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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ricky and Curt need to check the family tree

"When you're playing a team with a manager who somehow forgot how the game is played, there's problems. Lou's trying to make his team be a bunch of tough guys, and the telling sign is when the players on that team are saying, `This is why we lose a hundred games a year, because this idiot makes us do stuff like this.' They were saying this on the field." -Schilling on WEEI

Piniella responded "I think he should just concern himself with pitching and not worry about what other managers do or don't do. Go talk to the players. I don't think they'd say that. I know you wouldn't get one to say that." -Sweet Lou responds to Schilling's comments.

Now that he's (Schilling) hurt, he'll have even more time to give interviews. Schilling should worry about his own team. He's a jerk.
-ESPN Radio The Herd today.

Ricky Davis and Curt Schilling are B.F.A.M. (Brothers from another mother). Apparently, they learned to trash talk before they learned to walk. Ricky is talented, but has yet to win anything...SHUT UP!!!

Schill has won, and is justified if he wants to talk about what it takes to win, but talks out of both sides of his mouth on a regular basis about everything from politics to Devil Rays clubhouse chemistry...See (paraphrased) Schilling's comments on Lenny Dykstra: "I don't believe that's in his makeup...I don't believe he did steroids...He didn't come back bigger than a lot of guys (in 1993).

Hey Curt, your mouth is already in great shape; the rest of your body could use some spin classes. Too bad the bruise isn't on your mouth, so that you could just shut up and do what he does best: Lead the Sox to victory.-NF

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