker) - Boston Red Sox shortstop Edgar Renteria, who went 10-for-12 with six RBI in a weekend series against the New York Yankees, was named the American League Player of the Week on Tuesday.
Renteria batted a league-high .667 (16-of-24) with two home runs, six RBI and 25 total bases in six games.
His week was highlighted with three games at Yankee Stadium, where Renteria hit his fourth career grand slam and banged out 10 hits. "

Yankee Killah Edgah won the NL award twice. -NF

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