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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


His Knee's Still All Foulked Up
Red Sox blog - "Here's the scoop on Keith Foulke as we know it. The reason he's been held back in spring training is because he's been undergoing two weeks of 'injections' to his knees. "
-Mother Foulker Hub

Monday, February 27, 2006


This Guy's No Theo:
"He's an idiot. He's selfish. That's why we don't miss him."
-White Sox GM Ken Williams on Frank Thomas

Sox Turn Down Deal Involving Bronson Arroyo For Alfonso Soriano
"According to a team source, the Nationals have already approached the Red Sox about a trade involving second baseman Alfonso Soriano, whom the Nationals acquired in a December trade and are trying to persuade to accept a move to left field, but the Red Sox showed very little interest."

-Red Sox Spring Trading Rumor Hub

Sunday, February 26, 2006

1901: The Birth of Red Sox Nation -
As hard as it may be for their partisans to believe today, there was indeed a time when the Boston Red Sox did not exist. This flaw in the national culture was corrected in 1901.
(Props to and

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Do The Boston Red Sox Have Josh Beckett,,, or John Burkett?
The back of the uniform looks eerily similar in both name and number
...hopefully, results won't follow suit.
"If you think about the result, it corrupts the process."
-Josh "Upside" Beckett -02/24/2006-Good times for Garciaparra, Hamm:

Nomar Flat Out Denies Steroid Use

"Last April, however, Garciaparra heard the Boston drumbeat in another way. He tore his right groin coming out of the batter's box at Wrigley Field and did not play again until August. Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan, reacting to this latest injury, wondered in print if Garciaparra's physical development and subsequent breakdowns represented a telltale sign of steroid use.

'Let's see,' Garciaparra said with a hint of agitation. 'I hurt my wrist when I was hit by a pitch, I was hit in batting practice and injured the Achilles, and I had an abdominal condition I wasn't even aware of that contributed to the groin injury. Steroids? That's as absurd as saying I faked the Achilles injury.'

He's Sticking To It
For the record, however, Garciaparra said he never asked to be traded, never used or faked the Achilles' injury in an attempt to force a trade, never expressed a desire to play on the West Coast, never would have bought a multimillion-dollar home there in 2003 if it wasn't his thought that he would play out his career with the Red Sox, never turned down a $60 million offer from the club in which all aspects had been fully negotiated or which did not include a significant portion of deferred dollars.

Was there any relief when finally traded?
"Not at all," Garciaparra said. "I cried. I was crushed. The city and the fans meant that much to me, and they still do. I played for those fans, my teammates, the history of that franchise. It was hard to take the way it went down, but the thing I'm proudest of from my time in Boston is that we raised more than $1 million for charity and there is still a playground that has my name on it."

"Not one thing I heard said about Nomar that season or read about him truly described him. I always felt it better described the person who was saying it or writing it. I mean, the furthest thing from the truth is to say he is selfish or greedy or inconsiderate or doesn't care. We've talked about it and I'm sure there were times in Boston when he could have answered a question a little better or more fully or reacted in a better way. But at no time did any of that come from a bad place."
-Mia Hamm-Garciaparra on the misperception of her husband in Boston

-Red Sox Icon Hub

Friday, February 24, 2006 - Patriots & NFL: On the loose: Pats: No tag for Adam

Handshake Deal, Or Is Adam Kicked To The Tuna?

Vinatieri, who was franchised last season, stood to make $3.01 million if the Patriots tagged him again, a raise of 20 percent. That’s $500,000 more than the $2.468 million averaged by the top five kickers.

“It just didn’t feel like the right thing to do,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. “We considered all our options and decided not to tag anybody.”
Ramirez' buddy Enrique Wilson hangs out at training camp without the tea and crumpets...and Manny

" I came here because David (Ortiz) and Manny are here. They talked to me and said 'Why don't you come to Boston?' That's why I'm here."

And as far as that infamous "Puttin' On The Ritz" night with Manny Pharyngitis:

“We didn’t do anything (wrong) at that time. He just came to my room,” Wilson said yesterday before joining the Ramirez-free Red Sox in their first full-squad workout of the spring. “They made a big deal about that, but he didn’t do anything (wrong).”

-Enrique Suave

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The True Meaning Of Sports
Autistic Teen's Hoop Dreams Come True
Vide Link Courtesy of CBS NEWS VIDEO
Team manager gets to put on a jersey for the first time for the last game
of his senior year...What you see will make you believe in people again.

Brady Sees The "Groinocologist"
"Take It Easy On Him Moynahan"
Brady's Cable Girl Bridget Moynahan
(Who do you think she's talkin' about in that local Comcast commercial?)

Tom Brady had surgery last week, although the Patriots didn't say yesterday what kind of operation their star quarterback had.

Brady joked about the surgery at a golf tournament in Miami Beach, Fla., on Tuesday, saying he had to take it easy on hard swings.

Brady did not play in the NFL Pro Bowl on Feb. 12. The 28-year-old quarterback was at the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 in Detroit, where he was part of the opening coin toss.

Reports in the Boston Herald said the surgery was for a sports hernia, which Brady played through for the majority of the season. The injury is expected to take six to eight weeks to heal. "
Take that, "Momma's Boy Mc Nabb".

-Patriots Hub

"There are indications that Red Sox manager Terry Francona could receive a contract extension soon. Rather than exercise its option for 2007, the team may sign him to a multi-year deal."
- The Hartford Courant
Jamal Lewis And Corey Dillon On The Patriots?
Dillon's contract makes cutting him cost prohibitive, but a dedicated Jamal Lewis, not even 27 years old, is intriguing.

"Lewis envisions a 'fresh start' in free agency, saying he would be interested in playing for the Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots or division rival Pittsburgh Steelers."

-Patriots Hub
Eric Mangini Breaks Law
"They also declined to exercise their option on Law, a five-time Pro Bowler who had a career-high 10 interceptions last season. The option, which would've triggered the next three years on his contract, required the Jets to pay him an $11 million bonus. That's an amount the cap-troubled team obviously was not willing to pay."

Law has put on a few pounds, as he was unable to train as intensely as he is accustomed last offseason due to the healing foot. A larger Law would make a nice fit at safety for the Patriots-He would have to accept that his dreams of a cornerback sized payday are over. The best example of the player that triumphantly made such a transition is Rod Woodson, who became an All-Pro at the safety position after being cut by the Steelers.

-Patriots Hub

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Roberto Petagine Era Ends In Boston
Mariners sign Petagine to minor-league contract: "The Mariners have signed free-agent first baseman Roberto Petagine to a minor-league contract. Petagine, 34, was with Boston last year, hitting .281 with 9 RBI with the Red Sox and .327-20-69 at Class AAA Pawtucket. "


What it would look like if Manny actually
Showed up tomorrow to the Red Sox minor league complex,
located at beautiful barbwired Edison Avenue, Fort Myers, Florida

The CBA says that all players agree to be in camp by February 28th,
but Mushhead Manny Ramirez has other ideas:
Here I Go Again On My Own
Theo Says: I've Got Your Back Manny...
Even though you stab mine without remorse
John W. Henry:
Remain Calm! All is well Bluto!
Manny Says:
"Hey Red Sox Nation...F%$K YOU!!"
"I Only know one set of rules to play by..."
"The ManRam Rules"
Manny goes down the only road Sox fans have ever known...The road that leads to divisiveness and dissent.
For Manny, causing headaches for management is an annual rite of passage. He just decides to start trouble a little earlier this season.

Red Sox spoiled player punching bag Terry Francona, On Manny missing the understood Red Sox reporting date:

"'Manny called me last night, and we spoke about how I feel about things and how he feels about things,' Francona said. 'I've got to be honest with you, a lot of it is personal because it was a personal phone call. But we have had good communication between Manny and his agent and [general manager] Theo [Epstein] and me, and in a perfect world, every player shows up Thursday. "

Another 48 Hours With Manny Ramirez
The question now is whether Ramirez will still play for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. If that is the case, Ramirez would be with the Red Sox for just two days before reporting to Orlando to start training with the Dominican team.

But Don't Worry, Sox Fans. Manny is busy getting ready to play in...
Uhmm, front of the Green Monster this season...
-Planet ManRam Hub

Monday, February 20, 2006

Old Faces In New Places Part II

Billy The California Kid Goes Back Home...

Kevin, King Of The Idiots brings chemistry to the Orioles locker room...
Nomar hopes that some home cooking will help him finally overcome the injury bug...


Get In My Mirabelli as a Padre...

Youk NOT In Pawtucket... - More Foulke
A New England Sports Hub Joint

Pretzel Logic With Keith Foulke
(Spring Training Edition)

Keith asks Red Sox Nation:
You want fries with that batting practice fastball?
Our loveable idiots, Millar and Johnny Jesus, may be long gone, but
Keith "Fries With That 85 mph Fastball" Foulke is still saying dumb things.
Foulkey Talks To CHB And The Rest Of The Boston Media Vampires

"''I'll never be channeled toward baseball,' he said. ''That's just not going to happen. I'm not a baseball fan. I actually find baseball kind of boring. It's not my life. Pitching is something I enjoy doing. I'm probably going to get a lot of people that are a little chapped at me for saying that, but just don't take it the wrong way. I can't sit around and watch nine innings of a baseball game. The reason why I play this game is that I love the camaraderie with my teammates and I love to pitch. All the downtime of baseball is what I don't like."

And Here Comes The Modesty:

Oh, and one more thing. What about the final out of the '04 World Series? What about the infamous baseball Doug Mientkiewicz put into the vault? Does Foulke ever wish he'd taken that Edgar Renteria comebacker and run it over to first base himself?

''Yeah," he said. ''I'm not gonna brag, but I think I did a pretty good job in that Series and I'll be selfish. Yeah, I think I do deserve that ball. I know I did a good job. The team won. And all the other [stuff] -- [who was] MVP and the bloody sock -- you guys can have that. I made myself happy and I'm the toughest guy to please."

Hey Keith, we didn't particularly enjoy your BP fastball in 2005 either. Do yourself a favor: Stay out of the media, out of the bars(Want to see the photos?),off the radio, and on the mound, and you will get through your salary drive 2006 season.

-Foulkey Fries With That BP Fastball Hub

Where's Manny?

"I talked to Manny like a week ago and he was going to Italy tomorrow."
-Red Sox MVP David Ortiz


Maybe Manny Was Telling The Truth All Those Times He Blamed His Absence On "Grandma"


Rest In Peace Curt Gowdy

Former Red Sox Broadcaster Curt Gowdy Dies At 86

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Nomar Was Destined To Play At Home In Southern

California At Some Point...

Nomar Reportedly Has Been Alternating His Shortstop Mitt At

First Base As A Teaching Tool That Helps Him Get Lower On The Ball...

Nomar And Grady Look Like They Have Found "Brokeback Mountain"

How Do Rumors Get Started??

The Newglove Sox Are Certain To Need Need Some Righty Pop

Added To Their Offensively Challenged Infield Come June...

Big Stein Comes Out From Under Costanza's Desk To Scold Ozzie

Steinbrenner advises Guillen to 'shut it up'
"It's good to hear from the boss--I kind of miss the good ole days of belligerent boss speak--as he hasn't been seen much since appearing on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice".

Saturday, February 18, 2006

'Embarrassed' Guillen apologizes to A-Rod
But Crazy Train Still Owes Nomah A Sorry-
On Friday, Guillen said he was just joking about Garciaparra. "I think it was funny."

Big Stein Tells Ozzie To "Shut Up."
For once, we actually have to agree with the big guy.

-Goin' Off The Rail On A Crazy Train Hub
Volatile Ozzie Jumps On The Crazy Train
Unprovoked ripping of ARod and Nomar consistent with his erratic behavior
"I hate hypocrites: He's full of ---," Guillen said. "The Dominican team doesn't need his (butt). It's the same with (Nomar) Garciaparra playing for Mexico. Garciaparra only knows Cancun because he went to visit."
This guy is as erratic on the field as he is off of it, abusing his bullpen and making judgements that must be categorized as questionable at best. Despite the 2005 World Series Title (where most of the credit should go to G.M. Ken Williams and the pitching staff that he assembled), this guy will mouth himself out of a job sooner than later.
-Ex-Red Sox Hub

Friday, February 17, 2006

MEET THE NEW BOSS...SAME AS THE OLD BOSS - Boston Red Sox: So who can we blame? Theo not alone in '06

Hey Man, I may need to borrow that suit...
Theo is the same Senior VP and General Manager that threw the Red Sox future into chaos by making the shocking decison to run away from conflict in a gorilla suit, trading responsibility for the role Pearl Jam groupie/beach bum overseas during the most important part of the baseball season-The hot stove/winter meetings have shaped this club, for better or worse, for 2006 and beyond. So, who can we blame? The answer is clear: Theo, and the 500 pound gorilla that is Larry Lucchino. John Henry, as the Managing General Partner, you deserve a splash of blame (Or credit if things end up highly successful, which, by the way, is a very good possibility), but you were just Henry being Henry-Hands off all the way.
-Red Sox Hub

Thursday, February 16, 2006


$ox Are At It Again
Red Sox Owners are now in the travel package business

And what a bargain: Packages START at just $899 per person!!
This little travel package is designed to get around MLB rules that cap ticket prices, so...

Let me ask you this: Who is the real scalper??

"This was sent to us by a friend of the Hub who happens to be a Red Sox season ticket holder. No, he isn't a yuppie scum at Fenway just to be seen. He won't be the idiot behind home plate on the cell phone waving at the TV cameras. He is just a hard working guy who saves and works hard to afford overpriced Grandstand tickets, dividing them with 5 friends and, yes, occasionally selling tickets above face value in order to pay for some of his $20,000 bill that he is required to pay 6 months before opening day. In the years before the bandwagon, he often was stuck paying for tickets that went unused, or at least as freebies to friends and neighbors. The Nouveau Sox Owners just don't get it...So get out."

They email spam that is addressed: "To our valued season ticket holder". In the meantime, they are targeting season ticket holders that sell games that they can't use on Ebay to help soften the blow from the highest ticket prices in baseball. The real scalpers, the big ticket agencies and unlicensed thugs around Fenway, are left to do whatever they please. Yeah, we know about the lawsuit, but also know that it is simply a tactic designed for the Hollywood-Lawyer-Trader Owners to get a cut. We smell another partnership. Hey Red Sox: Don't you find it a little hypocritical that Ad revenue DURING your Red Sox broadcasts is coming from ACE Ticket and STUBHUB???

WEEI, your Cartel partner-in-crime, doesn't seem to have a problem with running these ads, or peddling paternity test kits all day long. Hopefully, this Circus leaves town soon...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central

#21 Will Sign With The Red Sox For $1 million plus incentives

No, Not the Rocket, but Sammy So-so
Is this the end of the line for Sammy Sosa? A report, citing an unnamed source, said Sosa is seriously considering retirement from baseball instead of accepting an offer from the Nationals. The Nationals have offered Sosa a non-guaranteed, one-year deal for $500,000. Washington's offer is the only one Sosa has received this winter. "He feels that the lack of interest in his services constitutes a humiliation," the source said.
-- Chicago Tribune

Rocket agent Randy Hendricks Roger Clemens said yesterday that Clemens was more likely to retire than continue pitching after the World Baseball Classic next month. "I continue to say that nothing will be decided until after the World Baseball Classic," the agent, Randy Hendricks, said in an e-mail message. "It is a five-horse race between Retirement, Boston, Houston (post May 1), New York, and Texas (alphabetical order except for the lead horse, named Retirement)."
-- New York Times



For Red Sox Nation, Spring Starts Today!!
Our blizzardly thoughts begin to thaw-faster than Ted's Head-

as Red Sox equipment makes its way to Fort Myers

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hollywood Red Sox Owners Kick The Tires On Hidalgo
Offer Roger Clemens feature role in "Hildalgo II", a middle aged pitcher's tiresome annual retirement ritual-from season to season.
"The Sox are interested in signing Richard Hidalgo, off a profoundly disappointing 2005. The former Met might have to settle for a minor-league contract. Hidalgo did hit 16 homers in 308 at-bats last year. Maybe he can be this year's Comeback Player?"
-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub


Patriots Could Boot Vinatieri Over Money

"The Patriots have until Feb. 23 -- 11 days from now -- to put the franchise tag on Vinatieri. But for a player such as Vinatieri, the franchise tag is onerous.
Normally, a franchised player receives a one-year salary equal to the average of the top-five salaries at his position. But if the player already is the highest-paid at his position -- as Vinatieri is -- he gets a 20 percent raise over the previous season. Last year, Vinatieri's 20 percent raise gave him a salary of $2,509,000. If the Pats franchise him again, they'll pay him $3,010,800 in 2006.
Asked whether he had an inkling on which way the Patriots would go, Vinatieri said: 'I don't. That number gets pretty high, and I know that in the past they don't want to be at the top of the scale (for a position).'"

The Patriots need to work out a longterm deal with Adam, as he gives them a competitive advantage and obviously isn't subject to the injury risk of regular position players-In this case, the risk of a significant decline is minimal.
-Patriots Hub

Big Dog Bites Pirate: No. 1 Connecticut 99, Seton Hall 57:
Huskies Set Their Big East Record For Margin Of Victory
"The Huskies ran their record to 22-and-one with a 99-57 win over the Pirates in their most lopsided Big East win ever. UConn's previous largest margin in a Big East game was an 86-to-49 win over Boston College on February 11th, 1989."
Just Don't Do It Egan...

How Did The Boston Media Dogs Miss This One??
Red Sox 2005 Second Round Pick Was Busted For DUI and Cocaine Possession in September

September bust for Catcher Jonathan Egan
(We'll keep you posted, but it looks like probation and counseling for a first time offense).

The headlines on June 8 said it was a dream day for Jon Egan.
The Cross Creek standout was the highest-selected Richmond County player in the professional baseball draft in recent history, going in the second round (57th overall) of the draft to the Boston Red Sox.
If that was the dream, Sept. 9 was the rude awakening.
Egan was stopped at a roadblock Friday evening seven miles south of Millen on Ga. Highway 23 heading toward Twin City.
Egan, 18, driving a vehicle accompanied by two friends, was one of the first stops that night. He was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, driving while intoxicated, possession of alcohol by a minor, underage possession of alcohol in a vehicle he was operating, and possession of a fraudulent identification card.
The controlled substance was suspected to be cocaine.
"That has to go to the lab for verification but that substance was believed to be less than a gram of cocaine," Jenkins County Sheriff Tim Fields said.
A patrolman from Georgia State Patrol Post 21 in Sylvania worked the case. That officer was not available for comment Tuesday evening.
Pursuant to Jenkins County policy, Egan was held overnight in the county jail for a minimum of eight hours.
(He was held overnight in Jenkins County Jail, and was released on a bond the next morning. According to the Georgia Public Defender's office, a first offense penalty for posession of a schedule II controlled substance is imprisonment for not less than 2 and not more than 15 years).
He was released on personal property bond of $7,500 on Saturday morning.
His passengers, Benjamin D. Keilholtz and Matthew Quattlebaum, both of Hephzibah, were detained and face charges. Keilholtz and Quattlebaum each were charged with possession of alcohol by a minor and possession of marijuana.
Fields said Egan, who received a signing bonus of close to $600,000 with his first pro contract, will have a hearing in Jenkins County Superior Court. A date has yet to be set.
A message left on Egan's cell phone was not returned.
"Each of the gentlemen were respectful," Fields said.
"But you could tell that each of them were pretty perplexed, especially Egan, which was understandable."
Egan is still expected to report to the Instructional League for fall workouts with the Red Sox in approximately two weeks.

(Credit to Augusta Chronicle and web sources)


Is It A Sign From Above???
Red Sox Unknowingly Choose Photo Of Drunk Driving Victim
Family recognizes lost loved one on ticket Ad Billboard

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Lowell Spinners Work To Exterminate The Yankees
"The Spinners, the Red Sox' Class-A minor-league team, offered Wednesday to replace the uniforms of youth sports Yankees teams who change their name to Spinners. The Spinners would also pay to replace the team jerseys, and let the team play at Edward A. LeLacheur Park before a Spinners game this summer. "

-Red Sox Hub

Rocket Agent , Red Sox Preparing For Rocket Re-Launch
The Red Sox finally seem to have figured out that it doesn't pay to blab to the media when in the middle of negotiations; Clemens is in no hurry to make a decision, so this thing could drag out into the World Baseball Classic.

"Did John Henry and Larry Lucchino meet with Roger Clemens in Houston this week to discuss his possible return to the Red Sox, or to advance an offer, or show him the glitzy new video they have prepared?"

Hendricks has been trying to monitor the reaction of Red Sox fans to a possible return for Clemens. A poll has run about 70 percent to 30 percent in favor of Rocket's return.

-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Defending "The Texas Con Man"

Some said that winning the World Series would take away our identity, the heart and soul of what made us Red Sox fans, and perhaps Puritanical New Englanders. Well, it is with mixed feelings, and yet a perverse comfort that I can report that all is dysfunctional. We, the citizens of Red Sox Nation, continue to punish ourselves with a rich mix of guilt, fear, insecurity, and an overwhelming inferiority complex. Why else would we want to sabotage what should be a storybook ending. The greatest pitcher in franchise history left the ball club in 1996. As is usually the case with the Olde Towne Team, it ended very badly. Now, the Rocket has expressed interest in coming home. This is a great opportunity for for the franchise, the player, and the fans, to make things right. Instead, those ingrained Puritan traits are rearing their ugly heads, trashing the Rocket for his performance, and his work ethic as a Red Sox, now a decade into history. And, of course, all is not forgiven for his departure as a free agent, regardless of whether the facts actually point to a Damonesque situation back in 1996. We all remember the late Wil McDonough dubbing Roger "The Texas Con Man", claiming that he appeared out of shape in his final 4 seasons in Boston. Well, as we know, appearances can be deceiving, and by all accounts,(which will be discussed later), this was the classic Boston media treatment, based more on guesses than on fact, for another star that didn't exactly have a love fest with the local scribes.

Like the current Sox regime and Pedro, Damon etc., the Duquette regime misread the marketplace, blundered by not locking Clemens up before 1996, and paid dearly. As is always the case with the departure of all stars from the Red Sox, it ended badly for the player. Believe it or not, Lucchino an Dr. Charles didn't actually invent the art of the spin; It was alive and well in Red Sox Nation a decade ago.

The Duke and the Caretaker's offer to Clemens was of a strategic, face saving nature; Enough for the average fan and a certain columnist to point to and blame another greedy player on the way out("The Texas Con-Man" moniker was clever, i'll give you that), but not enough to really ever be considered signable. Like Damon, Clemens tried to get the Sox to play ball, but they had already made a decision to moved on. As usual, honesty would have been a better policy.

Roger was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but by most accounts from players and managers he was always one of the hardest working players on his team. His offseason workout routines are legendary. He has a Ryan/Seaver-like delivery, relying on tremendous leg strength and mechanics that takes the stress off of the arm and results in durability and longevity. Actually, it was fairly easy to predict that Clemens was far from finished. Management teams in Toronto, New York, and California made offers that prove they saw not a pitcher in decline, but a durable ace on the market.

Clemens is a "freak of nature", but at age 43 he "gets his freak on" by putting himself through grueling workout regimens that players half his age simply can't, or won't dedicate themselves to. His old Red Sox manager Kevin Kennedy talks about this all the time. Hardest working pitcher he has ever seen. Schilling credits Clemens for turning his career path around, getting him to dedicate himself to working hard all year long, when Schill was a Young Astro and worked out with Clemens in Houston during the 1990 offseason.

I agree that, towards the end, Clemens was bitter towards Sox management and appeared rejuvenated and in even better shape when he signed with Toronto. As I mentioned in my last column, he battled injuries in 1994 and 1995, which affected his velocity and training intensity and contributed to his mortal performances in those 2 seasons. But why, before the 1996 season, would he take it easy before a salary drive season? The numbers, personal performance, and common sense, simply don't support this premise. Clemens was a staff ace in 1996 on a bad team; 214 innings and 257 K's. There was definitely a con going on, but it was executed by the Red Sox and the Boston media, not the Rocket. This hot stove season should be one of positivity and promise, as the curse is debunked and the pitching, led by the acquisition of Josh Beckett and a deep bullpen, may be the best Sox staff ever. This is supposed to be the new Red Sox Nation, self confident and still basking, barely into February of 2006, in the warm New England embers still glowing of a 2004 World Series Championship. It is time to make things right. Clemens is 8 Wins away from 200 in a Sox uniform. A retirement ceremony for #21 would now meet club criteria (Players must finish their career as a Red Sox and be in the Baseball Hall Of Fame). The Rocket belongs in Boston.

-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub


Buffalo News - Betting scandal gives NHL a potential crisis


They've named names:

The New England Sports Connection

Rick Tocchet, former Bruin

Travis Green, current Bruin

Jeremy Roenick, local guy

Wayne Gretzky's wife, B-movie actress Janet Jones, bet $1.7 million over a 40 day period, including $500K on this year's Super Bowl.

The great one has been caught on a wire tap tape discussing the gambling ring.

The mob is involved; The FBI is investigating the extent of this relationship.

Tocchet has openly socialized with a known Philly mobster, who bet heavily on hockey based on information provided by the former Bruin.

If this was football or baseball, it would be a National crisis in the United States...It is telling for the state of hockey that U.S. fans and media don't seem to be paying the proper proportion of attention to to this story; Gretzky is the Babe Ruth of Canada.

-New England Sports Hub

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Red Sox Fans In The Know Understand That It Had To Be This Way...No Hard Feelings, Just An Ovation In Johnny's First Fenway At Bat As A New York Yankee...
Then we have to turn our back on you, Yankee Doodle Johnny.


Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your 2006 Red Sox Shortstop

Sox Shortstop Alex Going Gonzo In Venezuela; wins Caribbean Series title
Good news for Red Sox Nation, as it looks like his power stroke is back after a subpar, injury riddled 2005.

-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub

Monday, February 06, 2006


While The Steelers and Seahawks staggered through their Super Bowl blunder, New England fans were left to ponder...



WHILE WATCHING Two Lesser Teams Put On
A Lackluster Performance For The Lombardi Trophy.

Because For New England Sports Hubbers,

The "Game"

Was Actually Over Following The Coin Toss...

Where, For A Brief Moment,

Tom Brady Was Once Again The Center Of

Attention At The Super Bowl...

In Patriot Nation, we moved from our friends and wives in

the kitchen to the empty see the commercials

-We're Just Doin' The New England Sports Hub Super Bowl Shuffle

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