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Friday, March 31, 2006

Anna Benson Takes Chris's Balls And Goes Home

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Anna Benson Is A Free Agent
Wives hide your ballplayers

What Is Bud Light Thinking??

What baseball really needs is to apologize to the fans and move on. The 1990's needs to have an asterisk, meaning records such as Roger Maris's 61* still stand (Remove that asterisk to, while you're at it). Obviously, Bonds and his numbers after 1998 should be wiped out, as he has already admitted under oath that he "unkowingly" used illegal performance enhancers. Regardless of what BALCO Barry says, the evidence is beyond question-Just read the book and all the grand jury testimony, Bud.

Anna Benson's use of "Legal Enhancers" isn't even as obvious as the rampant use of HGH
and other illegal drugs iin Major League Baseball...Bud Selig may need a motor boat to be convinced.

-Tiny Testicles of Balco Nation

Add Graffanino To The List Of Angry Ex-Sox

Tony G. rips the Sox faster than a playoff groundball between the legs...

"I think they screwed me, basically. All bitterness aside, I guess they made a business decision. The only problem with business decisions is instead of dealing with things, you're dealing with people."

-Angry Tony "Gaffe-anino"

Graffanino said his agent told him there were at least four teams ready to offer him a two-year contract. He ended up signing a one-year deal worth $2.05 million with the Red Sox to avoid an arbitration hearing. "Not only did they mess up this season [for me] but next season also,' Graffanino said. 'They took a decent amount of money out of my pocket and a lot of security and added a lot of uncertainty, a lot of frustration."


(We've grown out of our blog roots into a full website)
For More Red Sox Truth, Humor, and Rumor...

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Red Sox Join Choi Luck Club
Hee-Seop Choi picked up from Dodgers for $725K
Choi is a big left handed hitting first baseman with even bigger holes in his swing. He has looked awful both offensively and defensively this spring, with an iron glove that balls routinely find a way around, under, and off. The Dodgers were ecstatic that a team claimed him off of waivers, which saved them the full salary of $725,000. They expected him to clear waivers, leaving them to pay a chunk of his salary.
Now the bad news: Just kidding. Hee-Seop looked pretty good offensively in the WBC, hitting a bomb against the USA. Choi is only 27 and has great power and is a patient hitter that works the count. If Papa Jack can help him to make some adjustments to limit his weak spots, he could be a nice boost to the anemic Sox cornermen of 2006-Youkilis, Snow, and slow bat Lowell.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Cincinnati Post - Arroyo feels sting of leaving Boston: "They didn't guarantee me anything, but the vibe I got from them from what they said to me was that they weren't going to trade me any time in the near future,' said Arroyo. 'That's relative to whatever you think the near future is, but I thought it came pretty quick."

Just before Arroyo came to spring training in February, only a few weeks after he signed a discounted three-year deal to remain with the Red Sox, the 29-year-old had finalized the purchase of a house near Fenway Park in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.
"I could walk to the stadium," he said.
Arroyo still hasn't had a chance to move in.
"I'm getting it painted right now - I guess for David Wells to live in," he said.


Cincinnati Cyanide For Bronson
Singing the blues on way out
"It's one of those scenarios you feel will never happen to you,' said Arroyo, who knew, he said, as soon as Theo Epstein's phone number popped up on his cellphone Monday morning that he'd been traded. ''Nobody thinks they're going to be the one, whatever, to get in a car wreck to have their, you know, their kids killed in a plane crash, whatever. You don't think those things are going to happen to you. And I didn't think that I'd be traded."

So, in RockStarWorld, making millions of dollars a year to pitch in Cincinnati is akin to losing a child?? Who writes this stuff for him, Mike Vanderjerk?
The Rock Star certainly has some angst to work with for his next album...Oops, nobody will give a crap about his lounge singing act in Cincinnati, but they will care about all those dingers flying out of that little band box of a ball park. Yes, Bronson made a big mistake in trusting the snake oil salesmen that currently hold the Olde Towne Team in trust, and he is paying the price...Still, $11.5 million should ease the pain. This song is over, close the storybook.

-The Breakup of the 2004 World Series Band Hub - Writers - Andrew Lawrence: Vanderjagt chokes again -
Thursday January 19, 2006
Patriot Missile Crisis

What's Up Bill?
Now that Vinatieri is signed, sealed, and delivered to the enemy, Why can't you fill us in on your thought process?

Mike Vanderjagt is the most accurate kicker in the NFL with his leg, but misses often with his mouth. The Patriot muzzle should take care of that problem...Just ask Monty "The Mouth" Beisel.
"Liquored Up Vanderjerk" visit speaks volumes on doing business the Patriot way...
"Vanderjagt, a member of the Indianapolis Colts and the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history, got in some hot water during the playoffs when he suggested the New England Patriots were "ripe for the picking."
The comments angered certain Patriots, notably veteran defensive back Rodney Harrison, who labelled him "Vanderjerk." The Pats went on to crush the Colts 20-3 in the divisional playoff and won the Super Bowl against Philadelphia last Sunday.
"I’ve learned my lesson to never say anything worth a darn," said Vanderjagt, in town for last night’s Conn Smythe Sports Celebrities dinner. "I’ll be vanilla and just say, ‘I hope to make my next kick,’ and that’s about it."
Vanderjagt then smiled.
"If I’m outspoken then everybody in America is outspoken," he said.
Asked if he was stung by the "Vanderjerk" comment, Vanderjagt shook his head.
"I just looked at the source and it’s not a big deal. Some people have said if they’re talking about you it’s a good thing. I’m sure if I went to (linebacker) Tedy Bruschi (of the Patriots) or Rodney Harrison now, we could joke about it," he added."
( 3/23/06
Keeping his mouth shut just might land him in a Patriot uniform...

Edinger's mid-range missiles misfire...
But unlike Vinatieri, he is strong on kickoffs and can kick the 50+ clutch kicks...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This Is Adam 4, Over and Out
"Don't admire people too much. They'll disappoint you sometimes."
- Donald Sutherland as Calvin Jarrett in Ordinary People
3 Super Bowl Titles in 4 years mean that Beligenius and Pioli still get a free pass for the 2006-07 season, but this offseason has to be unsettling for even the most ardent Belichick worshippers. The altar has some noticable cracks, started in 2005 with free agent mistakes named Starks, Beisel, and Chad Brown. As key players have walked over the last few seasons over cash, Belichick has overcome personnel weakspots with coaching strengths. But this thing is different. No defensive scheme or offensive genius can hide a hyperventilating kicker, so unless Adam is suddenly damaged goods, the logic to letting the greatest clutch kicker in NFL history walk over a few hundred thousand dollars a year appears to be flawed.
-Patriots Hub

Monday, March 20, 2006



Wily Mo Pena brings an interesting-yet thus far annoying-tease of power, versatility
(LF, CF, RF, 1B) and whiffs to Fenway.

Like the screaming fangirls, looks like the Sox brass found this side of

Bronson way to appealing to ignore...Hide the knives.

"We're disappointed, as is Bronson, that our prediction has come true,'' said Arroyo's agent, Gregg Clifton. "After taking a discounted deal to remain with the Red Sox, he will not throw one pitch under that deal as a member of the Red Sox. We certainly respect the Red Sox's right to run their business. I understand their desire to always improve their team.''
Epstein said the club told Arroyo it couldn't guarantee he wouldn't be traded.

"I don't think it was a huge factor'' in Cincinnati's decision to make the trade, Epstein said, "because if he was on just a one-year contract, which really would have been the alternative in a negotiation, then he still would have been under the club control for three years.''

One would think that following the unceremonious ousting and ripping of stars like Nomar, Pedro, Lowe, and Damon, and the ungrateful dumping of team chemistry guys like Bill Mueller and Kevin Millar, that players would have learned not to trust Larry Lawyer, The Hollywood Fake, and Hedge Fund Fool. This group better not even suggest that a player take anything less than market value in the future-and a no trade clause if sufficient leverage exists.

On the bright side, for an overrated and low ceiling Bronson Arroyo, the Sox do replace Andy Marte's future with Monstah Wiley Mo's upside, and save some cash that could go to...I don't know...some future Hall Of Fame right hander from Texas...

Agents Warned Bronson Not To Make A Deal With Luciferchino
Hub Flashback: January 2006
"''We continue to move closer toward a discounted deal that Bronson is providing to the Boston Red Sox because he wants to do anything he can do to remain a Red Sox for not only these three years but the remainder of his career,' Clifton said last night. ''He's saying, 'I know this is a discounted deal, but I want to remain here. How do I get a chance to do this forever?'
''While we do not support him in his decision to provide a discount, we hope the Boston Red Sox will not take advantage of Bronson's loyalty and use a potential discounted deal to trade him.'"
While Theo was away, Larry apparently made some handshake deals down in Georgia...

March 19th, 2006
Red Sox 3, Orioles 1


Bronson gets on track, lowering his spring fling ERA to 10.03

Sunday, March 19, 2006


McGinest And Washington Wind Up Together Again

Browns now have both Ex-Patriot defensive warriors.



Johnny recovering from a non-displaced fracture of the fibula.

JuanGone Joins AGone With The Red Sox




Bruins Can't Score, But Try To Help Their Fans Put The Puck In The Net
It's about dating... and the BruinsAttention free agents. Are you single, busy, and do you like the Bruins? Introducing the first ever speed dating event at the TD Banknorth Garden.Boston Bruins vs. Atlanta ThrashersTuesday, March 21, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.5:00 p.m. - TD Banknorth Garden VIP Pre-Dating EventPrice: $129.00
Ticket package includes:
A professional pre-dating session facilitated by before the game.
A dozen, six-minute pre-dates with members of the opposite sex in your age and interest group.
One (1) ticket to the game, upgraded to a Luxury Suite ticket.
One (1) registration to the TD Banknorth Garden VIP Pre-Dating Event prior to the start of the Bruins game.
Light appetizers.
One (1) drink ticket.
Complimentary access to The Sports Museum.
A chance to meet that special someone who enjoys the excitement of the Boston Bruins!

"What's even less exciting than internet dating??? It's called Bruins."

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Clubhouse Cancer Wells Rips Tito

"What went on in that office should have stayed there in that office and it shouldn't have come out to you guys," Wells told The Hartford Courant in Saturday's edition. "So he's the idiot for saying that like that, not me, because I didn't interpret it like that."

-David "Waco" Wells


Signing this piece of garbage could be Theo's worst moment...

-Red Sox Hub

Friday, March 17, 2006




Is Tito's Conscience Finally Getting To Him?? Selling Your Soul To Lucifer Lucchino tends to have that effect on you
Is Tito Laughing On The Outside But Crying On The Inside??

There was a strange little moment last week a couple of hours before the Red Sox played their first exhibition game at the Twins’ stadium. Francona was talking about Nomar Garciaparra’s mysterious foot injury in 2004 and, as he hopped out of the dugout to take the field, said — and this is a paraphrase — something like, “I can’t believe how much lying I’ve done.” It’s hard to figure out how to react to that. Is he to be congratulated for being honest about lying? That’s one of those mind-sets that works for just as long as you’re winning. …


March Madness With Red Sox Style

Finally...Proof That Adam Morrison Is The Most Intelligent Player In College Basketball

Adam Morrison Looks Great In Boston Colors...

"Am I an idiot at times? You're damn right I am. Do I say stupid things? Absolutely. But at least I'm man enough to apologize when I'm wrong or if I say something out of context, which I did. I shouldn't have called him a piece of [expletive]. I shouldn't have said that."
-David "Orsen" Wells
(Props to The Hartford Courant)


Sox Fans Get By Buckner

"People always remember the last thing that happened. They don't remember the other parts of the game, that we left fourteen men on base."
- Steamer Stanley on Game Six"

I can't remember the last time I missed a ball like that," says the sore-legged Billy Buck, (Who usually is replaced for defensive purposes by manager John McNamara). "But I'll remember this one."

"I don't believe in curses, or ghosts, or magic spells, but I'm beginning to."
-Dewey Evans

Following the 2004 World Series Championship Game 6 just doesn't have the sting that it used to.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Romeo Goes Big Willie Style

Pats lose Willie to the Cleveland Browns.
McGinest Gets $6 million guaranteed; The Patriots get much weaker on both the defensive line and linebacking corps.
-Patriots Hub

Jon Lester, LHP, Boston. "He's got everything. His stuff is tremendous, especially now that he's come up with the cutter. He'll dial it up all the way to 97 when he's in a jam. He's smart, but has a mean streak. He could be special."

Starring J0hnny Demon As The One Armed Man
Johnny Damon has decided to shut down his throwing for a few days because of an aching left shoulder. After conferring with Brian Cashman on Sunday, the new Yankee center fielder decided it would be best not to play in the outfield for Team USA for the time being, although he is available to DH.
-- New York Post


There are indications that Red Sox pitcher David Wells isn't happy. Wells wasn't spotted in the clubhouse Monday, which doesn't necessarily mean that he blew off the day. But the chair in front of his locker never moved and neither did the box on it. Wells appeared to be upset after a recent conversation with manager Terry Francona about the lefthander's spot in the rotation.
-Hartford Courant

Sunday, March 12, 2006


"Of course, the Celtics fans are buzzing about this metamorphosis, mainly because it's so out of kilter with everything else that seems to happen to this team. The last two decades have been painful, almost a cruel shift of karma from the Russell/Cowens/Bird eras, between Lenny Bias, Reggie Lewis, Dave Gavitt, ML Carr, Dee Brown's knee, Kevin McHale's ankle, Larry Bird's back, the charmless FleetCenter, the Duncan Lottery, the Pitino Disaster, the Antoine Roller-Coaster Ride, the Potapenko trade, the Pierce stabbing, the Johnson-Brown-Forte draft debacle, the indefensible Vin Baker trade, the Mark Blount contract and, finally, Pierce's self-destruction last spring. Since Bird's retirement in 1992, only the overachieving 2002 and 2003 teams advanced past the first round of the playoffs, and that was because of good fortune (and an inferior conference) more than anything. Those teams were like Ellen Barkin in the late-'80s; maybe they got the job done, but you always had trouble watching them."

-Bill Simmons On The Celtics Curse


Pierce's MVPLAY Puts Celtics In A Quandary

No other NBA player is leading his team, as Pierce is, in points (27.2), rebounds (6.9), assists (4.6) and steals (1.4).

"We would be thinking about [Adam] Morrison and J.J. Redick and whoever else is going to be the first pick in the draft."
-Doc Rivers.

More shockingly than a cowboy on Brokeback Mountain... Page 2 : The Truth comes out

My, How Attitudes, Performance, And With That, Perceptions Have Changed In Just 10 Months...

"In the right corner, Shira Springer's game story starts like this: "Ejected from Game 6 last night, Paul Pierce left the floor at Conseco Fieldhouse swinging his green jersey above his head, a gesture certainly intended to taunt the sellout crowd, and allegedly inspire his teammates. It was the final, disgraceful act in a sequence of events that nearly resulted in the Celtics' playoff elimination."
Underneath the pictures, on the bottom half of the page, Bob Ryan's column runs with the headline, "Selfish act could have been team's technical KO." You can practically see the spittle flying out Ryan's mouth as he writes the following words: "... last night we entered a hoop twilight zone in a game that featured the single most unforgivable, untimely, stupid, and flat-out selfish on-court act in the history of the Celtics."

Hungry Pats will be Super Bowl Champions In 2007
We'll see you in Miami.
"Dwelling on why the Patriots didn't make the Super Bowl this season is loser talk, because it's nearly impossible to remain on top year after year."

-Patriots Hub
David Givens Makes List Of Top 10 NFL free agents
With a predicted $8-10 million in guaranteed dough coming his way, Givens has played his last game as a Patriot.

Panthers linebacker Will Witherspoon or talented Redskins reclamation project Lavar Arrington would be nice fits for a rebuilding Patriots linebacking corps.

-Patriots Hub

Saturday, March 11, 2006


More Nomar Hub:
Nomar nearly joined Orioles


Ex-Sox Nomar, Lowe, Little burn Boston - Baseball -
Garciaparra was happy about the reception he got from the many Red Sox fans:
"It just shows that they respect what I did when I was there and that's nice. I've always appreciated the fans in Boston. When I was signing autographs, I just reminded them to make sure they visit the gift shop and pick up something in a nice blue color."

Red Sox West And Nomah's Boston Media Love Fest




Oh No! Nomar is standing by himself again, so he must be sulking again. It couldn't just be that, like a lot of people, he prefers to get focused by himself.

-Red Sox West Hub

Mother Foulker Could Be Back In 2006
Knee-deep no more: Foulker s healthy legs give him a new drive:
"Foulke was helped by arthroscopic surgery on the knees toward the end of last season. This spring, injections have reduced the friction of the bones in his knees. Injections today will end his current round of treatments. He is unsure if more will be necessary, but he's confident he'll be ready by the end of spring training. "

Friday, March 10, 2006

New York Daily News - Entertainment - Jack Mathews: Game 6: "For author, the plate's the thing in 'Game 6'
GAME 6. With Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr.,Griffin Dunne. Director: Michael Hoffman(1:22). R: Language. At AMC Empire 25, Regal Union Square.
Ask any rabid Boston Red Sox fan about the sixth game of the 1986 World Series and you'll hear a sob story - complete with reenacted sobs."

Billy Buck Certainly Won't Be Seeing Game 6, But Following A 2005 World Series Championship, The Hub Is Comfortable With The Concept.

No, we haven't forgiven Bill Buckner. He never required forgiveness.

-Red Sox Hub

To An Athlete Dying Young:
Kirby Puckett's Passing Too Young, Too Soon Brings Back Tragic Boston Memories of Harry Agganis And Tony C.

"Agganis was a Massachusetts schoolboy legend. Recruited to play football by Notre Dame, Harry, the youngest of seven children, chose to stay close to his widowed mother and play instead at Boston University. An All-American quarterback, he was a first-round draft choice of the Cleveland Browns. But again he decided to stay home, this time to play first base for the Boston Red Sox. In 1955, Agganis was hitting .313 in his second major-league season when he was sidelined with chest pains; he died at age 26 of a pulmonary embolism."

"A decade later, I felt the full impact of a similar tragedy involving another local hero turned Red Sox star. Born only a few miles from where Agganis was raised, Tony Conigliaro might have been called "The Golden Italian" had it been the least bit alliterative. Hollywood handsome and a gifted slugger, Tony C became the youngest home-run champ (at age 20) in baseball history and the second youngest ever (at age 22) to reach the 100-homer career mark. But in 1967 he was hit in the face by a pitch, suffering injuries: A fractured cheekbone, dislocated jaw, blurred vision that sidelined him for more than a year. Conigliaro would make a remarkable comeback before recurring vision problems forced him to call it quits at age 26. A decade into retirement, he suffered a heart attack, lingering semicomatose until his death at age 45."

Thursday, March 09, 2006


A Rocket Red Sox Revival Gets Closer To Reality

Clemens said the Red Sox did a great job as salesmen, with Theo Epstein, Larry Lucchino, John Henry, Tom Werner, and others making the trip to Houston last month for a presentation at the Clemens Foundation headquarters to Roger and his wife Debbie.

''It was a great video," said Clemens. ''It was very personable. They shot people around town. They went out to Framingham where I used to live. Deb got pretty teary-eyed about it. She loved being there in those years and we still have friends there, of course, and it was great to see the effort they put into it.

''Theo spoke to me afterward and he was explaining to me how things have changed and everything. I cut him off at one point and told him, 'You don't have to explain that to me. I know that.'
''I've seen for myself how things have changed when I come up there to see my friends. But I liked it the way it was before, so you don't have to sell me on the organization or the city or the ballpark and all the great changes they've made there."

Clemens, who pitched two scoreless innings against the Giants Sunday and is scheduled to start for Team USA Friday against South Africa, said the Sox video was about three minutes long, and his entire family viewed it a second time after the presentation.

''It went through a little bit of my career in Boston," he said. ''A lot of memories, a lot of great memories that were brought back to me. It was well done."

-Rocket Roger Red Sox Hub


Wise Guy Mirabelli Targeted For Tony "G"?
"Inside the Red Sox clubhouse, a number of Red Sox players, aware that Graffanino is going to be dealt somewhere, have proposed sending him to San Diego in exchange for the popular Mirabelli, who could reclaim his role as Jason Varitek's backup and Tim Wakefield's designated catcher."


Like Barry Bonds' Syringe Filled Ass, His Steroid Use Is Exposed Repeatedly And Extensively

Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Why can't we get a centerfielder like this?

Adam Stern hit .133 for the Red Sox and looked lost on the basepaths. Today he gave Theo and the Sox a Stern warning not to give up on him.
Adam hit an inside-the-park homer, drove in four runs and made two sensational catches in center to lead Canada over the United States 8-6 Wednesday in the World Baseball Classic.

Jason Varitek's 448-foot grand slam helped bring the United States back from an 8-0 deficit, but a Canadian team made up largely of minor leaguers held on.

-Sox In The World Baseball Classic Hub

Wells, We Still Have An Idiot On The Red Sox

Listening to David Wells is just painful

David Wells is back blasting away at Bud Selig.
The Boston left-hander was irate Tuesday about a report that the commissioner asked the
New York Yankees to remove a sign that apologized for some star players missing spring training games to play in the World Baseball Classic.

"Bud Selig needs to resign. That's what he needs to do," Wells said in a story published in Wednesday's editions of the Hartford Courant. "He needs to resign and bring someone in who's capable of communicating with the players association and the owners, as well as the players, because there's so much hatred against Bud right now. It's a joke. Nobody likes him. He's a piece of shit."
-Red Sox Tub Of Goo Goo Doll David Wells

David Wells should focus on his Budweiser and leave "Bud Light" alone. This is the same guy that claims to have pitched his no-hitter while still drunk from the night before, yet has the gall to rip the commissioner of baseball for "Yankee business". Just shut up and go away Boomer.
-Blubbering Boomer Hub

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Red Sox Hub: Young Guns
Papelbon, Delcarmen, Lester, Alvarez, Hansen give Sox most impressive pitching pipline since Tudor, Ojeda, Hurst, Boyd...And some kid named Rocket Roger.

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