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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Nomar likely back Friday: "Kerry Wood and Nomar Garciaparra are expected to return from the disabled list Friday in New York for a series against the Mets, general manager Jim Hendry said Saturday. Reliever Scott Williamson could also be activated Friday.
'It looks like, without snags this week, we're going to activate all three of them on the same day, which would be very refreshing,' Hendry said."

Red Sox Hub Deadline Extra:

"Terrible. They should never boo Manny here. The crowd cannot be hard on Manny yet because nothing happened with Manny yet. What about if they don't trade Manny? They've got to stick with Manny all year long. Are they going to keep booing him?" -Big Papi Doesn't Get It

Manny Will Sit And Collect His $$$
"I think in not just his best interest...but our ball club's interest...that he sits...clears his head..."
-Company Man Tito Francona
In Other news from the side tents:
Damon defends Manny, supports Theo in NESN postgame.

Ortiz Breaks Up Schilling/Manny Brawl in the clubhouse.

Tito: Manny Won't Play 'Till Tuesday
Planet Manny Likely Out Of Boston

Manny was pulled out of the lineup 10 minutes before gametime...
Big Daddy Wells Throws Manny Under The Bus On NESN postgame:
"For Manny not to step up I think was selfish on his part…
If you are making(all that money)... what he's doing is starting to reflect on these guys…he's gonna get a lot of negative feedback if he continues to do what he’s doin’…You need to step up…if I’m getting paid 20 million…I wanna play every day to show this organization…these fans I’m worth every dime…becase there’s a lot of guys that wanna play in Manny’s spot who wanna play…to get that kind of money if he wants out…
You guys are messing with my cake..I wanna try to get a ring…if hes not out there that creates a problem and I don’t know what the situation... ill probably find out tommorow but whatever it is he better have a good excuse…if he’s gonna come out and say he needs another day off…that’s not gonna sit well with a lot of guys…
You gotta wanna play...If you are asked (for a day off), and I know a lot of players in my time…they’re saying nope...They're gonna play..."
For once, we actually agree with David Wells.-Red Sox Hub
Keith Foulke says that he will skip rehab assignment and come straight back to the Red Sox...

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Red Sox Hub Trade Deadline Edition
Breaking News: Sox Pick Up Jose Cruz Jr.
Nice temporary solution to the RF problem
He hit just .213 in 64 games with Arizona but compiled a .347 on-base percentage and hit 12 home runs while knocking in 28." He is another patient hitter who will fill in for the injured Trot Nixon for short money.

Papelbon Called Up To The Show
Will start tomorrow afternoon.

Wells Threw Manny Under The Bus Tonight:
Proposed Manny blockbuster 'close to dead':
"However, there were indications that the Red Sox and Devil Rays still could pull off another trade, one that would send Huff to Boston for two prospects. "


Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 30th 2005
The Red Sox called: They're out of Ramirez'

Red Sox Could Give Up Both ManRam and HanRam To Dump Albatross Contract:
"An official with one of the three teams told that the Mets never walked away from the deal Friday night over money. Rather, it was over their reluctance to let go of Lastings Milledge, one of their top prospects. Saturday, however, the Mets have softened on that stance.

If Milledge is still included in the current proposal, Red Sox prospect Hanley Ramirez gets thrown into the mix. Milledge would potentially go to the Red Sox, and Ramirez would get shipped to Tampa Bay.
Meanwhile, the Toronto Blue Jays have talked to the Red Sox as well and made an 'inquisitive call' about Manny Ramirez, sources said."

If this is accurate, and Hanley is part of the deal, then the Theo and the trio are adament about ridding themselves of Manny's contract. Losing the hyped-up Hanley would be a blow to Red Sox Nation, which has bought into the spin coming from Yawkey Way regarding home grown talent. Maybe the Red Sox aren't as high on HanRam as the fans are, and they have built up his value perfectly; Could be part of the master plan. On the anniversary of the Nomar deal, Theo may be about to pull off yet another bold trade which, on paper, looks to favor the other parties.

Who among us said, exactly one year ago today, "The Sox just swindled Montreal and Chicago!! We just dealt icon Nomah AND a top prospect for some guy I've never seen play named Orlando Cabrera and some backup first baseman hitting .215, with a name that resembles an eyechart...Man, that pimply faced G.M. sure knows what he's doing..."?? At the time, that whole "fatal flaw" speech sounded like a desperate attempt to defend a bad deal. Well, things kind of worked out okay for the "overmatched" 2nd year G.M....

Like today, some fans were tired of the act of a superstar, while others believed in him, or at least in his superior talent. Well, you can't always go by what's on that one dimensional sheet of numbers. Blood and guts trades have a human element in them that simply cannot be captured by Bill James. Defense, for that matter, is also tough to quantify. Since this front office has had the Midas touch to date, we will have to trust them until they suffer a significant miscalculation.

-Red Sox Trade Hub

Embree A "Bad Guy"

Friday, July 29, 2005

Wade Boggs: Theo's Ideal On-Base Machine:
"And when Boggs was in his prime -- from 1985 through 1989 -- his OBP numbers were otherworldly: .450 in 1985; .453 in 1986; .461 in 1987; .476 in 1988; and .430 in 1989."
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Update:
Manny to Mets? Three-team whopper looking less likely:
"What's uncertain now is whether the deal can be revived, or even whether any portion of it can be revived. The Mets had been talking separately to the Devil Rays about Baez, and the Red Sox had been talking with Tampa Bay about Huff. Then on Friday afternoon, the teams made an attempt to connect the two trades. The Devil Rays were described by sources as being ecstatic about the prospects they would have received -- the Mets were prepared to include right-hander Yusmeiro Petit and outfielder Lastings Milledge -- so they're expected to keep pressing the Mets and Red Sox to put the pieces back together."
So barring something miraculous, it appears Ramirez will still be with the Red Sox come next week -- and for the rest of the year
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 29th 2005
Trade Deadline Deals
Red Sox Hub Breaking News - Manny a Met? 3-Way Deal Would Bring Aubrey Huff and Mike Cameron To Boston - More Inside Track:Planet Manny Ramirez The Wedding Crasher?: "But did you know that years before the comedy smash ``Wedding Crashers'' made uninvited guests as chic as nectarine carpaccio, Manny was Boston's very own Vince Vaughn???? "
Nomar and Mia Play In Peoria:
The shortstop and soccer-star wife Mia Hamm were embraced by Peoria fans, and their gracious reaction to the frenzy they created left behind plenty of positive feelings.
Before each batting-glove-adjusting, toe-tapping at-bat, Garciaparra received a booming cheer.
He finished the two-game stay 1-for-5 with two RBIs, a run and two walks. He also helped turn a pair of double plays.
Garciaparra was noncommital when asked if he believes he's ready to join the Cubs now.
"They'll ask me how I felt, what I think,' he said. 'They're obviously watching me as well, so I'm going to get their input as well."

-Nomar Hub Rehab Update
Nomar Joins Cubs In Dugout, Meets With The Media Before The Game:
"'These are just the cards that are dealt you and you've got to keep pushing forward,' -Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra,when reminded of the one-year anniversary of "the deal".
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 29th 2005
Trade Deadline Edition

I Don’t Wanna Be A Pirate
The Red Sox' sudden need for an outfielder brings Lawton very much on their radar screen. Matt Lawton may be the best outfielder presently on the market; he has 28 doubles, 10 homers, 16 stolen bases and is batting .275; he is a patient hitter who works counts and gets on base.'s Jayson Stark thinks Lawton "looks like more like a Red Sox kind of lineup piece than anyone else available."

When Egypt Was In Cameron's Land...Take My Cameron...Home
The Mets have contacted the Red Sox since Manny Ramirez requested a trade, and reportedly have discussed possible deals that would include various mixes of Mike Cameron, Cliff Floyd, and Kris Benson.
"They're letting it be known that he's now a name that they'll talk about," one National League GM told the New York Post. If the Mets trade Cameron, the Post reported, they would be looking for a hitter in return, so the Sox are definitely a fit.

The Legend Of Billy The Kid
The Boston Globe reported Thursday that talks were "stalled" on a potential deal that would send Bill Mueller to the Twins for Romero, according to a source close to the negotiations. The Twins play the Red Sox at Fenway this weekend, so the possibility exists that Mueller and Romero would just swap clubhouses. However, it appears Red Sox players are trying to lobby for Mueller to stay with the Sox; Trot Nixon has openly lobbied to keep Billy. The Globe report continued: "Various permutations of that deal have been discussed, including a wider scenario in which Kevin Millar would also be dealt to the punchless Twins, with pitcher Kyle Lohse coming to Boston. But the Twins supposedly refused to include Lohse in the deal. Another starting pitcher, Joe Mays, also has been proposed. The deal may go down to Sunday's deadline." Earlier this week, Stark Stark reported there is "zero" chance the Twins would deal Romero (who is under contract for two more years after 2005) for Mueller (a free agent after this season). Stark thinks the teams would have to expand the deal to make it work

Cruzin'...On a Sunday Afternoon?
The D-Backs designated Cruz for assignment on Wednesday, which means they have 10 days to either release or trade him. Cruz is a possibility because he was designated for assignment yesterday. He hit just .213 in 64 games with Arizona but compiled a .347 on-base percentage and hit 12 home runs while knocking in 28." He is another patient hitter who could replace the injured Trot Nixon for short money.

Oh To Be Young Again's Jayson Stark reported Monday that the Red Sox are believed to have interest in Young, who has hit just .212 since June 1. Stark also reported that Young is close to vesting an $8 million option for next year. The Boston interest has one stipulation, Stark reported: That Detroit pays for part of Young's salary or takes a big contract in return. Young is a lifetime .308 hitter at Fenway Park. He is a switch hitter who can play the outfield corners, but would probably settle in at first base for the Red Sox.

It Could Be A Short Miller Time
The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reported that the Red Sox have offered pitcher Wade Miller and prospects to the Marlins for A.J. Burnett, preferring to keep Rockstar Arroyo. The two major reasons cited by the report for the Sox' preference are Arroyo's affordability (he is making $1.85 million this season) and success against the Yankees. Miller, who had great success in the National League, has struggled in Boston this season.

Every Day I Write The Book
Eddie is willing to pitch for the Red Sox."If it's a good deal for both teams, he would waive his no-trade clause for Boston," Guardado's agent, Kevin Kohler, told the Herald.

N.E. Patriots: Mr. Dependable tough act to follow - N.E. Patriots: Mr. Dependable tough act to follow:
"What Johnson did possess was the ability to make the most of his talents. That's why he leaves a significant legacy as he heads for retirement. He finishes his career ranked among the best inside linebackers to have played for the Patriots.

He was hardly injury-free but he always managed to come back from the torn pectoral muscles and twisted knees and concussions to play another year and control the middle of the field, particularly on running plays.

Not this time, however. Taking on 300-pound linemen and full-speed running backs for the last decade have taken their toll. As Johnson said yesterday, he can ``no longer ignore the short- and long-term complications of "

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central
July 29th, 2005
Red Sox Lineup Could Include Benson and Damon

Anna and Michelle, that is...
She was outrageous on Howard Stern; she is even more embarrassing to her husband in this interview.
Anyone else hear the Mets offer of Mike Cameron and Chris Benson for Manny Ramirez?
Sounds like a steal for the Sox, as we get Anna too. Just imagine the cat fight between Michelle Damon and Anna Benson...
Not sure about Mike Cameron's marital status, but he sure cooks a mean bird...When he was a Seattle Mariner, Mike Cameron's chicken was a famous recipe that could be downloaded from the Mariner's website.
Warning: some contents of the interview may be offensive, or funny, depending on your point of view.
Kids, if your parents, or wives, won't let you read FHM, then you shouldn't be clicking on this link.

Nomah's Back

Nomah Plays In Peoria

Nomar Garciapeoria

Garciaparra pleased with first rehab start
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 29th 2005

This from Joel Sherman of the New York Post:

"The Red Sox will listen to offers for discontented Manny Ramirez, but do not believe they can be satisfied enough to move him. Boston officials are telling clubs this is not like after the 2003 season when Ramirez was put on waivers and anybody could have had him simply by picking up his contract. That was done, to a large extent, to create the salary space to take on Alex Rodriguez.

With a bad trade market now and a horrid free-agent class upcoming, the Red Sox do not see which players they can spend the money on to make dealing Ramirez worthwhile. Mets GM Omar Minaya long has been fascinated by the idea of obtaining Ramirez, but he has not spoken to Red Sox officials since the winter meetings about the outfielder." Minaya Loves Manny

Matt Clement is expected to miss 1 start, according to a Sox official.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 28th 2005
Manny Being An Idiot
"...the short answer to the question is yes he did (ask for a trade). We certainly have some perspective on it. It has happened annually,and our general response was 'it's that time of year' and we'll explore it as we explore other trades."

Tin Manny's Day Off
"He postponed it from the promised possibility of last weekend ‘till yesterday and his point of view was ‘listen I was tired and I was not going to help this team being out there in this mental and physical condition.’ I don’t know if that’s the case, and I don’t mean to be an apologist for Manny. I just think that you guys have got to consider all the possibilities."

The Teammates
“I obviously don’t know. The teams been on the road. I haven’t been in the clubhouse nor have I heard anything that suggests that. My guess is that there would be some reaction to it on the part of his teammates because there are some guys who take that the obligation of constant effort quite seriously and so I suspect there will be some."

Games People Play
“It’s hard to know if the events of the last couple of days are the result of sort of psychological and physical needs for a sustained period of rest or it’s some calculation or some move to encourage us to trade him,”
-Larry Lucchino on ME-NNY Ramirez 7/28/05

Manny was going to have a day off in Chicago the other day, we talked him out of it, at the time I said 'to me Wednesday would be a better day.' And then after last night's game we did go to him and say 'Hey look, we're in a little bit of a bind now' and he goes 'I still need it.' So we're gonna sit Manny so he'll have tonight and tomorrow..." -Red Sox "Play-Pal" Terry Francona 7/27/05
The Heart Of The Lion And The Tin Manny

Manny simply doesn't contain one ounce of Ted Johnson's head, heart, and soul.

The Irony:
TEAM TED Is Forced To Tearfully Retire After Too Many Pay Cuts And Too Many Hits While A Perfectly Healthy ME-NNY Sits In His Team's Time Of Need And Collects $20 Million...
You don't deserve a break today McME-NNY...Good thing you can hit, because even Foulkey couldn't get you a job at Burger King...Those hard working folks show up to work everyday.

Ted Johnson Hub
Ted played his entire career with the Patriots and retires after 10 seasons at the age of 32. He was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 1995 NFL Draft out of Colorado, the 57th overall player selected. The 6-foot-4, 253-pound linebacker started 106 of 125 regular season games from 1995 through 2004 and was credited with 865 career tackles and 11 sacks.
Ted restructured his contract and switched roles SIX times for the good of the team, taking paycuts and at times accepting a reduced, but no less important role. In Patriot terms, he can be compared to Patriot Hall of Fame inductee Steve Nelson. Thanks again Ted.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Red Sox Hub Daily Digest July 27th 2005

Say Hey??
``When was this, when he was pissing in the scoreboard?''
–Sox dugout “Guy-Pal” Terry Francona on Manny’s latest trade demand

Close Shave:
Great News: Red Sox pitcher Matt Clement is doing fine after getting hit by a line drive while pitching last night versus the Devil Dogs…And he has his chin beard to thank.

Upon further review, the screaming line drive off the bat of Carl Crawford caught part of the Amish biker beard, slowing the ball significantly before crashing into skull bone behind his right ear. The fashion disaster may have saved him from major damage.

David Wells is obviously in no danger of injury from a liner, as he has both a thick chin beard and a fat head, especially in the gum area, to protect him. At most, he is probably at risk of swallowing a liner, since he just can't seem to keep his big mouth shut.

-Red Sox Hub
Chicken Man Tribute-Wade Boggs In The Hall

Remember when:
Our Hall of Famer made a guest appearance on 'Cheers'. The Cheers gang, thinking that Wade was an imposter, chased him out of the bar. Carla, returning to Cheers with Wade's pants as a trophy, finally looked in his wallet and exclaimed: "We just pantsed THEEE WADE BOGGS???!!???" Wade will always, first and foremost, be a Red Sox...

BAR WARS: March 31, 1988 Teaser: Carla discusses her and Eddie's movie plans. It's war when the gang at Cheers takes on the crowd from Gary's Olde Towne Tavern. The pranks get more and more outrageous until Gary concedes defeat and tells the gang that, as a gesture of friendship, he's sending over his close personal friend Wade Boggs for an autograph session. The gang suspects yet another trick, and when Wade shows up, they chase him out of the bar.

-Red Sox Hub
Garciaparra pushes first rehab start back a day
Wants to test himself in back to back games.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 27th 2005

And Twins:
It's quiet....i think the twins will entertain other offers for romero, but they still need a bat. The Boone experiment has been a bust, and my pal Joe Christensen in Minny reports that the Twins and Rangers have talked about Soriano. I think the Sox are hopeful that the Twins decide Mueller is the best guy they can get at third and make the deal.

What's The Name Of The Game...

Try this again....Unless Sox reverse field completely, I don't see them getting in on soriano. The focus is pitching.

Embree...Whatch'you Wanna Do?
No, he won't be traded because his contract calls for him to get an extra $1 million if he's traded. There will be a bunch of teams interestred in signing him, including both New York teams. His preference is to go to the West Coast. The Padres and D-Backs are good possiblities, and even the Dodgers could be a fit.
(Gordon Edes Chat 7/26)
Clement Will Cowboy Up
Great News: CAT Scan negative; Matt in fine spirits and doing well.

Get Well Soon Matt...You Are In Our Thoughts And Prayers.

Starring Manny Ramirez As Izzy
Manny's "Gotta Take A Piss" During The Pennant Race

If his heart isn't in it, Manny should just walk away from the money.
The Party's Over
It will be interesting to see if the fans continue to laugh off "Manny being Manny" now that he has asked out of Boston during the pennant race. At this point, the lynching usually begins in New England.
Star players simply don't leave the Red Sox on good terms:
Whether you are the winningest pitcher in Sox history with 3 Cy Young Awards as a Red Sox, a throwback superstar shortstop once a lock for the Hall of Fame, or a Cy Young winner and best pitcher in the game for seven seasons in Boston...IT ALWAYS ENDS BADLY IN BOSTON...A dizzy World Series M.V.P. is unlikely to be spared.

MANNY: Time To Take Another Piss

Manny Ramirez wants out of Boston. Again. The Red Sox leftfielder has asked to be traded for at least the third time in the past four seasons. He told team officials he is unhappy in Boston, particularly with his lack of privacy off the field. The Red Sox have no intention of trading Ramirez (.277, 27 homers, 90 RBIs) -- not during the season, anyway. They could field offers in the off-season for Ramirez, who is due $57 million over the next three years.

Boston has learned to live with Ramirez's moods in order to keep his bat. He asked to be traded in spring training 2002, and again after the '03 season. However, when Boston agreed in principle to trade Ramirez to Texas as part of the ill-fated Alex Rodriguez deal, Ramirez telephoned owner John Henry late one night pleading to stay.

The Sox also inquired about Jays reliever Justin Speier.

-Verducci(SI Exclusive)


Planet Manny almost gets a pass because unlike guys like Whiner Jay Payton, he has requested a trade behind closed doors.

I say almost, because although he apparently has requested this privately, it is still likely a distraction to his teammates during the season. I have no problem with a guy asking for a trade behind closed doors during the offseason, but asking in July puts his team and his general manager at a competitive disadvantage.

His act has grown tired, and I am not so sure that, under similar circumstances, guys such as Clemens, Vaughn, or Nomar would be getting a free pass from the fans and media..."Just Manny being Manny" doesn't cut it. It never really did. Hall of Fame hitter; One of the worst fundamental ballplayers ever.

Apparently, Manny has been pointing towards the door lately.
-Red Sox Hub

Monday, July 25, 2005


It Was About Mo Money
July 25, 2005 -- BASEBALL bad boy Mo Vaughn is accused of using hardball tactics with his former business partner, nightlife nabob Rickey Mercado. An insider tells us that when Mercado ran into Vaughn in the VIP room of Crobar a few weeks ago, two men with the burly former Mets slugger "sucker-punched" Mercado in the head and "pretty much beat the [bleep] out of him."
-N.Y. Post Page 6

Well, Mo had talked about a comeback, but it looks like he is finally finished. Apparently, the Hit Dog now needs a pinch hitter. Mo to come.
-Red Sox Hub
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 26, 2005

About Schmidt II
San Francisco Giants scouts have been heavily following Pawtucket and Portland. Jason Schmidt may again be an option for the Red Sox. A rotation of Schilling and Schmidt up front would rival last year's 1-2 punch of Schilling and Petey.

And I Need You Today, Oh Manny
Pawtucket reliever and West Roxbury native Manny Delcarmen will likely be recalled during the Tampa Bay series. He has struggled with command at times, but the organization feels that he is the closest to big league ready of the top prospects. John Halama or Jeremi Gonzalez will likely be bumped.

(Compiled from multiple print, broadcast, and internet media sources).

-Red Sox Hub
Baby Got ComeBack
"I'm going to play again,'' [Shawn] Kemp says, speaking in depth publicly for the first time since he retired two years ago after a 14-year NBA career. "And if I'm going to play again, there's only one way to do it. The right way. On my own.'' Kemp says this isn't about the money. It's about the way his legacy has been defined. You look at him and see a troublemaker, a baby factory, a talent unfulfilled.--Seattle Times

The Celtics have a big reason to sign this guy: Ticket sales. A guy with 12 families should be able to fill the arena even on those nights against the Clippers. Reportedly, Kemp has 8 kids with seven different women.
Shawn Kemp Lowlights

-Celtics Hub

Sunday, July 24, 2005

(Too Easy Like Sunday Morning)

First-round draft pick Craig Hansen signed a four-year, $4 million major league deal with the Red Sox yesterday....The Sox are expected to make the deal official today. When asked if Hansen will make his major league debut this season, a club official said ``probably not - no.''

Pictures of the Hansen signing his Red Sox deal (alongside his brother) are posted on the internet as "proof". The Hub senses something is amiss...
-Red Sox Hub
"I just don't think I am going to (get traded). I don't think there's anyone out there who makes the rotation better, so why trade one of the guys who has been healthy all year. I'm not really worried about it. I'm not thinking about it. I like playing here. I think we have what we need right here (to win)," -Bronson Arroyo 7/23
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 24, 2005

I'm Roberto Hernandez
The Red Sox have interest in ex-closer Roberto Hernandez. A 40-year-old pitcher with a 1.73 ERA in 41 2/3 innings this season, Hernandez could help bolster a woefully inconsistent Sox pen. The Mets will not deal Hernandez unless they fall out of the National League wild-card hunt; they're currently five games back in that race. - The Providence Journal

Theo is a Wise Guy
The Red Sox are interested in acquiring Brewers reliever Mike Wise. Wise, a right hander with a 2.83 ERA, has put up stellar numbers this season. Lefties are batting only .136 against him, while righties are faring only slightly better at .163. The Globe report said that the Brewers were willing to part with reliever Ricky Bottalico, but not Wise. -The Boston Globe

The Handsome One Returns
Sox take a look at old friend El GuapoThe Boston Herald reported that former Red Sox pitcher Rich Garces recently auditioned for Sox scouts in Fort Myers, where he is working out. Garces pitched well this winter, posting a 2.08 ERA in the Venezualan winter league. Although a Sox official gave the 34-year-old Garces a "1-in-10,000" chance of rejoining the team, Garces reportedly was throwing the ball well. Garces, who spent seven seasons in Boston and has a career ERA of 3.74, hasn't pitched in the majors since 2002.

I too have a Rich Garces shirt, which I only take out for special occasions, like a trip to the drive thru. Super Size me, El Guapo. -The Hub

Patient Theo Could Still Land Burnett Without Getting Saddled With Bad Contracts.
A three-way deal with the Orioles and Texas Rangers, which would have sent Burnett to Baltimore, was "killed" by the Orioles this weekend, a baseball man familiar with the deal told's Jayson Stark. So the Marlins are believed to have broken off talks with Baltimore, at least for now, and are back to focusing on offers from the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox.

Now the Marlins have to try to find a taker for Lowell and Burnett or return to the possibilities with the White Sox and Red Sox.The White Sox figure to head the list of other deals, with prospect Brandon McCarthy the main part of the package along with starter Jose Contreras. The Red Sox's offer would include Double-A pitching prospect Anibel Sanchez and right-handed pitcher Bronson Arroyo.(ESPN)

Say Hey???
In a crazy brain fart moment on WEEI, Larry Lucchino threw out the theory that Mike Lowell's decline could be related to the new M.L.B. testing program (roids); If that is not just a bargaining ploy and is really the concensus of the Sox braintrust, then it is unlikely that the Sox would take the risk of acquiring the once dominant third baseman. Maybe Lucchino just wandered off on his own once again, and Theo knows a more likely cause of the right handed slugger's problems. If Lowell can be salvaged by a change of scenery, then the deal would be a steal. The Sox have record revenues and some payroll flexibility for next season (Damon, Millar, Mueller, Bellhorn, Embree etc. all come off the books), so they could easily fit Mike Lowell into their salary structure. "There's a lot to like about Lowell."
-Red Sox Hub

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Red Sox Hub Quotes Of The Week

What about it, Manny? What were you doing inside the green monster in the middle of the Joey Gathright at bat??
''I pissed in a cup."-Manny Ramirez on the latest example of "Manny being Manny."
Red Sox Trade Hub-Deadline Deals Recalled: Nomah, Roberts:
"'We had been talking to the Cubs about a Nomar deal, different variations of a Nomar deal,' Theo Epstein, the Red Sox general manager, recalled. 'We never really got close on anything heading to the 30th. We told the Cubs we'd be more inclined to do the deal if they could deliver not just Cabrera but also Mientkiewicz. We felt we needed to improve our infield defense.'

Epstein said he and Jim Hendry, the Cubs' general manager, also talked about the possibility of swapping pitchers, Derek Lowe for Matt Clement. 'But we decided to keep Lowe, feeling he would benefit from our improved infield defense,' he said.Before any deal could be made, the Cubs had to match up with the Expos on a trade for Cabrera and with the Twins for a deal for Mientkiewicz. 'The biggest hurdle was to get Omar to give up Cabrera,' Epstein said, referring to Omar Minaya, who was the Expos' general manager. 'They didn't really have a fit.'To get everything done, Epstein said, the Red Sox had to give the Cubs a minor league outfielder, Matt Murton, so the Cubs would give a minor league infielder, Brendan Harris, to the Expos so they would put Cabrera in the trade. 'It went down to the last seconds,' Epstein said. So did the Boston deal with the Dodgers for center fielder Roberts.

'We were very concerned about Trot Nixon's health,' Epstein said. 'We had Gabe Kapler to play right, but we wanted a left-hand hitter to platoon. We had a list of about 10 guys, some in the minors.'Paul DePodesta, the Dodgers' general manager, called Epstein and said he was making a deal for center fielder Steve Finley, freeing the Dodgers to trade Roberts. 'He gave us a list of eight players,' Epstein said. 'We made the deal five minutes before the deadline."(Chass, NYT)
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 23, 2005
Patient Theo Could Still Land Burnett Without Getting Saddled With Bad Contracts.
A three-way deal with the Orioles and Texas Rangers, which would have sent Burnett to Baltimore, was "killed" by the Orioles this weekend, a baseball man familiar with the deal told's Jayson Stark. So the Marlins are believed to have broken off talks with Baltimore, at least for now, and are back to focusing on offers from the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox.

Now the Marlins have to try to find a taker for Lowell and Burnett or return to the possibilities with the White Sox and Red Sox.The White Sox figure to head the list of other deals, with prospect Brandon McCarthy the main part of the package along with starter Jose Contreras. The Red Sox's offer would include Double-A pitching prospect Anibel Sanchez and right-handed pitcher Bronson Arroyo.(ESPN)

You Said What???
In a crazy brain fart moment on WEEI, Larry Lucchino threw out the theory that Mike Lowell's decline could be related to the new M.L.B. testing program (roids); If that is not just a bargaining ploy and is really the concensus of the Sox braintrust, then it is unlikely that the Sox would take the risk of acquiring the once dominant third baseman. Maybe Lucchino just wandered off on his own once again, and Theo knows a more likely cause of the right handed slugger's problems. If Lowell can be salvaged by a change of scenery, then the deal would be a steal. The Sox have record revenues and some payroll flexibility for next season (Damon, Millar, Mueller, Bellhorn, Embree etc. all come off the books), so they could easily fit Mike Lowell into their salary structure. "There's a lot to like about Lowell."
-Red Sox Hub

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Selling of a Red Sox Nation

The team's newfound media savvy, of course, was not just some instant bi-product of sudden personality changes. The Red Sox, and their main cable outlet NESN, are partially owned, ironically enough, by the New York Times Company, which also wholly owns the Boston Globe. Hence, the major media outlets for the Boston Red Sox are connected, financially, to the team itself. Thanks to this all-too-common example of media conglomeration, the Red Sox management essentially had a say in which version of the Red Sox story got told in the public, even right down to the supposedly independent voices on the internet.

One of the most popular websites about the Red Sox, John Silva's Boston Dirt Dogs, was incorporated into the Boston Globe website, and it is no coincidence that Silva was more than willing to spread rumors and cast aspersions of the very same players that the Red Sox had no intention of re-signing (such as Nomar Garciaparra and Derek Lowe). The image of the happy-go-lucky Red Sox was as much of a marketing gimmick perpetuated by both the management (to sell tickets) and the media markets (to sell papers, or gain more viewers). Luckily, this line-up was a group of grown men, fully aware that they were essentially playing a children's game, who were able to remain calm despite the machinations and the hateful intensity of the notorious Boston sports media....

Hi, Ho, John Silva...I hope this John guy does a better job with the site than Steve Dirt Bag...

-Red Sox Hub
Nomah Will Be Back Playing This Weekend:
Nomar Garciaparra soon will be taking a major step in his attempt to return from a torn groin by the end of July.

'He is coming along well, and we are hopeful that, maybe by the weekend, he might play in some games in Mesa (Ariz.) with the Rookie League guys,' general manager Jim Hendry said. 'Then we will kind of evaluate and go from there."

-Red Sox Hub Old Sox Update

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Red Sox Business News: Sox Will Copy Cubs Goldmine Blueprint And To Add Cheap Rooftop Bleachers:
"Red Sox executives are exploring yet another seating addition to antique Fenway Park - hundreds of lower-cost seats atop the adjacent Laundry Building behind the bleachers. "

This group has the best business acumen of any ownership to ever grace this town. Another brilliant business move by Lucchino and Co.
-Red Sox Hub

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 21, 2005
Teams keep calling on Wagner, even as the Phillies keep creeping closer to the wild-card lead. And the Phillies keep saying no to just about everything. But two clubs report the Phillies have told both the Red Sox and White Sox that if they can pull off a trade for Burnett, a three-way deal that would spin Wagner for Burnett is not out of the question. But other than that, one team that spoke with the Phillies says the only way they would move Wagner is for "something extreme." And in this market, it's almost impossible to envision any other package that would meet that definition. (Stark/ESPN)
Check Out The Big Brain On Bruschi

Bruschi Uses His Smarts One More Time.
ESPN'S Sal Palantonio reports that Bruschi has not been medically cleared to practice.
Once again, the heart and soul of the Patriots defense uses his head...his priorities are in order; His kids need him to be around a long time. Still, don't count him out for 2006. Thanks for everything Tedy.
-Patriots Hub

Hey...Tony...Hyzdu Doin'...

Woke Up Dismornin' yourself a second basemen...

Blaine Neal deal comes full circle as Adam Hyzdu returns to get ring #2 with the BoSox... >Hey...Tony...Hyzdu Doin'!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Now Batting For The Red Sox...
2ND Baseman...Hanley Ramirez

Here I am...Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Dl'D Keith Bellfoulke may play Wally Pip to Hanley's Iron Horse.

Bellhorn Has A Foulked Up Thumb:
Regardless of whether this injury was an "easy out" (pun intended) or actually bad enough to take a fictionally hot Bellhorn out of the lineup, Olerud needs to get the AB over Cora.

Hanley "Bam Bam" Ramirez May Be Closer Than You Think:
"Beyond Pedroia, however, there were other moves being made. A last-minute lineup change took place at Double A Portland Saturday, with Hanley Ramirez, the organization's most prized position player, switched at the last minute from shortstop to second base. Ramirez was scheduled to play second base again yesterday for the Sea Dogs."
The Story Of Alex II and Tito
Tito outmanaged tonight...likely costs Red Sox the game.

"Alex the Great conquers again!"
-John Sterling's call on the A.Rod blast that put this game away by making it 5-1.

(Paraphrased)"Not sure if you caught it...Manny failed to run out a pop up...These incidents are part of the package with Manny." -Don Orsillo to Michael Holley on WEEI

Down 4-1, and with a thin bench due to a bullpen stocked for facing the Yankees, Tito inexplicably pulls Bellhorn for Cora defensively. Until this point, Tito has stuck with Bellhorn in many obvious pinchhitting situations; for some reason, he picks tonight to make a statement about Bellhorn's poor hitting.

Ninth inning:
5-3 Yankees. Cora comes up with no outs and two men on. Tito leaves Olerud on the bench and lets Cora face Fruit Bat Rivera. Result: Cora grounds into a double play, and the Olde Towne Team is finished.

The Cora for Bellhorn swap in and of itself isn't so bad, even with a thin bench, as long as Francona feels confident enough to use Millar at third and Mueller at second if the Sox tied or went ahead in the ninth.

By not showing faith in this move, Tito simply showed that he didn't think far enough ahead in this ballgame. Cora has been in the N.L. for his entire career until this season, so there is no large sample size of statistics that point to Cora over Olerud in this situation. Terry's blunder cost the Red Sox any chance of winning this game.

-Red Sox Hub

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Point To Tito For Tonight's Loss

It's Easy To Point The Finger At Tito Tonight...
Red Sox Hub-The Brightside:
Johnny Rockstar extends his hit streak to 29 games...Manny hits another to planet Man-Ram...Wake pitches well in the loss and saves the pen for tomorrow...Millar makes a heads up hook slide between 1st and 2nd to take down Cano and break up a potential double play; He really picked it at first tonight as well.

Mothers, Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Lefties

Coming to you direct from the scrap heap:
From Leiter Fluid to Leits Out For Al and Tito tonight.

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 17th 2005
Wagner Would Fit Perfectly In Red Sox:
"The rumor mill has the Boston Red Sox being hot for Wagner because the defending world champs no longer can count on closer Keith Foulke, who was having a poor season before going on the disabled list last week. "
-Red Sox Hub
Deal Is Dunn: "Bowden relieved to have finalized deal with Red Sox"

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 16th 2005

Blue Jays Are Now Playahz In The A.L. East:Jays got money to spend. Red Sox Scout Toronto/Tampa Bay Games This Weekend:
"Scouts from the Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals, New York Mets, Anaheim Angels and Milwaukee Brewers were also in attendance. The visiting Devil Rays will likely move reliever Danyz Baez and outfielder Aubrey Huff before the trade deadline. "

"What about the Boston Red Sox? They have unlimited resources."
-Toronto G.M. J.P. Ricciardi, when Told of how the Jays are perceived as having cash to spend with 15 days remaining until the non-waiver trade deadline.

-Red Sox Hub
A.J.: Please Come To Boston For The Pennant Race: "One baseball source said Burnett has pitched his last game as a Marlin and that Baltimore may be the favorite to land the 6-foot-4, 230-pound right-hander by the end of the weekend."
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 16th 2005
ESPN radio and internet sources are saying that a 3-way deal between Boston,Florida, and San Diego is near completion:

Bronson Aroyo and Kelly Shoppach to the San Diego Padres, Abe Alverez to the Marlins, Jeff Burroughs to the Marlins, and A.J. Burnett and another player coming to Boston. The other player is possibly Marlins 3b Mike Lowell, who would likely play 1b for the rest of this season in Boston, then move to 3b next season. Billy The Kid Mueller could also play some 2b, allowing the Red Sox to use Bellhorn in a utility role and keep Millar/Olerud in the lineup.

-Red Sox Hub
More Leiter Fluid For Red Sox Hitters
Al will start for Gotham on Sunday versus Tim Wakefield.

Leiter, 39, was designated for assignment by the Marlins on Thursday. The team had 10 days to release or trade the left-hander, who was 3-7, 6.64 ERA this year as a starter and reliever. Location, not velocity, has been the problem for the veteran lefty. He could turn it around for the Yankees, although location issues can also be a sign of age related decline.

-Yankee Hater Hub
Bronson's Brushback
It just so happened Matt (Clement) made the All-Star team, and I had to pitch Day 1 back. But, what are you going to do? Just suck it up and pitch...I stayed up until the sun came up playing the guitar the day before I pitched Game 6 of the ALCS. So, what's the difference?''
-Bronson Arroyo on Rock Gate

Curt Schilling [stats, news], who appeared Wednesday night at the ESPYs in Los Angeles with Sox president Larry Lucchino, took a red-eye back to Boston and didn't arrive until Thursday morning. Arroyo, however, has been hearing the brunt of the criticism. (Herald)

-Arroyo is right, to a point. The difference here is that Schilling's event was part of his duty as a Red Sox, while Bronson's is nothing more than extracurricular activity. The ESPY travel is Lucchino's fault more than it is Schill's. Perception is reality; save it for the offseason, or at least avoid the night before a start against the New York Yankees. Bad call Bronson.
-Red Sox Hub

Friday, July 15, 2005


Without Pedro Factor, Rivalry Lacks Charisma;
Tek says that Sox Staff Lacks Competitive Edge:

"'We still have a good clubhouse here (dismissing off-season changes and recent reports of dissension in the ranks). So many core guys are here, it makes the transition for the new guys easier, but what you can't replace is a Pedro Martinez on your pitching staff, the competitive edge he brought.
People said and assumed a lot of things about Pedro when he was here, but all I know is that I learned more about baseball from him from the pitching side than I could have from anyone else. Everything else was Pedro being Pedro, one of the many characters on this team."
-Tek on Pedro

Without Pedro Factor, Rivalry Lacks Charisma;
Tek says that Sox Staff Lacks Competitive Edge:

"'We still have a good clubhouse here (dismissing off-season changes and recent reports of dissension in the ranks). So many core guys are here, it makes the transition for the new guys easier, but what you can't replace is a Pedro Martinez on your pitching staff, the competitive edge he brought.
People said and assumed a lot of things about Pedro when he was here, but all I know is that I learned more about baseball from him from the pitching side than I could have from anyone else. Everything else was Pedro being Pedro, one of the many characters on this team."
-Tek on Pedro

Boston Massacre
Padre scrubs Redding and Mays, Colombus bound CF are heaven sent...
for Red Sox hitters.

Yanks Waive The Melky White Flag:
Yankee Centerfielder turns Nixon single into an inside the park 3-run homer.
Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio...(or at least Jerry Mumphrey)?:
Yankees need a defensive centerfielder immediately
Deja Vu All Over Again:
17-1 matches Sox victory vs. Yankees on 5/28

Kapler Update:

Gabe working out with Sox minor leaguers in Florida.

Gabe in 2004:

136 games

AB's 290

Average .272

14 doubles

6 home runs

33 RBIs

.317 vs. LHP

Red Sox Hub: Old-Sox
Nomie Da Lifetime Cubbie?
Word on the street:
The contract for Nomar Garciaparra expires after this season, but the injured Cubs shortstop apparently is confident he will remain with the team. The California native and his wife--retired soccer star Mia Hamm, who was born in Selma, Ala.--are having a luxurious home built in the North Chicago suburb of Winnetka, sources say. . .
Boston Celtics Hub: Pierce, Ainge miss out on powwow:
" The captain had requested a sit-down, and Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers were eager to accommodate. But Pierce put off a planned talk last Friday because he was participating in a charity event. Then Ainge didn't hear back after leaving a message for Pierce. "

The Celtics have developed and printed 2 sets of promotional campaigns; One with Pierce and one built around the kids. Paul is available for the right price, and now they didn't meet up. Ainge knows that the team will take a huge step back without Pierce, and the ownership needs to sell tickets. A blockbuster involving another star player could happen, but since Ainge already turned down a trade for Ray Allen, the asking price is likely too high for other team's tastes. As of now, it still appears likely that the captain will be in a C's uniform in 2005.

-Celtics Hub

Red Sox Hub: Sox-Yanks Stats July 15th 2005

Yankees - Rodriguez, .319 avg., 24 HRs and 74 RBIs; Derek Jeter, 69 runs; Tony Womack, 20 SBs.
Red Sox - Damon, .341 avg., 66 runs and 10 SBs; Ramirez and Ortiz, 22 HRs; Ramirez, 80 RBIs.
Tied, 5-5.

Yankees - Torre said Brown (back) could be back next week, Pavano (shoulder) is a couple of weeks away and Wright (shoulder) might be ready to pitch in the majors next month. ... 3B Rodriguez is a career .355 hitter (22-for-62) with seven homers and 17 RBIs against LHP Wells. ... 1B Jason Giambi is hitting .522 (12-for-23) with six home runs and 11 RBIs during his eight-game hitting streak.
Red Sox - OF Damon is hitting .345 (41-for-119) during his 26-game hitting streak. ... RHP Matt Mantei was scheduled to see a doctor and decide whether to have surgery on a strained ligament in his left ankle. ... SS Edgar Renteria is hitting .278 (5-for-18) with no RBIs against RHP Redding.
Reliever Mike Timlin has allowed an appalling 12 of 16 inherited runners to score.
Yankees - 18-21 on the road;
Red Sox - 24-15 at home.

-Red Sox Hub
Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central July 15th 2005
Me And My Manny
Kevin Millar, the subject of trade rumors recently, reiterated his importance in the clubhouse because of his close relationship with Manny Ramirez. "He and I are as close as you can be as a teammate and friend," Millar said. "I spend more time with him on the road probably than a lot of guys, whether it be working out, whether it be eating lunch, [or] just hanging out. Do other guys take the time or effort to do that? No."
-Hartford Courant

Welcome Back
Gabe Kapler, the utility outfielder adored by his former manager and ex-Red Sox teammates for his slingshot arm, versatility, and infectious disposition, will be in Fort Myers, Fla., today to begin working out in anticipation of his second tour of duty with the Red Sox, according to an industry source. Sox GM Theo Epstein wouldn't confirm that Kapler is on the verge of rejoining the organization, perhaps because Kapler still has to clear waivers in Japan.
-Boston Globe

Come On Baby Leit My Fire
The Yankees are trying to make a deal for Al Leiter, who was designated for assignment by the Marlins. (Stark-Espn)

Wag The Dog
The Red Sox are in the running for both A.J. Burnett and Billy Wagner. They will make a deal for "the best pitcher available," whether that guy is a starter of a reliever.

-Red Sox Hub
Red Sox Hub
About Bronson -Perception Is The Reality
While in reality, Bronson's music side career in and of itself is unlikely to be much of a distraction for him or the team, launching a C.D. during the season and having to carry on the promotional schedule that this requires opens him up to unneeded criticism and thus a distraction for the team. Upon any stumble, such as what happened last night when he was rocked for 3 homers by the Yankees, the heat was certain to be turned up by the fans and the media.

Some players go out to dinner and have a few drinks before their scheduled starts; There is certainly nothing wrong with this. Each pitcher has his own way of preparing for a start. But perception is reality; Playing a show in a club the night before your daunting task of starting against the New York Yankees just doesn't make the right impression. Good thing your G.M. enjoys rocking out on occasion himself, because he certainly didn't enjoy answering the media's questions about this last night. Bronson the Red Sox Icon needs to shelve Bronson the Rocking Icon until the offseason.

Trade Rumor Central July 15th 2005

The Yankees are trying to make a deal for Al Leiter, who was designated for assignment by the Marlins.

The Red Sox are in the running for both A.J. Burnett and Billy Wagner. They will make a deal for "the best pitcher available," whether that guy is a starter of a reliever.

-Red Sox Hub
Bronson Bombs On The Big Stage
Prepares for his start by promoting his C.D. day and night...
Gets rocked by Giambino and the Yankees...

Bronson at 11 p.m. on Wednesday night, promoting his new C.D.. Is this really the best way to prepare for a start versus the New York Yankees?
Bronson's Summer Tour 2005 could wind up in Florida.

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central
Bron-sun And Fun In Miami??

Sox senior advisor and veteran scout Bill Lajoie in Philly to watch A.J. Burnett pitch last night for the Marlins;
Rock Star Arroyo could be dealt to Florida in a deal for A.J. Burnett. Sox would have a 72 hour negotiating window to get a longterm deal done with the righthander.
-Red Sox Hub
No Glove No Love
It worked last year, so:
Sox need to make defensive adjustments.

Millar and his lead glove blow the lead in the 6th...Great stab by Mueller; Olerud would have had it.

Head Turner:
A.Rod Hits Game Winner in July

A.Rod's Bomb turned heads faster than DeLeon Sheff in a "home movie."
The role of "next year" will now be played by the New York Yankees:
Curse of the A.Fraud not made for July; New Karma Sox save it for September and October.
A.Rod and the rest of the overpaid Empire give N.Y. fans false hope.


Schilling looked like Sheffield's Wife in an R. Kelly video tonight...
A little nervous around "A.Rod", but settled down after awhile...Too little, too late...The damage was done.

Yankee Hater Hub Flashback- I Like Stories:Yanks star swats sex-tortion bid: "

Yankees slugger Gary Sheffield and wife, DeLeon, who is a gospel star, allegedly were target of extortion plot claiming she's in a sex video with R. Kelly.

Yankees slugger Gary Sheffield revealed yesterday he was the victim of a shakedown artist who threatened to release X-rated video of his gospel-singer wife and a professional musician."

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Belichick confirms separation from wife: "In a statement to, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick confirmed Wednesday night that he and his wife, Debby, are separated."
7th Inning Stretch:
Red Sox 5, Yankees 5...The Chad Versus A.Fraud in the 7th??

The Chad is hanging in the Red Sox bullpen

(o.k., got me, this photo is from roadtrip but you get the point)

is in the pen tonight versus the Yankees.

Bradford had a crack in his back and hasn't pitched in the big leagues this year..this will be very interesting...


-Red Sox Hub


Knuckledragging middle man baffles hitters with his unusual release point.

Ugly Kid Joe: Kerrigan going to work for Yankees, under GM Cashman:
Joe Kerrigan is back in the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, joining the Evil Empire this week. He is now in pole position to replace the retiring Mel Stottlemyre as pitching coach for the Spankmees in 2006.
"GF: Would you like to be back in the dugout next year somewhere?
JK: I'd like to be back on the field as a bench coach or pitching coach, or as an advance scout, breaking down teams. I love doing "

-Yankee Hater Hub

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Unannounced" Trade Is Official-
Boston gets sideariming RHP Bradford for OF Payton
Bradford is a Moneyball freak, who throws sidearm, had great ratios in the minors, and has a B.K. Kim-like delivery. He failed in a limited audition as A's closer following Foulke's departure, but should help bridge the gap to Timlin.
-Red Sox Hub

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Red Sox Hub Flashback: Millar gives Manny a makeover:

Manny's Baby Sitter Gets Ready For Saturday Night

"To a man, the players in the Red Sox clubhouse credit an unlikely source with inspiring Ramirez's transformation from introverted to gregarious.

He's a scrappy outfielder from Beaumont, Texas, who shares next to nothing culturally with Ramirez, but nonetheless has connected with him in a way previously reserved for countrymen like David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez and Carlos Baerga."

Manny should be okay without Cowboy up, now that Papi and Edgah are his boys, but the Red Sox would be best served by convincing Millar to stay and get AB's against lefties at 1B and as the 4th outfielder.
-Red Sox Hub

Celtics Hub Trade Rumor Central
New York KnickerWalker??
Isiah "A.D.D." Thomas is hot and heavy for 'Toine. Agent Mark Bartlestein has told the Knicks the only way of getting Walker is through a sign-and-trade scenario with the Celtics; 'Toine won't sign for the $5.1 million mid-level exception.
-- New York Post

Going, Going, 'Toine
Danny Ainge said yesterday that he's heard of many 'Toine rumors through the media and Internet. There have been reports of trade talk between the Celtics and Sacramento, Houston and now New York. He finds these stories laughable. 'I've had no conversations...I have not had one conversation with anybody about Antoine. Not one.'
-- Boston Herald

Don't You Remember You Told Me You Loved Me Baby

The Red Sox Let New England Native Chris Carpenter Get Away
Chris showed interest in the Red Sox, but the Sox passed and he signed with the Cardinals...The rest is New England All-Star history.
(Hub pop culture reference: 1995:Chris Farley and David Spade were brought to tears while singing the romantic Carpenter's classic titled above...while making sales calls in "Tommy Boy.")

New England Sports Stars-Cardinals All-Star Starting Pitcher Chris Carpenter :All-Star Starter Chris Carpenter is former high school star in Manchester

"Carpenter, who now lives in Bedford with wife Alyson and son Sam, lived in Raymond during his high school days.
Carpenter has a 13-4 record with the St. Louis Cardinals, who are leading their division.

Getting to the All-Star game in Detroit wasn't easy. Carpenter went 15-5 and earned Comeback Player of the Year honors in 2004 after losing large chunks of the 2002 and 2003 seasons to two shoulder surgeries. He missed the end of last season, including the World Series against the Red Sox, with nerve problems in his upper arm."

Monday, July 11, 2005

Groinciaparra Gallops 1ST To 3RD:
"Nomar update: Shortstop Nomar Garciaparra might be right about being able to return by the end of July or early August.
Garciaparra, who has been out since mid-April after having surgery on his groin, continues to work out at the Cubs' facility in Mesa, Ariz. Trainer Mark O'Neal said Garciaparra was running from first base to third base Saturday and taking groundballs.
The next step will be for Garciaparra to play in extended-spring-training games in Mesa before heading out on a minor-league rehab stint.
"It really just depends on how much time he's going to need in the minor leagues to get himself ready," O'Neal said. "We're hoping that by the third week of July, he's in games in the minor leagues somewhere."

Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central-June 12th 2005
More Details On Jay Payton's Red Sox Demise:
"Finally, outfielder Jay Payton was designated for assignment because he challenged Francona in the dugout after the manager placed Payton in the sixth spot in the batting order instead of the one hole, where Payton thought he belonged. " (Bay Area Papers)

Theo Epstein on whether giving Payton his out sets a bad precedent(paraph.):
"1:No player wants to have his luggage taken off the plane and dropped at a hotel across the street...and 2: I think that you should wait and see where he's going..."

"The Red Sox win with 25 good players...It (Payton-like, malcontent behavior) won't be tolerated." -Theo on Weei
Maybe Damon, Nomar, Pedro, D' Lowe, Millar, Sauerbeck, Payton, Mientkiewicz Have This Ownership Pegged:
Good Guy Dox, The Man Behind The Bloody Sox, And A Key Component Of Boston's First Championship In 86 Years, Was Tossed Aside Like Some Dirty Laundry
More details from the L.A. Times follows the Herald story a few months back; Wonder why the Boston Red Sox Globe Times has yet to dig into this pertinent story....

"...Morgan had a feeling. Now and then during the 2002 and 2003 seasons, he could sense that his job with the team was in jeopardy, partly because the new owners were methodically shedding all traces of the old regime. And yet each time Morgan's number seemed up, players rallied to his defense.

'All the guys fought for him to stay,' says Nomar Garciaparra, longtime star of the Sox, who was traded last year to the Chicago Cubs.

Garciaparra, whose dislocated wrist tendon was surgically repaired by Morgan four years ago, says Sox players were deeply devoted to Morgan because he was devoted to them. 'There's no ego with him,' Garciaparra says. Though Garciaparra says he 'didn't pay attention' when the Sox were in the postseason last fall, and didn't know anything about Morgan solving Schilling's ankle, he was staggered when he heard his friend had been fired. 'I couldn't believe it,' he says. 'When you have a doctor you trust like that, why would you want to let him go?'

Among current Boston players, nearly everyone is appalled at Morgan's firing, according to Kevin Millar, the team's first baseman. 'Ninety-nine percent of the players, they are pissed off,' he says. 'It was done without any player's consent, and I don't think that's fair. He was a part of us.'

No matter what team policy dictates, Millar and Tim Wakefield vow to continue seeing Morgan, as do other players. Curt Schilling, for instance, chose Morgan to operate on his bad ankle during the off-season, and still consults with Morgan about his rehab.

Schilling, who has taken the mound only a handful of times this season because of new ankle problems, says he marched up to the front office last fall as soon as he heard his doctor had been fired. But team officials, he says, were unmoved by his lobbying for Morgan. He got the impression that they had been planning for months to let Morgan go, and nothing—neither the first World Series victory since Kaisers and czars ruled Europe nor the pleas of the team's ace—could dissuade them.

"Obviously I was incredibly disappointed," Schilling says. "He was part of our family. He was as much a part of the team as any player."

Tim Wakefield, the Sox player with the longest tenure on the team, calls Morgan 'the 26th member of our club.'

Such loyalty, Millar says, speaks to a simple point: After Schilling, Morgan was the hero of the Series. 'Without Dr. Morgan I don't think we win the Series,' Millar says. 'If he doesn't do what he did, we don't have Schillingand without Schilling we don't win."


For instance, more and more of Morgan's patients these days have no insurance, and he doesn't care; he treats them anyway. He gives them "love," they give him gratitude, and he comes out ahead, he says: "They send me cards. They make me something." One Italian woman paid him in pasta. Some pay with a peck on the cheek. "They have nothing to give," he says, "but they do give you their thanks."

Colleagues call him a sucker. They urge him to turn away patients with no money, and they nag him to go into private practice rather than remain with a hospital, earning a pittance of what he could make on his own. He tells colleagues he's not in this for the money. He gets satisfaction helping people, healing people, as his mother did.

That was the spirit in which he treated ballplayers, he says, and maybe that's what got him fired. "I probably got too close to the players," he says glumly. His first loyalty was always to players, and the owners must have known..."-LA TIMES

Hub sources in the medical community tell us:
Doc Morgan is highly admired and respected by his peers for both his skills as a surgeon and with his bedside manner; he is considered one of the most best Orthopedic surgeons in the country. This good guy is taking the high road, while the ownership group gets a free pass. This situation is just not right.

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