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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Red Sox Hot Stove-Trade Rumor Hub
Monday, January 30th 2006

Red Sox OBP Is Going...Going...Gonzo


  • John Henry favorite Alex Gonzalez is your 2006 Red Sox shortstop.

  • Strong defensive shortstop makes sense on a 1-year deal for Boston.

Red Sox Go Gonzo At Shortstop
Alex Gonzalez in the fold with a 1-year $3 million deal

Monday, January 30, 2006

Weighing In On The Celtics Blockbuster Deal

I Believe The Kids Are Our Future...

I am in like, not love with the deal. Wally Szczerbiak is owed $37.5 million over the next 3 seasons after this year, as well as a trade kicker (still looking for the amount), so he is likely here to stay. The Candi Man's deal is off the books after this season (around $6 mill), and it allows the C's to unload 4 years and around $32 mill that Blount stood to make.From a pure financial standpoint, the Celtics save some guaranteed dough with this deal, but it doesn't seem to help them at all in terms of the cap for the next 3 seasons.

This, from McHale, is high comedy:"Through this trade, we've become a much more athletic team," Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale said in a statement. "With Ricky Davis, we've added one of the more talented shooting guards in the NBA -- both on the offensive and defensive ends of the court. Plus, with Davis and Trenton Hassell together on the court, we'll have a great defensive presence at the 2-3 positions."

Kevin's talking about defense and Ricky Avis...The most athletically gifted Rent-A-Player in the NBA? There actually is a "D" in Ricky Davis, but it definitely doesn't stand for defense, which is the reason why he's gone.Pretty good, short article on Szczerbiak's relationship with KG, and his lackluster D...Wally and KG.

To me, Wally should help them play team defense and is a good perimeter offensive player, which hopefully opens up more opportunity inside for the young guys in the future-this year is obviously a lost cause. They are still athletic enough with Jefferson, West, Allen, and in 2007, Gerald Green, so the move should benefit them in their quest to rebuild.

-Celtics Hub

Pedro Gets In ARod's Business:
"'Now Alex must prepare for the nasty comments that will arise in the Bronx, where almost half of the citizens are Latino and purely Dominican,' said Martinez, according to Newsday. 'In fact, when Alex gets [to the Dominican Republic] it's possible that not even the reporters will be here to welcome him.'"

-The Dominican Diva, On Alex Rodriguez's decision to play for his native United States
I can't believe that Pedro has put us in the position of having to side with AFraud, but in this case, Pedro needs to shut up before he predictably comes up with an "injury" and shuts it down. Hey Pedro, doesn't your Dad's birthday bonanza fall during the WBC??
-Pedro Whiner Hub

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Greed $ox Take Away Friday Night Baseball From The Little Guy
Red Sox Media Mogul Tom Werner Says:
"Let them eat cake."
Tom Werner continues to erode the Red Sox brand

"Reminded that this decision might have a significant impact in minority communities, Werner said, ''We have outreach programs. We want to bring more Hispanics and African-Americans to Fenway Park. And remember, there are still a handful of [Fox] games over the air.'

NESN started broadcasting the Red Sox in 1984, gradually increasing the number of games each year. Now the message is clear: You want to watch the Red Sox on television, you have to pay.

''I don't want you to portray me as insensitive,' Werner continued. ''I am sensitive. But this is a business decision. And in our desire to remain competitive, we support Sean's decision. We think it's the right thing to do. We'll review the decision in a few years and see if it makes sense.'"
This move sounds worse than a Roseanne Barr National Anthem...At least in that case, fans of all walk of life were equally offended.These guys are eroding the Red Sox brand, one move at a time. One has to look at their debt load-an estimated $500 million from purchasing the team-and question their motives. Maybe they should just auction off another 2004 lineup card...

-Red Sox Out Of Towner-Hollywood Owners Hub

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wally In Kandi Land
Szcerbiak is happy to be a Celtic, but does he make them better?

Szczerbiak is a polished, old school player who will complement the young, athletic Celtics...
But is he worth Ricky Davis and $3 million a year more than Antoine Walker???
-Celtics Hub

Our Little Ricky In T'Wolve's Clothing

It's too bad that Ricky Davis had to be sacrificed for Ainge's Blount Blunder...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Done deal: Sox Pay With Crisp Cash
"Crisp, who will suceed Johnny Damon in center field and atop the lineup, 29-year-old righthander David Riske, and 27-year-old switch-hitting catcher Josh Bard are coming to Boston. The Sox' top prospect, 22-year-old Andy Marte, is headed to Cleveland, along with Mota, 25-year-old catcher Kelly Shoppach, cash considerations, and a player to be named or further cash considerations.
It was not known how much money the Sox would be sending to Cleveland, but this deal required commissioner Bud Selig's approval, and, as a rule, Selig must approve any transaction that involves more than $1 million. ."

Thankfully this prolonged negotiation is concluded with the Sox getting what they wanted. The small market Indians squeezed some cash out of the Sox by moaning about Mota. It will be interesting to see if he holds up all season; The quality of the player to be named likely depends upon how Guillermo's arm fares in 2006.

-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub
Whispers John Henry: "Waaay Down!!"
Lowtalking Not The Only Low for JWH
"Red Sox Owner Strikes Out In Funds, Too
Source: Institutional Investor Daily-Hedge Funds

It wasn't a particularly good year for Boston Red Sox owner John Henry on and off the field. Not only did his baseball team fail to make it back to the World Series (do I hear one-hit wonder as champs?), but his hedge funds also struck out big time. According to Brett Arends in the Boston Herald, John W. Henry & Co. lost more than $60 million as a result of 10 of his 11 funds losing money. Even his financial and energy funds, in a sector that struck gold for other firms, ended down 16%. So, what happened? Henry chief investment officer Mark Rzepcznynski blamed these 'significant reversals' on 'economic events that were not predicted by market professionals', such has Hurricane Katrina or winds blowing growth rates in another direction. That, however, doesn't explain how other hedge funds got it right; it seems it's just the luck of the bet. Arends quotes a profound insight from Mr. R: 'We have strong confidence that the future will be unpredictable.' Duh."

-Red Sox Hedge Fund Hub

Red Sox Ace Curt Schilling Makes The Ten Most Hated Athlete List:
"Between the white lines, it's all real," says one reporter who has covered Schilling. "But outside the white lines, there's a huge gap between the man and the image he projects." Take, for instance, Schilling's self-glorifying display during Congress's steroid hearings last March or his absurdly patriotic open letter to America on after 9/11, for which his teammates mocked him on a late-night bus ride with a chorus of "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy." "They know what he's about," says the sportswriter. "I'd say a large percentage of them like him, every fifth day. He wears on people."
On days he doesn't pitch, Schilling is notorious for striking TV-ready poses on the dugout stairs. (His manager in Philadelphia, Jim Fregosi, dubbed him Red Light Curt.) "He's somebody who's always positioning himself in terms of what's best for Curt Schilling," says ESPN's Pedro Gomez, who described Schilling as "the consummate table for one." (Speaking of which, Schilling also has a reputation for sneaking into the clubhouse late in games to get a head start on the buffet.)
So avid is Schilling's longing for the spotlight that some of his peers raise doubts about his now legendary turn in the 2004 postseason, when he pitched on an ankle tendon that had been sutured in place. During Game 6, cameras cut repeatedly to the bright red stain on Schilling's sock. It was blood, right? "The Diamondbacks people think he definitely doctored that sock," says the sportswriter. The ex-teammate laughs: 'All around baseball, people questioned that. It was funny how the stain didn't spread.'"

-Curt On The Car Phone Hub

Thursday, January 26, 2006


The Red Sox Are Mohr-Ons

The Red Sox and Dustan Mohr have agreed to terms on a minor league deal, according to the Denver Post.

"Mohr may be a better fallback in center field than Willie Harris or Adam Stern, but he still can't be viewed as much of an option as a regular there. It might be that he'll act as the right fielder against left-handers until Gabe Kapler returns from his torn Achilles' tendon, but even in that role, he isn't a great choice. While Mohr was surprisingly productive for the Giants in 2004 (.274/.394/.437), he was a lousy player last year (.154/.205/.301 outside of Coors Field) and his track record before the two aberrations suggested he was a fifth outfielder at best. "

Boston Celtics Deal Ricky Davis To McHale's T'Wolves For Wally Szczerbiak
Davis, Mark Blount, Marcus Banks, Justin Reed and two conditional second-round draft picks are going to the slumping Timberwolves. The Celtics also get The "Candi Man", Dwayne Jones and a future first-round draft pick.
Somebody went to the Tom Brady school of embarrassing photoshoots...
Plantar Fasciitis is all that has prevented Wally from becoming a foot model...

Ex-Sox DocBill Morgan Rips Red Sox For Not Getting Physical
A Business deal between the Sox and MGH/Harvard led to the dismissal of Bill Morgan and the Installation of Tom Gill(left) as Red Sox Medical Director
"When I heard it yesterday, that these guys didn't have physicals, I thought, 'What is going on !? This didn't happen on my watch, did it?'" said Dr. William Morgan, the Red Sox's team physician from 1987 to 2004.
"That's unacceptable. Let me put it this way, the only way to really understand what is really going on with a player or a pitcher is to put your hands on them, talk to them and physically examine them. I lend much less credence to studies than to physical examinations. This was a point of discussion between myself and the administration in regards to Pedro Martinez, for example. We had a questionable MRI, but the physical examination was perfect and the performance was perfect."Any physician that does not examine a patient — I don't care if it's a professional baseball player or Joe Blow living down the street — you aren't serving your patient completely."

-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Memo to Red Sox' Front Office: Hire an Editor;
New York Rips Hyberbole Filled Sox:
Dr. Charles Now Carries The Title Of "Executive Leaker"
What is the difference between Senior VP/General Manager and Executive VP/General Manager?? About 10 Weeks of Dysfunction...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Lucchino, Sox Duck an Embarrassing, Uncomfortable Press Conference By Issuing A Public Statement: Theo Epstein Will Be Called General Manager:

Theo, Larry, Henry finally admit that contract negotiations with Theo led to a fractured relationship and Theo's "Gorillas In The Midst" Escape...I guess the P.R. consultant told them that it is better to come clean late than ever...The sham public
Co-G.M. organizational face is wisely discarded.

Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss

Larry flexes his ego once again
"The Red Sox announced Tuesday that Epstein would resume his old duties, nothing more and nothing less than when he left on Halloween.
While Theo was contemplating returning to the organization in an advisory role, Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said in a statement, "He and I talked and agreed it was best for the organization if he returned as general manager, a title more appropriate for him because it accurately reflects the role he will play."
-LARRY "I'm Still The Evil Emperor" LUCCHINO

“This lack of a shared vision, plus the stress of a far-too-public negotiation, strained some relationships, including mine with Larry Lucchino."
-New Red Sox G.M. Theo Epstein

Guillermo Mota Fails His Indians Physical
Coco Crisp to Boston Red Sox is on hold. - Though richer with Yankees, Damon still sighs for Red Sox

Damon Still Talking About The Red Sox:

"'They just didn't show an interest or a desire in having me anymore,' he says. 'I was such an integral part of that team, too. When I got there it was 25 guys and 25 cabs. Everybody was doing their own thing.
'I helped change the culture there. I helped them win a world championship. I made a difference on the field and in the clubhouse.'

Yet, even though $40 million is a decent, if not extravagant, offer, Damon feels it was just enough for Boston to save face, but not save him from moving on.

'Believe me, if it wasn't the Yankees, there were a few other teams I could've signed with for more money than the Red Sox were offering. They didn't seem to care,' he said. 'Before I signed with the Yankees, I almost signed with Los Angeles, and Boston's attitude was like, 'Oh well. Big deal.'

'When that fell through, they still didn't make a move. I gave them every opportunity. I don't know, maybe they didn't believe me and that I would go somewhere else.'
Damon sighs.

'I tried with them. I really tried. You can look at it and say the money was so much better, but it wasn't just that.' "

-Red Sox Hot Stove Hub

Monday, January 23, 2006


New England Sports Hub Hot Stove Trade Rumor Central
Monday, January 23rd 2006

Anna Benson Shows Off Her Dirty Birds

Oh Yeah, Baltimore Introduced Kris Benson Too...


Red Sox Hot Stove-Trade Rumor Hub
Monday, January 23rd 2006

Sox Go Coocoo For Coco

Crisp To Boston Update:

Boston will ship top prospect Andy Marte, reliever Guillermo Mota, and catcher Kelly Shoppach to Cleveland. The deal is contingent upon physicals. The only player in the deal with a known and recent injury issue is Mota, who missed a month last season with the Marlins because of inflammation in his throwing elbow.

The trade is now a complex six-player deal centered upon 26-year-old Coco Crisp that also will bring to town a quality setup man in 28-year-old David Riske and young catcher Josh Bard.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Red Sox Hub Trade Rumor Central

The HUB-BUB: Coco Crisp
Sox panic and give up longterm benefit/huge upside for a solid contributor
Sox drag their feet, and now have to give up their best new pair of superstar shoes:
This has been the recurring theme for this organization; There is a big difference between patience and miscalculation. Arroyo will never be anything more than a solid #3 starter at best. Crisp is a decent player, but will never be mistaken for anything more than Joe average. Reed and Marte both have All-Star upside.

Here are the two common rationalizations by fans for this deal and why they don't hold water:

He is rated highly by scouts, G.M.s, and credible baseball publications as one of the top 5 prospects in baseball, and was clearly the top prospect in both the Braves and Red Sox organizations-both loaded systems. The Sox gave up Renteria and $11 million to get him, so their cross checking systems must have rated him highly; It is highly unlikely that he has gone from top prospect to suspect from a few winter ball at bats. If so, then the Sox badly overrated him before making the Braves deal and you have to question their entire scouting and development team. He is healthy and playing winter ball-Cleveland isn't trading for damaged goods-especially with all the injury rumors out there. Cleveland obviously considered Marte the best offer, and Cleveland knows how to pick young talent; Marte still has HUGE upside. No player is a sure thing, but Marte is a calculated risk worth taking over filling a hole with an average CF.

Winning organizations never let it come to this. You simply do all that you can to avoid putting yourself in a desperate, vulnerable position that allows trading partners to hold you hostage. It can happen with bad luck and injuries, but in this case it was due to a lack of planning and foresight going back to 2004 in regards to the future in centerfield. The longer you wait, the more leverage the player and the market gets. The always spin/p.r. conscious Sox panicked and payed a King's ransom in return for a commoner. Is Crisp going to change your lineup? (He struggled at the top of the CLE lineup and hit ninth most of 2005; He often swings at the first pitch). What does he do really well?? If you have no choice but to try and cover up your mistakes, you do so with cash rather than mortgage your future. See: SF Giants/Steve Finley.

The Sox go from having a CF and 3B with major league minimum salaries and All-Star upside to an average major league CF making $3 million and a #3-4 starter making $3-4 million-both without All-Star upside. In the short term, as in 2006, the Sox are probably better than they would have been keeping Marte and grabbing Reed(although Reed is primed for a breakout in 2006). In the long run, the Sox blew a great chance to create budget and player stability for years to come-anchored by potential young stars at 3B and CF. You never don't trade huge upside for zero upside; It is simply not the way to build a dynasty.

Marte and talent for Sizemore-Yes! (Doesn't make sense for CLE unless you threw in a Lester +)

Marte for Reed-maybe: Both are young players with huge upside.

Your risk/benefit ratio tells you that you should keep Marte unless offered a player that fills both a hole (SS/CF) and has at least a big upside. That simply didn't happen here. This trade is a mistake, and could be a colossal blunder if Marte meets expectations.

Red Sox Hot Stove-Trade Rumor Hub
Sunday, January 22nd 2006

Red Sox OBP Is Going...Going...Gonzo



Red Sox Hot Stove-Trade Rumor Hub
Sunday, January 22nd 2006

Sox Go Coocoo For Coco


Saturday, January 21, 2006

John Henry Is Losing His Grip On The Red Sox
Hey John, "How Ah Yah?"
This CNN Money article (End of November) once again gains relevance. I wonder who will be doing the Thursday morning WEEI segment going forward? This power struggle is far from over.
"Epstein insisted that his much dissected, 14-year relationship with Lucchino was not the problem. Yet moments later, Epstein grimaced when Henry insisted there had been no "trust issue" between Epstein and Lucchino. Was that a telling slip? Epstein won't say--he did not respond to numerous e-mails and phone calls seeking comment. Nevertheless, Henry wasn't surprised when told of Epstein's body language. "There was a trust issue, and after I read through the transcript, I realized I should have just said, 'No comment,'" he concedes. "But I was trying to be very careful about not giving away his reasons. I felt like that's up to Theo.'"
SO: Is Henry Making An Even Bigger Mistake Letting Theo Return To The Red Sox?
Only time will tell, but we have a hard time seeing Larry Lucchino accept an erosion of his power.
At this Red Sox junction, we see a lot of dysfunction.
-Red Sox Hot Stove Hub

Friday, January 20, 2006

No, That's Not The Ball Boy Next To Brady:
It's Josh Mc Daniels, The O.C. Of The N.E.P.A.T.R.I.O.T.S.
McDaniels Officially named New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator, a job which he essentially held in 2005.

Josh handled a significant portion of the offensive gameplan and game calling during Brady's best statistical season, overcoming an injury plagued offensive line and running backs corps.

Patriots predictably and wisely stay in-house for both the O.C. and D.C.

-Patriots Rumor Hub

How Do You Like Your Center Fielder...Crispy, Oldey, Or Griffey??
There are ongoing conversations between the Sox and Indians aimed at bringing outfielder Coco Crisp to Boston. The deal, according to a major league source, probably would cost the Sox top prospect Andy Marte and probably would include multiple players changing sides.

Crisp, who hit .300 with 16 homers and 70 RBIs while making $365,000 last season, is seeking more than $3 million in arbitration. The 26-year-old has been atop the Sox' list for some time.

The Sox also continue talks with other teams regarding a successor to Johnny Damon in center field, but a high-ranking Sox official shot down two rumors circulating yesterday.

One rumor making the rounds had Steve Finley, the Giants' fourth outfielder, coming to Boston for David Wells.

Another apparently inaccurate rumor had the Sox sending Arroyo to Cincinnati in a deal for Ken Griffey Jr., who is signed with the Reds through 2009 and could veto a deal to Boston.
(Fox, Globe, Internet)

-Red Sox Trade Rumor Hub
The Red Sox released the following statement from club owner John Henry, chairman Tom Werner, president Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein last night:

“As you know, we have spoken frequently during the last 10 weeks. We have engaged in healthy, spirited debates about what it will take over the long-term for the Red Sox to remain a great organization and, in fact, become a more effective organization in philosophy, approaches and ideals. Ironically, Theo’s departure has brought us closer together in many respects, and, thanks to these conversations, we now enjoy the bonds of a shared vision for the organization’s future that did not exist on October 31. With this vision in place, Theo will return to the Red Sox in a full-time baseball operations capacity, details of which will be announced next week.”

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Willie Mays Harris Signs With The Red Sox
He runs like Mays, Hits Like Harris(Unfortunately)

Harris is solid defensively in CF and at 2b

Theo's Back
Hey, We like Theo too, but the question has to be asked: What has changed since Halloween that allows Theo to suddenly work in this environment?
Guess the moment of moral clarity passed...
Hey, Larry Is Pissing Me Off Again; Can I Borrow Your Costume?
-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub

Who's Your Daddy?

It Looks Like Theo Gets The Kids...

And Larry Gets The Office In Washington.


A Sox Suit: For Love or Money? - Jan. 11, 2006
If Sox win the arbitration ruling on Minky's baseball, will they sell that off too?
"The Red Sox insist their case isn't about money, even though the ball could be worth several hundred thousand dollars, according to sports auctioneer David Hunt. It's about their civic duty to Red Sox Nation. "From our perspective, it is very important that an artifact with this much history be part of the club archive and be available for fans to experience," Lucinda Treat, chief legal officer of the Red Sox, told the Boston Globe. Yet when the Red Sox had an opportunity to preserve another important piece of World Series history--Red Sox manager Terry Francona's lineup card from the deciding Game 4--posterity took a backseat to profit. The Red Sox sold the lineup card and other World Series mementos in a December 2004 online auction run by Major League Baseball. "Clearly it's hypocritical," says baseball historian Glenn Stout, co-author of Red Sox Century. "The fact that they'll take other items like the lineup card and sell them for money shows that at some level that's where the interest is."

-Lucchino Is The Devil Hub

Belichick Pees On His Defense


Patriots 2006 Victory Parade Awkward, Sparsely Attended
Kraft arrested for loitering, dancing without rhythm

Doug Heffernan is running the show for his
favorite team, the J-E-T-S-JETS.
According to Michael Holley of WEEI, Belichick stepped in on more than one occasion to take over Patriots defensive meetings. He tried to talk Mangini out of taking the job. The Jets are salary cap strapped, crippled by the albatross that is Chad Pennington's chronic shoulder problem and huge contract. This is a 3 stud horse draft, (Leinert, Bush, and some Young champion from Texas). The Jets pick 4th. It will be interesting to see, when the Jets start losing again in 2006, if Eric Mangini is ready to captain a leaky ship.
On the bright side for the Man-Child:
1. A guaranteed $8 million contract means that no matter what happens in New York, he and his family are set for life.
2. By all reports, the Jets were one of the worst conditioned teams in the NFL last seasonon, so a guy that has learned from Parcells and Belichick will be sure to quickly resolve that problem.
-Patriots Hub

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Devil Is In The Details-Red Sox, Tavarez finalize two-year deal:
"The deal includes a club option for 2008. Tavarez gets a $500,000 signing bonus and salaries of $3.1 million in each of the next two seasons.
The club option, worth $3.85 million, would become guaranteed if the 32-year-old right-hander appears in 125 games over the next two seasons or 65 in 2007."

-Red Sox Hot Stove Trade Rumor Hub

Breathe Jerry: Radio Guys Talk 2006 Red Sox Baseball:
"Castiglione said the pitching, with Beckett and a deeper bullpen, is better than 2005.
Trupiano was not so sure.
'When I look at the pitching staff, you have to wait and see what you get from (Curt) Schilling and from (Keith) Foulke,' Trupiano said."

Monday, January 16, 2006

Former Red Sox right-hander Tomori signs with Chunichi For 45 Million+
He never got a chance with the parent club in 2005.

-Red Sox Free Agent Hub
Andy Marte: Prospect Or Suspect?
His career to this point likens him to Paul Konerko. The Red Sox would be very pleased to wind up with a corner player with similar productivity.

-Red Sox Trade Rumor-Prospect Hub
Face it:Peyton can't win the big
Here's Why Peyton Manning Will Always Be A Big Notch Below Tom Brady:
And why the Pats will see you in Miami for Super Bowl XLI

"'I'm looking for a safe word here, I don't want to be a bad teammate,' Manning said when asked about Indianapolis' blown blocking assignments. 'Pittsburgh gave us trouble and put us in some situations we're not usually in.' "

-Peyton Being Manning, pointing the finger at his offensive line

Hey Peyton, that throw to Polamalu must have been your left tackles fault...Ben Dreith saved your choking ass on that one.

'''They were blitzing and I rolled right. I thought I had Troy in the corner. I got hit and, when I was on the ground, I heard the crowd reaction and I looked up and said, 'Oh, no...Poor execution, bad throw. I've got to throw that ball away and we settle for the field goal.'"

More questions about the throw came his way, and Brady fielded them cleanly. He said the Patriots gave the Broncos ''points on a silver platter," that it was the team's ''best players" who made the mistakes that cost them dearly, and that he did catch a glimpse of Bailey and wishes he could have the play back. ''You've got to be careful when you throw his way."


-Brady Being Brady

Teams like the Colts will never learn(We Hope)...We know that Mannng will never get it: It isn't about physical talent.

Saturday, January 14, 2006




10-0 postseason run ends

with a 27-13 loss in Denver

How Do You Like Yours??
Fumbled Punt, Interception, Kick Return, Running Back Special...
How about Hobb'ling...
The Hobbs kick return fumble led to the blown pass
interference call in the end zone, and a key Broncos touchdown.

Troy Brown muffs a key punt
return in the 4th quarter, ending the Pats chances
Bizarro Bill:

(Patriots albatross Ben Dreith, back row 1st on the left)

(National media outlets have reported that the overhead camera angle was inexplicably unavailable during the review, and that subsequent viewing of the angle showed that it should have been a touchback, Patriot ball on their own 20 yard line).

"I think in a lot of ways this kind of invigorates you."

-Tom Brady, in his postgame press conference

"I See A Man In Turmoil..."
Hobbs The Comic Strip Character Didn't
Have A Day This Rough
Elway's Runaway Bridesmaid Finally Gets
Another Shot At The Altar

Paul Pierce Trade Rumors
"Andre Miller's name has resurfaced in trade talk, says someone in the know. Sounds to me like the Celtics may have rekindled summer dialogue that nearly sent Paul Pierce to Denver for the former NBA assists leader. Boston's current prime objectives are to dump sizeable long-term contracts and acquire an established point guard. "
Nomar to play for Mexico in World Classic
"Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Nomar Garciaparra will play for Mexico at the World Baseball Classic in March. "

No announcement has been made as to what position Nomah will be playing, although he is likely the best shortstop on Team Mexico.

-Hub Baseball Rumor Central
If You Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: Mangini Interested In J-E-T-S Job

"Although Bill Belichick has been trying to talk Mangini out of taking the Jets job, Mangini will make his own decision, and that decision would be to accept a fair Jets' offer if one is, indeed, made."

"From what I hear, this is not about whether Mangini will turn [the Jets] down," a current NFL assistant coach told The Post. "There is zero chance of Belichick talking him out of it. That's not happening. From what I'm hearing, if they offer him the job, he's going to end up taking it."
-Patriots Rumors

Friday, January 13, 2006

Cold, Hard Football Calls for The Canning Of Pickled Ham Ron Borges:
If 890 ESPN had a radius larger than a spare tire, we might have actually heard this. Still, we agree that Ron Borges is a hack that lacks opposable thumbs. He can't admit that he was wrong on the Belichick hiring, and writes with the skill of a jail house poet.

"This fellow (Belichick) has cornered the market on convincing people with the help of his friends that no one has ever worked harder than he does and he's out, uh, you know, when everyone else is sleeping, he's working, when everyone else is eating, he's working, uh, I could say something, but I won't ... about uh, how at least some of his time is being spent... ”

Borges is culturally insensitive
Boston Globe reporters, along with its discredited hacks like Borges, are not allowed on sports radio WEEI in Boston. The ban apparently began with something Borges allegedly said on the station back in 1999. According to some sources, he called New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu 'a fat Jap.'"

-Globe Cartel Hub

Maybe not, but perhaps a little choke;
We certainly see some potential in
Jake The Snake For a McNabb-Esque Huddle performance...
His career 1-3 playoff record with 5 touchdowns and 7 picks
is anything but impressive

Schill would be proud of this game of "grab ass"...plummercareerstats2

Plummer is stylin' with a look he likes to call "homeless chic".

Champion Patriots Set To Crack Plummer's Rocky Mountain Oysters

Thursday, January 12, 2006


$2.1 million for Millar to play a utility role in Baltimore

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Red Sox Hub Hot Stove-Trade Rumor Central - Myers Confirms Manny Psycho About Boston
"So the Yankees, for example, aren't being watched in the same way the Red Sox are(because New York is a much bigger pond). Mike Myers, the lefty reliever who just signed with the Yanks after a stint in Boston, confirmed this on our XM show last week. He said that he thrived on the scrutiny, but acknowledged that Manny was tired of it. Myers said wherever you go in Boston people know you. You're almost like a rock star. He's switching teams not because of the media, but because he always wanted to pitch for the Yankees and suddenly had the opportunity. Manny just seems to want out, though I'm sure he has certain teams in mind. At this point, it seems as if the Sox are trying to accommodate their disgruntled left fielder. "
-FOX Sports

Cowboy Up Is For The Birds
Red Sox free agent first baseman Kevin Millar is about to sign with the Orioles, according to internet and club sources.
-New England Sports Hub
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Seeing Foulke And Julian Down By The Ball Yard
Red Sox Get More Relief Help, Sign Julian Tavarez:
The Red Sox and free agent reliever Julian Tavarez have agreed on a two year deal worth $6.7 million, plus a vesting option for the 2008 season.

"Tavarez was the losing pitcher in Game One of the 2004 World Series. He gave up a tie-breaking two run homer to Mark Bellhorn with one out in the 8th inning that snapped a 9-9 tie and gave the Sox and 11-9 victory. "

Looks like a prelude to a deal involving Red Sox pitching for a center fielder and or a shortstop...Guillermo Mota, it was nice knowing Ya.

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