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Monday, October 31, 2005


Meet The Dodgers

Burning Down the House:
Theo Says "No Thank You Sir I don't want another" to Lucky Lucchino...Now Boston native and Selig-Screwed-Over Frank McCourt bekons him to the Los Angeles Dodgers. If he goes, some familiar present and former Red Sox are likely to follow him to LA-LA-Land. Fenway, and its faithful, haven't been burned this much since the 1934 fires...
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Red Sox-Globe-NESN Cartel Makes Ep(stein)-IC Blunder

First, I want to thank John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino for the opportunity to serve as General Manager for the last three seasons. Their support and friendship mean a lot to me, and I wish them all well. I also owe a debt of gratitude to the players, Terry Francona, the coaching staff, the front office, the baseball operations staff, and the fans for making my Red Sox experience so meaningful.
Growing up in the shadow of Fenway Park, I never dreamed of having the chance to work for my hometown team during such an historic period.
My decision not to return as General Manager of the Red Sox is an extremely difficult one. I will always cherish the relationships I developed here and am proud to have worked side-by-side with so many great people, in and out of uniform, as together we brought a World Championship to Boston.
In my time as General Manager, I gave my entire heart and soul to the organization. During the process leading up to today's decision, I came to the conclusion that I can no longer do so. In the end, my choice is the right one not only for me but for the Red Sox.
My affection for the Red Sox did not begin four years ago when I started working here, and it does not end today. I will remain on the job for several days as we finalize preparation for next week's general managers meetings. Thereafter, I will make myself available to the organization to ensure a smooth and stable transition.
My passion for and dedication to the game of baseball remain strong. Although I have no immediate plans, I will embrace this change in my life and look forward with excitement to the future.

Ex-Red Sox G.M. Theo Epstein

Sunday, October 30, 2005


I Hear Dead People



Boston Red Sox Hub: Leak riles John "Casper" Henry
John W. Henry shaken out from behind the Red Sox curtain as his p.r. doctors Spin out of control...

How appropriate that on Halloween Eve, we hear from the ghostly white, eerily low talking Sox owner...I think I just heard something...could be the wind talking...or the Ghost Of Red Sox Present. What did he just say?

Whisper: "Waay Back"

Friday, October 28, 2005


Under My Thumb

The name of Lucchino's tired old game is

san diego magazine archives:
Padres G.M. Kevin Towers, on how Larry parted company with former GM Randy Smith over the issue of contrasting work styles: "Larry delegates very well,but he still keeps his thumb on you. "

"Mayor Susan Golding, who has negotiated toe-to-toe with Lucchino, concedes 'he does have a temper.' And that negotiations with him are difficult: 'He wants to negotiate every word and every period. I think that’s the lawyer in him.'"

“Larry Lucchino has no people skills. He’s the money man. He’ll do anything for money. It’s around the whole [Padres] clubhouse. Larry puts a damper on things. A lot of people are unhappy.” -The Late Ken Caminiti


This is the ongoing story of Lucky Lucchino And The Red Sox-Boston Globe-John Henry-New York Times-Boston Red Sox Mafia

Boston Red Sox HUB: Smear campaign stinks
"In the interest of disclosure, let us rewind for a moment. In the last few days, most recently in the Globe (which has more invested in the Red Sox than anyone but John Henry), it has been reported that Epstein rejected the Sox' latest contract offer, though the sides continue to talk and are expected to have some resolution in the next day or so. The latest proposal was for three years at $1.2 million per, which is the kind of information that comes out when real negotiations have given way to mud-slinging and damage control."

"All of that brings us back to the Red Sox, Epstein and Lucchino, the latter of whom's behavior is growing astonishingly predictable. When the Red Sox failed in the Alex Rodriguez negotiations – and thank goodness for that – Lucchino blamed the players' union. When the Red Sox traded Nomar Garciaparra, members of the Red Sox (guesses, anyone?) leaked information to make the shortstop out to be the villain. And now, in the worst transgression of all, Red Sox management is smearing one of its own in the most sacrosanct negotiation, one that should have been conducted exclusively within the gilded walls of the front office at 4 Yawkey Way."

"No matter the ownership, in the often petty and sometimes tactless history of the Red Sox, this is a new low."

"Lucky Lucchino": The Red Sox Stiff


Red Sox Circle Of Mistrust...Larry Lucchino Style:

Tony Mazz Says: Smear campaign stinks
"And so, just three short years after celebrating Theo Epstein as their shining baby boy, the Red Sox are smearing their once-favorite son. They are trying to make him look like a spoiled and ungrateful brat, which makes you wonder whether things at Fenway Park ever change at all.

Theo could be gone soon, Red Sox followers. It may be just a matter of time now. Negotiations between Epstein and club president Larry Lucchino long ago became personal, so Lucchino and friends have launched into spin control, full speed ahead. Young Theo Epstein, it seems, has been ousted from the circle of trust as if he were a hardball embodiment of the unraveling Gaylord Focker."

-Tony Mazz

Once again, lawyer Larry lets his ego get in the way of what is best for the Sox. In 3 short years in Boston, Lucchino has built up quite a list of bully blunders; Look for another disgraceful exit from the bridge burning ex-Oriole, ex-Padre spin doctor.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Monty: Chicks Dig The Longball

The Human Turnstile, seen here getting tossed like a midget and missing his assignment against Denver, absolves himself of all blame...


Put a sock in it, and you just might be a Patriot in 2006...
Asked to identify the No. 1 problem with New England's defense, Beisel -- without hesitation -- said 'stopping the long ball,' in reference to the secondary, which has given up a number of big plays through the first six weeks. Beisel also absolved the run defense of any blame.

"I don't know what (people think) the problem is with the run defense. I thought we've been playing the run pretty well,' Beisel said. 'Obviously, we gave up the long (68-yard Tatum Bell) run (against Denver), but as inside linebackers and outside linebackers, we can't stop the 70-yard pass, so someone has got to be responsible."

"Teams are going to run the ball, and they're going to continue to run the ball. Teams are going to get yards. They're getting paid to combat what we're doing, but when it gets down to a long down situation, or when they're going to throw the ball down the field, we're not making plays."
-Monty Bye-Beisel


Bill Belichick: Bye-Bye-Beisel's Radio Gig

Belichick: Monty Will Be "Hauling" Ass Out Of New England If He Doesn't Get Behind Team Door #1:
"Belichick's statement might have been a thinly-veiled response to linebacker Monty Beisel, who threw some of his teammates under the bus Monday during his weekly radio interview with WSKO-AM 790 'The Score' in Providence."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Mankins..."Sic Balls!"

Rocky Mountain Oysters:
"'It happens in the pile all the time,' Ekuban said of the kind of punch he received from Mankins. 'When you make a tackle, those offensive linemen are grabbing wherever they can grab, at your knees, ankles and what not. That's just part of the game.
'I've never had it happen on a field goal before.' "

The Patriots are struggling and decimated with injuries, so this rook punches a Bronco in the balls on a field goal lineup? I wonder what this guy scored on his wunderlink test??...
"Them bats are smart...They use radar..." -Logan
Patriots Hub


Ted Sarandis WEEI'D-The Real Story

The Bullies Beat Up The Little Guy
"What happened to Sarandis is Wolfe and afternoon drive host Glenn Ordway harassed him often, claiming he sounded tired and hoping he'd abandon his treasured gig. He reportedly had no contract, but WEEI management didn't want to be in the position of firing a long-popular regular who had many loyal followers."

Hazel's Thong Song Has Her In Hot Water

''I knew what they wanted to hear and I gave it to them . . .
I knew that what I said would get people to watch NESN"
WEEI radio over the summer with Mike Adams

''I'm wearing my WEEI thong." -HAZEL To MIKE ADAMS


Boston Globe-NESN-Boston Red Sox-New York Times Backpeddles On Hazel Mae

Mae rejects idea of image problem - The Boston Globe
Looks Like The Dictatorship Will Soon Be Banning NESN personalities form WEEI as Well...

Monday, October 17, 2005


Tedy Ballgame

After A Tough Start To The Season, The Patriots Are In Need Of A Cool Bruschi Comeback

Patriots Hub-Bub 10-15-05
It isn't for anyone besides Bruschi and his family to determine what is in their best interest, weighing the risks and benefits of each scenario. Those that make moral judgements on his apparent decision to play this year are flat out in the wrong. It is simply a personal decision with many personal factors. For a guy like Bruschi, who has overachieved relative to his god given ability by using intelligence and hard work, it must be very difficult to have all he has worked for snatched away in an instant. If he is able to play with a risk level that he and his family can live with, that is better than watching the man fade away knowing that he could still be on the field pursuing his dream. Many of us make a decision to take physical risk in our daily lives; Football players knowingly take years off their lives just by playing the game. Sitting out over a small risk would surely kill him faster than any physical risk from playing football.
The good news, according to "insiders", is that he had 2 congenital holes in his heart repaired with a stent procedure and has recovered completely from a very mild stroke. He is no longer taking anticoagulants or any other medication related to the stroke. Sitting out the rest of the season will not give him any health advantage, and there is little to no increased risk of another stroke from playing football versus standing on the sidelines. He does have an increased risk of having another stroke relative to the rest of the population simply because his body has already shown that it is susceptible to such an event, but his risk is less than it was prior to the heart procedure.

Hub Update: 10-17-05
Welcome back Tedy...Best of luck to you and your family.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Today In Red Sox History

1999 -- Pedro Martinez dominated for seven shutout innings while the Red Sox roughed up Roger Clemens in sending the New York Yankees to their most lopsided loss in postseason history, 13-1 in Game 3 of the ALCS.

2003 -- Aaron Boone hit a pennant-winning homer leading off the bottom of the 11th in New York's 6-5 win over Boston in Game 7 of the ALCS. Mariano Rivera pitched three scoreless innings in relief for the win.


Freeman Replaces Chad Scott On Patriots - Arturo Freeman: "# 25 Arturo Freeman
Position: DB
Height: 6-1
Weight: 210
Born: 10/27/1976
College: South Carolina
NFL Experience: 6 "
Solid Years with the Dolphins show that, despite Corey Giving him the business here, this guy is no stiff. Chad Scott is gone for the season, so this guy will be asked to make an immediate impact.

Tom Brady In Denver

Tom Brady: Rare Air
A 21-2 mark in games decided by a touchdown or less. A 60-16 record as a starter, incorporating regular-season and playoff contests. A passer rating that has increased in each of the past three years, from 85.7 in 2002, his first full season as a starter, to 95.1 through five games this year.

Denver is one of the few teams to enjoy any measure of success against him, defeating him and the Patriots twice since he became a starting quarterback three weeks into the 2001 season. Just three teams have beaten Brady on multiple occasions. One is the Miami Dolphins, who've had the benefit of playing against the Brady-led Patriots eight times between 2001 and this year. The other is the San Diego Chargers, who, like the Broncos, have faced Brady three times.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Place your gratuitous "covering the BJAYS" humor here_____
Hazel Mae's Playthings:

"I knew what they wanted to hear and I gave it to them. They were all pitching tents, but I knew that what I said would get people to watch NESN. People were like, Who's this chick? I embellished things a bit, but got a lot of exposure from that interview.

I act like I'm 15 years-old. (Blue Jays player) Greg Zaun put it best when he said, 'Hazel, you're really cool. You are kind of like a guy, but with all the neat playthings.' "


The real double standard comes down to the fact that Boston Globe writers are banned from "The Big Show" on WEEI because of its FUBAR, Tom Werner-worm burner-man-show style (I don't know what Roseanne's boy has to do with it either, but it just sounded cool), but they throw Hazel to the wolves in the name of shameless pub for Tom Werner's dorky NESN endeavors...Hey Hazel Mae West-Jamison, you can't have it both ways; You have the talent as a reporter but lose credibility, and sell yourself short, when you pull these stunts...this cheesy web interview, and actually going on your little "camping trip" with Glenn Ordway and Mike Adams, are exhibit A...

-Red Sox Hub

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



Super Shortstop
Nautical Nomar Saves 2 Lives In Hub Harbor
Nomah shows his speed and versatility in saving 2 partiers, playing an outstanding third base for the Cubs in September. Could be a fit at 3b/1b for the Dead Sox, who need a hustling hero at the corners.
What better example to set for the kids than Nomar's approach to the game...That way Manny could stay and just be Manny.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

2005 Sox Have Epstein "Bar" Disease

Can't match the level of play, intensity of 2004 club...Even with D'Lowe gone, Guys like Fat Foulkey spend too much time in the pubs...Time to face reality...
Was Ex-Indie Baller Millar affected by new steroid testing policies??
Some in MLB say that he tested negative twice, then went back on the "juice"
How about ex-Bonds teammate Embree???
These are questions that may not have complete answers, but simply must be asked...
New England Sports Hub Digest
Often falling right off the cliff...

White Shadow
The Texas Rangers hired 28-year-old Cornell graduate Jon Daniels on Tuesday making Daniels the youngest GM in major league history. He is about 10 months younger than Yale grad Theo Epstein was when the Red Sox tabbed him in 2002. The Moneyball movement is still in full swing, despite the problems of Harvard grad and Billy Beane disciple Paul Depodesta. The Sox use a mix of Moneyball, Jamesian stat-geekery, and a dash of old fashioned scouting to get things done. Glad to see that rich Ivy League white guys are finally getting a chance.

Leaving On A Jet Plane
If Theo wisely tries to deal the soft underbellied Matt Clement in the offseason, (Hub suggestion: Derek on the Down Lowe for Door Matt swap). Any trade talks with the Dodgers regarding Clement could then be called: Theo, Paul, and Sissy Mary.
I'm A Dancer Not A Whore
"She and Damon recently formed their own company, J and M Investments. 'I go out and find the properties, and he puts the money down.'"
Michelle Mangan-Damon had another gem of an interview recently, touching on many topics from her $green$ colored sky-world. Some of the priceless stuff included: Johnny wants to "knock me up" so that "it" would be born in February...but that she wouldn't be terribly upset if it doesn't happen, that she never wanted to date a ballplayer, and that she isn't a homewrecker because Damon told her that he was getting separated and that, anyway, "He asked me out for drinks." Oh yeah, she denies the 2004 cat fight with Shonda Schilling (despite the fact that there were witnesses in the box and it is well documented in Tony Mazz's "Tale"), saying that the two are "good friends"...and denies the ex-stripper rumors again. We can't confirm or deny the rampant pole dancer tales, but we can confirm that those "double plays" aren't real, and weren't enhanced to attract a high school teacher and his 30k a year...although with this piece of work, you never know.
"'I did not break up their marriage,' Mangan says. She has never met Damon's ex-wife, Angie, but Mangan thinks they could eventually be friends. 'It would help if she met someone.'"

Hub notes includes material and information from multiple media sources…But The Edge is all ours.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Selfish Sox Smoked

Damon, Millar, Mueller, Graffanino, Olerud...and Theo are now free agents...Unfortunately, Error Renteria and Matt "Cement Shoes" are still Red Sox property...Lawyer Larry needs to lighten up and give prodigee Epstein fair value...close a deal before the 11th hour just once, you pimple on "Soxciety's" Ass...

Orson Wells and Bloody Schill are another year older, and the Sox rotation is one day closer to death...

Pap Smears the A.L. and is the brightside of the sweep...

Johnny K's In The 9th, Asks For "5+" During Post Game Press Conference:
In Poetic Injustice, Error Renteria Ends Back To Back Red Sox Seasons

"The defending World Series champion Red Sox screwed up, in the worst of ways, when they couldn't squeak across a run with the bases loaded and no one out in the bottom of the sixth inning.
But you know what hurt them almost as bad? The only way to rebound from a disaster like the one the Red Sox inflicted upon themselves is to keep the pressure on. And the Sox had every chance, with their Nos. 2, 3 and 4 hitters coming up in the seventh inning, to do that. Instead of starting a new rally, though, Edgar Renteria struck out on five pitches (after getting ahead of White Sox reliever Orlando Hernandez, 2-0), designated hitter David Ortiz followed with a strikeout on three straight pitches (going down swinging at an 89 mph fastball) and cleanup hitter Manny Ramirez grounded out to first base.
So, after botching a chance to at least tie the score in the sixth, the Red Sox came up in the seventh and went down 1-2-3 on a total of 14 pitches. What a way to go."

UCONN'S Ray Allen Deals With Murder Plot

Thursday, October 06, 2005

(And Puppet Meddler Larry's)
Epstein's Epic Tragedy of Money, Power, James, and Henry
The boy wonder got the credit last year, so he must take the blame for a 2005 team that has even more of his freshly bloodied finger prints all over it...Don't blame Door Matt "Cement"...He is what he has always been, which is a first half, small market, small game pitcher...
Blame small market owner John W. LowTalker, who didn't want back to back postseason heroe Derek Lowe in a Red Sox uniform for monetary and personal/lifestyle reasons...Blame Larry Lucchino, who lowballed and blabbed Pedro Martinez AND Alex Rodriguez to New York, with Manny to follow...Blame Bill James, who has belatedly admitted that his geek squad may be missing some of the subtleties of the game, like clutch performing and the art of the choke; Cabrera continues to beat up the Yankees with his gold glove and silver bat, while overpaid newcomers can't pitch, hit, field or throw in the post season...But most of all, blame Theo, who let 6 major Red Sox players, (most of them brought in by Dan Duquette), play out their contracts in 2004, then had to scramble to overpay Edgar Renteria and Matt Clement when the big fish went elsewhere. 2004's success was a team effort; 2005's Epic Epstein Disaster ultimately ends with the newly mortal and humbled Red Sox general manager.
-Red Sox Hub

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The Fall Of George

Slacker Costanza: Baseball playoffs to cost employers $225M
Red Sox HUB-Gordon Edes Chat Before Game 1
Boston Red Sox HUB:
Theo Gets A B- On His Tony Maz Red Sox report card As G.M., D- For Guitar Playing
Theo still gets extra credit from us for his Big Papi Coup of 2003...If the Sox win it again, this teacher will happily give him an A...His guitar playing, however, is bad lounge act at best; He and Bronson together create a sound that have Maine Moose looking for love...and the rest of us looking for the mute button.




Red Sox will continue to own Contreras...Clement will step up against an impatient small ball White Wash lineup...This is not a typical Yankees playoff team that plays the game the right way...Angels will teach the defensively flawed Gotham gloveless about fundamentals by hitting the ball to the rocky right side of the infield...Sorry, Giambalco, the Juice won't help you at first base...
AFraud and Joe "Roy Firestone Tears" Torre Whine Again:
"There's a code of honor when so much is on the line, You hope people do the right thing. But you can't control what people do."
-Curse of the AFraud in classic irony, talking about baseball's "code of honor" to the Daily News

So, AFraud Whines his way out of Texas, but still feels the need to run the show for Buck and the Rangers...This was the reason he had problems in the first place, and contributed to all the last place finishes that Texas fans endured while Baby Blue Lips collected $25 million annually.

Hey Joe, where you goin' with that tissue in your hand:
"It's surprising. If his team was in the playoffs, I could understand it a little bit more. It's just surprising he pulled them so soon."
-"Crocodile Tears" Torre to the New York Times/Boston Globe/Boston Red Sox owners

Sox will continue to own Contreras...Clement will step up against impatient small ball White Sox lineup...

Hub Take:
If home field advantage meant so much, then Mike Mussina should have been out on the mound as scheduled...You controlled your own destiny; A win yesterday and home field was yours...You chose to save him and go with Jared Wright, and you lost.The "W" in Wright doesn't stand for wins, but it may stand for Whining Yankees...And Joe, they can't always be the greatest victory...You do have a $200 million payroll, so you cannot really be the underdog; You can, however be a bust and a disappointment, which will be the case when the best team in the American League, the home field advantage Angels, take you down in 5 games. We can't wait to hear the crying and complaining after that one.
-Red Sox Hub


They Can't All Be
" The Best Jerry":
"Teary-eyed Torre calls this 'the best of all' "

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