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Sunday, October 29, 2006



“The only thing I didn’t like about that situation (in New England), that was different from this one, I felt like in that instance I was treated dishonestly. In this situation. ... Bill (Parcells) was honest with me. We sat down and had a conversation about it and there was nothing dishonest about it.”
-A Sulking Drew Bledsoe

"So you walk the tightrope. You become a cheerleader who understands his chance of a lifetime always is one play away. The backup has to be a good guy... The one thing you can't do is what (Dallas') Drew Bledsoe did (last Monday against the New York Giants). You can't give the stink eye to the guy playing in front of you."
-Career backup and Ex-Patriot Hugh Millen

We respect Drew Bledsoe as a person (perhaps his best touch pass was on his full page Thank You he put the Globe when he left the Patriots) and as a tough football warrior, but we are disappointed in his whiny handling of this situation. More than ever, Drew needs the perfect offensive line in order to succeed, a situation that doesn't exist in Dallas, or perhaps any place else in the NFL. At 34, his career is at a crossroads, and he may have to accept a backup role somewhere else next season. In order to survive, he must unselfishly play the role of the enabler to a young quarterback, while staying poised enough in this backup role to step in and start if an opportunity presents itself due to a injury or a lack of success, a common scenario in today's NFL...just look at the current situation in Dallas. On second thought, Drew's best chance to start again may in fact be in Dallas...this season. Stay poised Drew.


Saturday, October 28, 2006


Manny Ramirez Not In Demand

"I don't think the Red Sox will trade him unless they get a quality, established pitcher in return," one general manager opined, on the condition of anonymity. "That said, I don't think the supply-demand dynamics work for the Red Sox. There is decent corner bat supply on the market and almost no pitching supply. "Maybe that is why two rookies are starting Game 1 of a World Series. My bet is Manny stays in Boston with perhaps less of a soap opera in the offseason." -Newsday

A Taste Of The Corner Market:

Carlos Lee

Alfonso Soriano

Gary Sheffield (will be dealt)

Moises Alou

Luis Gonzalez

Barry Bonds

Jim Edmonds(buyout likely)

Cliff Floyd

Mike Cameron

-Red Sox Nation



O'Donnel and Karp To Get 17% Of The Red Sox?

"If the Times, the Globe’s corporate parent, were to sell the struggling broadsheet, would the deal include the New York media giant’s 17 percent stake in the Sox ownership group?
O’Donnell teamed up with Stephen Karp, dean of the Boston retail development community, to wage a fierce campaign to buy the Sox back in 2001. He came close to succeeding, but a deal to join forces with
John Henry’s successful bidding group collapsed at the 11th hour. Karp might join O’Donnell in any Globe bid."
-Red Sox Nation



The Rich Tax The Rich

"Bring back the pornstar moustache Larry." -Red Sox Hub

Bizzaro Larry

"The right way to increase revenue, Larry, is to consistently make the playoffs and win a title or two over the next 5 years." -Red Sox Nation

Here's How: When those confrontational thoughts pop into your head, don't react as you normally would. Instead, utilize a restrained perspective. Simply follow the lead of front office legend George Costanza, who changed his life when he lived by the rule of "The Opposite." As proven by that Seinfeldesque October, 2005 Espteinsode "Gorillas In The Fens", and the resulting disasterous 2006 Red Sox season, it certainly can't hurt, and it will likely help a great deal. There is no doubt that you are are brilliant businessman and legal mind, so a little less ego and a little more cerebrum could keep ticket prices down and revenue up.


Thursday, October 26, 2006


Red Sox Fan Platt Does The Boss

Boston Red Sox fan OLIVER PLATT had to call on all his acting expertise for his latest TV mini-series role - as iconic New York Yankees owner GEORGE STEINBRENNER.Like most Red Sox fans, Platt hates the team's New York baseball rivals and was staggered when he was asked to play Steinbrenner in new series THE BRONX IS BURNING.But Platt admits playing the Yankees' tough guy boss gave him a new-found respect for the baseball bigwig.He says, "Steinbrenner makes it easy to do a caricature, but I'm profoundly impressed by what he has accomplished."

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Bill Belichicken?

No, Not really. But maybe a rubber chicken in Bill Polian's soup.

That’s about the only way to describe the bit of tweaking the Patriots sent the way of combustible Indianapolis president Bill Polian this week.
The Pats have asked the NFL to make sure that Polian doesn’t endanger the physical safety of team personnel when the Colts play at Gillette Stadium Nov. 5. The request came after Polian reportedly grabbed a Jets official by the lapels three weeks ago and threw him into a wall at Giants Stadium. Polian’s beef was apparently over the fact that the Jets were pointing loudspeakers at the Colts bench. -
Herald Scoop

"Bill Belichick is funny like a clown. Check out his cameo in Dennis Leary's hit show 'Rescue Me'... favorite sport is Lacrosse? Bill is here to win Super Bowls and to amuse you. Now go get your shine box, Polian" -Patriots Hub



Rodney Is NFL's "Dirty Dog"

"Rodney Harrison is a guy that you love when he is on your team but hate when he is the opposition." -Patriots Hub

“Do I take perverse pride in this?All I can say is as many guys as say I’m a dirty player, just as many come up and tell me they admire how I play, the hard work, the commitment, the toughness. That’s the pride you’re looking for. I take pride in that.
But dirty? I don’t think you guys can look in my eyes and say I’m a dirty player.”

-Defensive "Pervert" Rodney Harrison

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The Curse Of The Billy Goat

Shocking Buckner Discovery 20 years later...

Buckner's error wasn't his fault, nor was it the Babe's. It was the Cub's fault!!!
What are the odds that "The Curse of the Billy Goat" would be befall Boston's best known Billy Goat? Craziness. In curse terms, the curse has been doubled up on the poor Cubbies.
You're screwed, Sweet Lou.




Plot threatens to hit 7 NFL stadiums this weekend. Case in point as to why the government must be able to monitor suspicious phone and email correspondence.


Friday, October 13, 2006


"No, you won't see me anywhere near that movie, I just do comedy."
-- Pats coach Bill Belichick on the upcoming football movie, The Game Plan, which is shooting scenes at Gillette Stadium this week


Saturday, October 07, 2006


Glass Nomar

Now, it's a tear in his quad. As much as we respect the way Nomar plays the game and hits in the clutch, he has clearly proven to be too big an injury risk for any sort of longterm deal, at least one that doesn't have clauses for games played. A healthy Nomar would have been a nice RH bat option in LF or 1b for the Sox in 2007, but that player seems to be long gone.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Don't hide behind the injuries, Theo.
This dumb move was only your first of many in 2006...

"Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, to an extent that I've never seen before and probably was close to unprecedented in modern baseball."
-- Red Sox GM Theo Epstein on the team's second-half decline

Red Sox Nation Speaks:

The loss of significant scouting, development, and senior advisor guys such as David Chadd and Bill Lajoie, who couldn't stand the bickering between Theo and Larry and fled to the Tigers and Dodgers respectively, had a huge effect on the fortunes of the 2006 Red Sox. Most of this can be blamed on the childish behavior of Theo and Lucchino, and the lack of action of owners John W. Henry and Tom Werner, and the blubbery mouth of Lucchino henchman/Dentist Charles Steinberg. Yes, the Sox were hit by a huge amount of injuries, but the team was fatally flawed going into the season with old and shaky starting pitching and a suspect bullpen. The swoon started in June, not after the trading deadline, Gorilla boy.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


(internet photo)
A-Rod On His Way To Boston

Monday, October 02, 2006

It's A Cub's Life For Tito?
"Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona is far from being on the hot seat, but many observers -- some connected to the Cubs -- say they wouldn't be surprised if there was an offseason showdown between Francona and Red Sox GM Theo Epstein.
Francona, who signed a two-year extension in March, took the Red Sox to a World Series title in 2004 but has butted heads at times this season with Epstein. Considering the rocky situation facing the Red Sox' front office last offseason -- when Epstein shocked fans by quitting, then eventually returning -- there is no such thing as business as usual. That could be especially true this offseason for the Red Sox, who are due for some sort of shake-up after failing to reach the postseason for the first time since 2002.
Francona, 47, was a backup outfielder/first baseman for the Cubs in 1986 and has inside knowledge of what it's like to play day baseball at Wrigley Field. He has managed in Philadelphia (1997-2000) and Boston, so he would be comfortable with the smothering Chicago media. "

"We have to get better with our personnel decisions,' he said. 'There's no secret or magic formula. But our personnel decisions have to be better."
-Theo "Who Is Buried In Grant's Tomb?" Epstein
Trot does everything the right way:

“It’s a situation where I hope I have an opportunity to come back, I really do. I love this organization, I love the city, I love the people, and if it doesn’t work out, maybe there’s an opportunity later in my career in the next couple years where I can come back and be a part of this organization, if I’m not playing every day. Obviously, I’d love to play my entire career with one team.”

“Maybe (the fans) will pick up the paper and read how much it truly means to me, the eight years I’ve been here. There were a few times I struggled (keeping my emotions) because this is the only organization I’ve ever known. I didn’t want to break down, but I really do care about this organization, I really do care about this town. This town has been unbelievable for my family and I. I’m going to look forward to what the future has in store for me and my family. Obviously, if I’m not here next year, a lot of these guys I’ve played with are going to be on my mind. This is not going to be a situation where I hold any ill-will or upset with the organization because maybe they don’t want me. It’s professional sports. You’re going to have turnover.”
-Free Agent Trot Nixon

When a free agent openly pines for returning, they knowingly give up leverage. Rather than taking advantage like a shark, the Sox need to reach out and get a fair deal done. Wily Mo Pena is a butcher in RF, and Manny's future is uncertain. Signing Nixon to a 1 to 2 year, fair-fair market deal makes sense for both sides.

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