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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Now On Broadway: Yankee Go Home
Starring Mark Bellhorn As Oscar Gamble

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Gotham Rings In Bellhorn Starting Tonight:

"'Yeah, he strikes out a lot, but he takes a lot of pitches, too,' Torre said. 'I've always liked him as a player. He's got power to all fields. He certainly gives us a guy with experience. He obviously handles pressure.'"
--ALCS and World Series hero Mark Bellhorn's new manager, Joe Torre

"It's unfortunate for me what happened this year in Boston," he said. "But there are no hard feelings. I didn't start off too great and I think I started pressing. Maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself."
--The Ghost Of Mark Bellhorn

Bellhorn Starts at 3B tonight for the Yankees...A.Rod @ DH

Fraud Rafael Palmeiro Can't Take It, Uses Ear Plugs At The Plate In Toronto
Trio Back Their Boy Blue Selig Over Wells

Wells Should Shut Up, But So Should Sox Ownership
No comment by the Red Sox may have been the most prudent course in keeping player/managment harmony, but Red Sox ownership Apologizes to Bud Light
"(T)he comments made today by David Wells regarding the commissioner of baseball do not in any way reflect the views of the club. The club believes the commissioner has demonstrated visionary leadership and integrity and we recognize that his contributions to the game have been enormous. That said, we apologize to the commissioner."
--Red Sox owners know where their bread is buttered; Just ask Dolan and O'Donnell

Deep In The Wells
Boomer suspension upheld for 6 games
Big Daddy Gives Bud Light The Business on Steroids, State of MLB
"...I can’t wait to win the World Series and have Bud Selig come up to(deliver the World Series Trophy)…I really can’t…who knows what’ll come out then…But if we’ve got an opportunity…I hope we do go there and he comes in and presents it, cause I know for one thing he’ll shy away from me…I know…It’s just a pity, it really is…I guess everything I said in the past is true…so, ya know, piss on ‘Em…I don’t think he’s (Selig) doing anything good for the game…Palmeiro was already tested positive and didn’t serve his term but from what I understand from a few sources that he (Selig) said let’s just wait until the HOF election’s over and then we’ll suspend him…you know, and that’s what I heard so if the guy’s guilty of steroids suspend him right then and there, and Palmeiro single handedly whipped our butts that series in Baltimore…and he knew that he was guilty, he tested positive for steroids prior to that…just piss on ‘Em (Wells), give him the six games..."
-Red Sox Lefty David Wells, unhappy that his 6 game suspension was upheld by Bud Light.

Wells loses approximately $300K per start at this point...The earliest that Wells will return is Sunday.

-Red Sox Hub

Monday, August 29, 2005

Mark Will Wear The Bell-Horns...And The Pinstripes
Our Mahk Bellhawn is a Yankee.

It's Not The Chad!

Chad Harville ERA begins in Boston
Red Sox claimed RHP Chad Harville off waivers from the Astros.
Interesting that the Astros would let Harville go now. His 4.46 ERA and 1.57 WHIP in 38 1/3 IP aren't very impressive, but he still has the live right arm that made him a quality relief prospect while with the A's. The Red Sox will probably add him to the roster in place of Abe Alvarez on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hub Analysis: 29 year old ex-prospect has control problems; Dave Wallace has helped salvage worse. Live arm, plenty of work in the Red Sox bullpen. Nothing to lose by this move
Red Sox Hub Baseball Digest
Old School Sox:
The Red Sox are scoring runs in bunches, but in a throwback to years past, have a suspect starting rotation and battered bullpen.
Should Have Finished 'Em Off When They Had The Chance
Adam Stern, Cora, Mirabelli lineups didn't help

Jeter and the Yankees were knocked down, but not out, early on. Entering the final round,we have the Red Sox and Yankees in a virtual tie on our scorecard. The Yankees rotation is suddenly settled, while Schilling looks less than human, Bronson looks like a burned out Jim Morrison, and Wakefield continues to literally get knocked to his knees by liners. Fruitbat Rivera is at his best, while we don't know where Foulkie's knee, and more importantly his head stand. No cartwheels for the pitching staff assembled by Theo and the Trio in 2005...
Only turnstiles, Niedermeyer...

Embree...Dead, his soul posessed by the dark side.
Speaking of about those Yankees.

Halama...dead and buried in D.C..
Mantei...already dead when he came to Boston.
Miller...dead to least for 2005.
Remlinger...dead and buried.
Papelbon...tortured and left for dead-arm by an indecisive front office.
Gonzalez...left for dead by the Devil(Rays)...resurrected by Boston.
Foulke...may he rise from the dead like a Phoenix from Arizona, Frank Costanza.
BATTING AVERAGE — Red Sox .285 (1st), Yankees .276 (4th).
RUNS — Red Sox 736 (1), Yankees 704 (2).
HOME RUNS — Yankees 179 (3), Red Sox 153 (8).
ON-BASE PERCENTAGE — Red Sox .358(1), Yankees .353(2).
SLUGGING PERCENTAGE — Red Sox (3), Yankees (4).
Team E.R.A. : Yankees 19th in the 30-team majors with a 4.49 ERA and Red Sox 24th at 4.87.Red Sox love home cooking, going 40-19 at Friendly Fenway, and will play 22 of their remaining 34 games at home... The Yankees are 44-24 at The House That Ruth Built, but a mere 29-32 on the road and will play 20 of their remaining 33 games away from Yankee Stadium…
The 6 games that remain head to head: Boston at New York Sept. 9, 10 and 11 and New York at Boston Sept. 30, and Oct. 1 and 2.


Rohan Davey Free To Join His College Coach In Miami

Dolphins have a need at quarterback; New Miami coach Nick Saban coached Rohan at LSU and thinks very highly of him. The Dolphins have one of the first cracks at him through the waiver process. Look for him to compete for a significant role in Miami.

-Patriots Hub

This Millenium, It Goes Through Boston

Giambalco Has Yankees In 1st For Wild Card
Here come the Yankees... Showdown in September, as Sox and Yankees have 6 games left to play head to head. We wouldn't have it any other way. "Old look" Yankee lineup has Cairo and Giambi on the right side, Lawton in left and Matsui in center? We'll take our chances on a repeat.
Crack Open A Becks To Ease The Pain

The Red Sox bullpen hasn’t allowed a run only 2 times in the last 21 games…Boston's bullpen E.R.A. is the worst in the AL (5.45)…

Where have you gone,
My Mullet Middle Man?
Red Sox Hub Facts: Rod Beck made 102 relief appearances for the Red Sox from 2000-01...

Foulke's knee is sound, but his head also got a chance to settle down. If he can't close, the door will on the Sox hopes of a repeat...

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Who's On Third? Garciaparra Shows His True Colors:
They're Team Cub Blue
"When Rammy went down, I went to talk to Dusty...I want to help the team in any way I can."
-Team Player Nomar Garciaparra

"He just said, 'Hey man, I think I can play third...He said he'd be willing to try it, especially with Aramis gone and he said it probably will be less strain on his back."
-Cubs Dude Manager Dusty Baker

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Manny Gagger !!

"This is not the right way to play the game... there's no excuse for it. It is sad because we see it over and over and over again... He doesn't care."
-Jerry Remy on Manny's latest lollygag to first base(on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan)- 8/25/05

Wally Knows That Manny Cares...

But Red Sox fans are left to wonder, after yet another apathetic baserunning episode.

Ted Williams Severed Head Shown In Ben Affleck World Series Collection-Art

Ted's Head

Red Sox Bid'niss Hub:
...According to the Park Service's Web site, the rehabilitation tax credit 'equals 20 percent of the amount spent in a certified rehabilitation of a certified historic structure.'
According to the federal government's list of National Historic Landmarks, the only other Major League stadiums considered for landmark status were Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park, both in Chicago. The process was never completed for either stadium, and Comiskey has since has been torn down."
Theo and the "Real Trio", the Henry-Globe-Times owners, continue to impress with their business savvy.
-Red Sox Hub

Boston Red Sox : Official Info : Press Release: "Boston Red Sox named MLN FAB50 Farm of the Year 2005 "

Monday, August 22, 2005





Yankees GM Brian Cashman is telling friends he plans to leave after the season and hopes to land a job with another East Coast club. ... Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, whose contract expires at the season's conclusion, declined a two-year, $1.9 million extension. He is seeking a five-year deal that could make him the highest-paid general manager in the game. ...USA TODAY

Is the Sox success a product of Theo, or is Theo a product of the Sox SABRmetrics system? Methinks perhaps it is a bit of both. Like the Patriots, the system is in place, and will continue to function with somewhat interchangeable parts. 'Nuff said, I would like Theo to stay. At this point, the Sox should do unto Theo as the triumvirate do unto the players: Wait and see how he does in his salary drive season, offer him a 2 year deal that seems palatable to the media and public, but is actually below market value. I bet he holds out for more years and more cash. When he has agreed in principle to a deal with the Yankees, go above and beyond with a belated spin doctor offer... Oh, the hypocrisy...

Bench, Bench, Baby
Millar accepts loss of his everyday job - The Boston Globe:
''I mean, John Olerud deserves to be playing 100 percent. I haven't been able to swing the bat the way I'm capable of, and we are at a point in the season where we have to do whatever gives us the best chance to win. If my job is to come off the bench in the eighth or ninth inning to help this team, then I will. I'll wait my turn and if I get a chance to play, I'll find a way to battle through it."
-Red Sox Bench Warmer Kevin "Mouth Of The Sox" Millar

Sunday, August 21, 2005

He Left His Mark, But Would Never Toot His Own Bell-Horn
Where have you gone, our 2004 clutch second sacker?
A should-be grateful Red Sox Nation turned its lonely eyes away from you.
Best of luck.

A Red Sox Nation moves on to "Instant Graffaninocation"



GAME 6 Homer Heroics saved the Red Sox, while game 7 solo shot put the game on ice for nervous Pedro, Red Sox fans.

.300 batting average, .562 OBP in World Series sweep overlooked...

Friday, August 19, 2005


New England Sports Hub is on vacation and will return in full next week...

Okay, The Hub Will Start A Completely Unsubstantiated Rumor Of Its Own:

Gay Michael Kay???

"Not that there's anything wrong with that, Jerry."
Steinbrenner Butt Boy Kay Starts Damon Steroid Rumors
Yesterday, on his self-absorbed slot New York radio talk show "The Michael Kay Show" Throws out rumor-that had already been dismissed by Bud Selig- that Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens have tested positive for banned substances.

Wakey Shakey Quakey

Loss of Tim Wakefield would be a huge blow to an already unstable Red Sox rotation ...

-Red Sox Hub

Sunday, August 14, 2005


6 For Pesky Sox

Love Me Three Times, Then Go Away
But over their last three games, the Boston Red Sox racked up a "hat trick" of sorts, polishing it off with a 7-4 win over the Chicago White Sox at steamy Fenway Park last night.
The triumph boosted the Red Sox' winning streak to six games, while stretching their home streak to 13 consecutive victories.
The most impressive part of the streaks, though, has been what Boston has done over its last three games.
Over that stretch, the Red Sox faced three of the best pitchers in the American League, strong candidates for the Cy Young Award, especially with Toronto's Roy Halladay on the disabled list.
Boston's hitters, though, treated first Texas' Kenny Rogers and then Chicago's Mark Buehrle and Jon Garland like journeymen hurlers, pummeling them early and often to the tune of a collective 8.31 earned-run average and an 0-3 record.
Never mind that, as of yesterday's statistics, Buehrle and Rogers were tied for second in earned-run average at 2.99, (behind Halladay's 2.41) and Garland was fifth, at 3.29. And forget for a moment that Garland was leading the majors in victories with 16. Projo

15 RBI in his last 37 AB's...

2-4, HR(1), 2 RBI


The Straw That Stirs The Sox
2-4 2b, R

Tony "Sorry Horny" Graffanino:

3-4, 2 2b, 2r

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Scoopsville . . .Garciaparra Cub On The Way?:
"Stork talk . . .
Baby babble: Now comes rumbles a baby booter or pint-sized Cub may be in the offing for retired soccer star Mia Hamm and her Cubby hubby Nomar Garciaparra. Another good reason for word the couple have reportedly broken ground on a homestead in Winnetka

Congrats and Good Luck to the Garciaparra family.

-Red Sox Hub

Friday, August 12, 2005


And Speaking of Leprechauns:
Charlie Weis Looks Like A Fit At Notre Dame:
"When it comes to winning the hearts and minds of his players and Notre Dame Nation, Charlie Weis is doing all the right things. We'll see whether he has enough hands and feet to do winning work on the field, but Weis has done a brilliant job of tapping into the intangibles of the Golden Dome.
First it was the tireless tour of the Notre Dame dorms, meeting with students to talk football and reinforce the best student body-athletics bond in the country. Then it was the play to bring back Irish icons Joe Montana, Joe Theismann, Tim Brown and Chris Zorich as honorary spring game captains/story tellers/legacy educators. Now he's got Rudy welcoming the players in for fall camp."

Notre Dame players reported for the 2005 football season Sunday. After checking into their dorms, the first order of business was a team meeting in the theater of the posh new Guglielmino Center.

The purpose of the meeting? Charlie Weis had his team watch "Rudy."

Only natural, right? Notre Dame players watching the stirring story of the little walk-on who would not be denied his chance to suit up for the Irish?

But when the movie was over, Weis took the motivational ploy over the top. And in the process he showed that when it comes to grasping his unique new job, he simply gets it. Gets it better than any Notre Dame coach has gotten it in a long time.

Weis walked to the podium and told the team, "I could tell you what 'Rudy' was all about. But why don't I have the real Rudy tell you?"

With that, 5-foot-6 Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger popped out of his seat in the theater. Invited from his home in Henderson, Nev., to South Bend, Ind., by Weis for this special screening, he'd snuck in near the end and had been sitting anonymously among the players.

"We were just like, 'wow!' " said linebacker and defensive captain Brandon Hoyte.

-Patriots Hub

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Lucky The Leprechaun?
Sucks to be them :
"If it has to sell its mascot, your team sucks.

If its mascot will show up for free, your team sucks.

And most important, if the players featured on its Web site don't actually play for it, your team really, really sucks. "

-Jay Mohr


CELTICS: Share your photo with Lucky

Jay Mohr Says The Celtics Suck
We Tend To Agree. The Hub is sick of and tired of this rebuilding crap. Even if the kids are alright, this team is not built to contend for anything but more growing pains. If Big Al Jefferson is ready, then Antoine Walker would have made a nice sixth man. If he isn't ready, then 'Toine would have given us something to watch in 2005-06. Danny Ainge and Wyc Grousebeck, owners of zero NBA championships (Yeah, we remember the '80's, but Ainge was a bit player, not a decision maker), wouldn't pay Crazy #8 more than $5 million TOTAL. Pat Riley, owner of many NBA championship rings, saw $53 million reasons to sign Antoine Walker. Not only did the Celtics ownership close their tight wallets to Antoine's return, they opened the door for him to waltz to a division rival. Now, the C's have no safety net for this season. The Heat are instant favorites to win the East. Spin Doctor Danny, give "Jefferson needs minutes" and "We saddle a rival with a large contract" a rest: this is nothing BUT about the benjamins. I'm sure Paul Pierce is real happy to lose his tag team partner, and is looking forward to being triple scratched once again. Don't these guys remember last season pre-Walker II? A free fall to the TD Banknorth garden concrete may be on the short list. Keep adding mascots and cheerleaders, Wyc.

Edgah Saves It For Septembah

Red Sox Hub Daily Digest Thursday, August 11th 2005

40 Million Reasons Sox Made A Rent-Error-ia At Shortstop.
"Shortstop Edgar Renteria admits he is embarrassed by his 22 errors, finding it difficult to reconcile that many miscues with his solid defensive play in the past, which has earned him two Gold Gloves.
'That's not me,' said Renteria yesterday.
The stat sheet doesn't agree, of course. Entering last night's game, Renteria had committed those 22 errors in 105 games. A year ago, Renteria was charged with only half as many errors -- 11 -- in 149 games, part of the reason the Red Sox handed him a four-year free-agent contract worth $40 million in the ofseason.
There isn't one good reason to explain his alarming total of errors. Some have been bobbles, some throws and Tuesday night he was charged with dropping a ball on a forceout when replays showed he probably had possession of the baseball long enough. There was cold weather as an excuse, and even he says he still is getting used to the Fenway Park field.
'I'm not used to it yet,' said Renteria.
But he hasn't thrown in the towel, he says.
'I know I'm not going to win a Gold Glove, but I have to try to make all the plays I can. That (the 22 errors) is not going to bother me. What's real important is winning games,' said Renteria, who hasn't made this many errors since racking up 24 in 2001."

Hub Take: Edgah is a historically strong 2nd half player, and is particularly strong in September, clutch in October. The Sox were beaten to the punch on some other offseason signings and definitely overpaid this guy, but Renteria was signed for his intangibles rather than top tier production. He plays the game the right way. Did the Red Sox sign a 28 year old shortstop entering the prime of his career, as they thought, or a slowing 34 year old infielder, as he has appeared to be this season? It may be $40 million worth of pressure, which should lessen over time (let's hope), or it may be the beginning of a career decline. Time to check that birth certificate.

Hopefully, Theo and the Red Sox will reap the "intangible rewards" of Edgar in September and beyond in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. We have seen flashes, but overall, no brilliance. They have $40 million reasons to cross their fingers.

-Red Sox Hub

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Red Sox Hub Daily Digest August 11th 2005

Boston Red Sox center fielder Johnny Damon and Washington Nationals center fielder Preston Wilson, both free agents at the end of the season, could fill the Cubs' need for a leadoff hitter and their desire to knock Corey Patterson completely out of the outfield picture.
- Chicago Sun-Times

Nomah Update:

Went 1 for 4 Tuesday with a HR, 2 for 4 Wednesday, 1 RBI.

Hitting .317 in 5 games since returning, .200 overall.


Embree and Remlinger get new laundry, but bring old stuff to Yankees-Red Sox pennant chase.

Red Sox Rem-linger Too Long In The Majors?:
"Wearing uniform No. 37, he was immediately activated yesterday in light of pitcher Wade Miller being placed on the 15-day disabled list with stiffness in his right shoulder.
Remlinger relieved Matt Clement in the seventh with the Sox leading 7-2, only to exit the game four batters later with the bases loaded, no outs and the Sox' lead cut to 7-3.
Throwing 27 pitches, only 17 of them for strikes, he gave up a lead-off double to David Dellucci, who moved to third on a wild pitch.
Remlinger -- who would be charged with four runs, two of them earned -- then walked Michael Young and the Fenway fans didn't hesitate to let him know of their disapproval when he gave up an RBI single to Mark Teixeira."

Embree Lifts Red Sox
"I'm not pleased with the manager," Steinbrenner said. "I don't know why they kept the left-hander in there. ... He should never have pitched to Konerko. Konerko's their best hitter."
-Big Stein on Alan Embree and Joe Torre

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hub Daily Digest Tuesday August 9th, 2005

Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss
Left reliever Mike Remlinger will be acquired by the Red Sox from the Cubs for a player to be named later. Reminger is a lefty enigma, in that his numbers are better versus right handed hitters versus lefties. The deal should be completed today or tomorrow….

Ricky Don't Lose That Number
The Red Sox signed reliever Ricky Bottalico yesterday. The 35-year-old right-hander is expected to report to Pawtucket tonight. The Connecticut native grew up a Red Sox fan. He was designated for assignment by the Milwaukee Brewers on July 27 after posting a 2-2 record with a 4.54 E.R.A. He has spent 12 seasons in the majors with Philadelphia, St. Louis, Kansas City, Arizona, the New York Mets and Milwaukee…

Old School
Did You Know? According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the average innings-per-start for starting pitchers has dropped from 6.5 in the '70s to 6.24 in the '80s, to 6.03 in the '90s to 5.92 since 2000.

Not Gonna Happen Capin'
Manny Ramirez will undoubtedly clear procedural waivers in the upcoming days, but there is virtually no shot the Red Sox will be able to resurrect trade talks with the New York Mets and Tampa Bay. ``It's not going to happen,'' one GM who was not involved in last week's talks said. ``(Lastings) Milledge, (Aubrey) Huff and (Danys) Baez aren't going to get past me, if they make it that far.''

Grizzly Gossip
From the trading frenzy revealed that among the first Bonzi Wells deals proposed involved Boston and Paul Pierce. The teams couldn't agree on the complete package but don't rule out the Griz talking to Boston before training camp.... Trade rumors have swirled around Celtics point guard Marcus Banks throughout the summer. Danny Ainge dismisses such talk with a laugh, and Banks's agent agrees. ''I don't think that they're looking to move him," said Mike Higgins. ''I think they're looking to go into the season with Marcus and Delonte [West] and let them fight for the starting job."

It's All About The Benjamins
The Celtics are expected to waive either Raef LaFrentz or Mark Blount under the league's amnesty provision.

Anybody Seen My..."Magic Johnson"
Heat president Pat Riley had high praise for Antoine Walker when introducing him in Miami, mentioning the 6-foot-8-inch power forward in the same sentence with Magic Johnson and Lamar Odom. ''I've coached a lot of guys, but I've coached two players in my lifetime, Magic Johnson and Lamar Odom, who were very, very unique in the fact that they had size, they're 6-9 and 6-10, and incredible basketball skills," said Riley. ''They can handle the ball off the dribble, they are able to see the floor and take it to the basket. They really shoot the basketball and they are able to post up. They have the ability to do a lot of things. It's hard to find that today. That's what we have in one package."…

''When you win the division, you try to move up and keep battling and try to get to that next level. But they chose to go the other route and go young and start from the ground up again. It's an odd situation. I don't really understand it. Maybe, in a couple years from now, we'll understand the madness to it." –Heat Power Forward Antoine Walker

Breathe Jerry

The first overall draft choice in the 1985 United States Football League draft, made by the Birmingham Stallions, was Jerry Rice.
In California, a young man named Brandon Browner was six months old on the day of that draft.
Last Thursday, Browner, a 21-year-old rookie free agent in Denver Broncos camp, lined up to cover Jerry Rice, a 42-year-old veteran free agent in training camp.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Hub Daily Digest August 8th 2005
Pending a physical, free-agent cornerback Ty Law will be introduced as the newest member of the Jets, a person familiar with the contract negotiations said yesterday. The former Patriots star was in the New York area yesterday to sign off on the contract. As of last night, the two sides were fine-tuning the language in the incentive-filled contract.
- New York Daily News

Keith Foulke's journey from knee surgery to returning as the team's closer takes a big step this afternoon. Foulke is scheduled to throw a bullpen session at Fenway. Foulke has been sidelined after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to repair torn cartilage in his left knee.

- Providence Journal

On Friday, at training camp in Mankato, Minn., Vikings tight end (and East Boston native) Jermaine Wiggins was cooling off after practice in a vat of ice water. He knows I follow the Red Sox. It's different with him.
"I'm a third-generation Red Sox fan," he said. "It was passed down to me by my grandfather. He taught me well. He told me everything about the greatest hitter of all time, Teddy Ballgame. We've got the day off Sunday, and I'll be in the first row behind the dugout at the 'Dome, cheering my boys on. [Sox 11, Twins 7, at the Metrodome on Sunday. Mike Tice gave the Vikes Sunday off.] I'll have my Yaz jersey on, and I'll be loud."
And let's just say Wiggins and the tub-occupier next to him, former Padres minor leaguer Mewelde Moore, were both adamant that the Red Sox shouldn't trade Manny Ramirez. I am not so adamant. In fact, I favor it come the offseason.
-King, SI

The New York Yankees have lost some of their mystique in the eyes of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. He would rather face the Yankees than, say, the Cleveland Indians right now. "Everybody talks about caliber," Guillen said. "I think Cleveland has a better team than New York right now."
- Daily Southtown

Joe Torre said the Yankees likely would wait until Tuesday before determining if Randy Johnson can pitch as scheduled on Thursday. Torre said Johnson's back be examined by team doctors today.
- New York Daily News
Who knew boomer's palate went beyond burgers and beer? Turns out the portly Red Sox southpaw is also a connoisseur of sushi and Cabernets. On number 16's website, which can be found at either or, Wells reviews his favorite restaurants both on the road and close to his home in Clearwater, Fla. He keeps the reviews brief ("The spicy tuna is awesome," he says of Blu Sushi in Fort Myers, Fla.) and offers suggestions for fine dining experiences. ("Before you start anything you need to order the Bonzai!" he writes of the steak-stuffed spring rolls at Crü, also in Fort Myers). Launched in 2003, the site last month received 31,000 hits and has had visitors from as far away as Estonia. Stats are available, and Wells does the occasional postgame interview with Pete Larios, whose company produces the site. "He'll get real in-depth," says Larios. "It's his forum where he can sound off." Boomer also uses the site to hawk his '03 book, Perfect I'm Not, as well as $19.33 T-shirts that read GOT BALLS? and hunting trips at the Michigan ranch he owns with former Tigers teammate Kirk Gibson, where for $3,000 you'll get a multiday trip and the ballplayers will let you "cull a buck with a bow."

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Red Sox Hub: Henry Denies He Wanted Lowe Out Of Boston:
It has been reported by multiple media sources that the Midwestern raised JWH did not agree with D'Lowe's lifestyle of drinking and carousing
An item in the Herald's Inside Track last week reported that Henry was angered by Lowe allegedly showing up at a charity event last year with a woman who was not his wife and that the open philandering upset the owner so much that it sealed the right-hander's fate with the Sox. Lowe, who ended up signing a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has reportedly split with his wife due to his relationship with a West Coast television sports reporter.

Henry, via e-mail, denied that Lowe's personal life had anything to do with his status and that he had nothing to do with contract negotiations. He said that confusion resulted when his attempt to issue a denial through a spokesman was relayed as a ``no comment'' instead. "

When the non-baseball guys like John Henry and Larry Lucchino start meddling in player personnel decisions, front office strife and on-field ramifications soon follow.
-Red Sox Hub
Bad News Boston

Stern wakeup call this weekend in Minnesota:
Adam is not this year's Dave Roberts, as he makes yet another crucial baserunning blunder on Saturday; Time for this guy to get a case of the "Fenway flu"...Bronson chucks the ball into center field on Friday, Timlin tosses one over Petagine on Saturday, while Billy The Kid literally helps throw away back to back games....Mueller has an elbow problem that is causing these throwing nightmares; Cora will replace him on Sunday:
2b Graffanino
ss Renteria
dh Papi
lf Manny Being Manny
rf Millar
1b Petagine
c Mirabelli
3b Cora
cf Kapler
No Damon, Varitek, Mueller in the starting lineup today, but before you bitch and moan:
Johnny has trouble with the bubble, Mueller is hurting the team defensively, and Tek caught last night...SO:
It's On Theo, NOT TITO!!
Billy needs to go on the D.L. and rest that ailing wing, while Youk takes some big league at bats.

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