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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - Collapse starts with Clement: "The pouting act on the mound? That is the kind of thing you are going to see in baseball games, particularly ones in which a pitcher is entrusted with an 8-3 lead and can't get enough outs to qualify for a win. It was that way in 1996, when former Sox manager Kevin Kennedy yanked then-starter Tom Gordon under similar circumstances, after which the affable Gordon referred to himself in the third person and said he did ``not relate'' to the decision. "

Don't mean to say "We told you so." Really, we're not enjoying this either. This guy just doesn't have the makeup or control to pitch in the Boston market. In the end, his stats will be those of a respectible #3 starter. Just don't count on him to be a stopper, or win the big game. He is what he is; a guy with all the negative aspects of a D. Lowe psyche, without the the positives that led to big game performances. Now that he is the Defacto #1 starter, at least for a few weeks, lets hope that he can discover a part of himself that he has yet to display in his major league career, focus, harness his nasty stuff, and rise to the occasion. Suddenly, the season may depend on it. -NF
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In 1986 Danny Heep became the first player in a World Series to be a designated hitter (DH) with the initials "D.H."
In the four major US professional sports, (Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey), there are only seven teams whose nicknames do not end with an "S:" Basketball: The Miami Heat, The Utah Jazz, The Orlando Magic. Baseball: The Boston Red Sox, The Chicago White Sox. Hockey: The Colorado Avalanche, The Tampa Bay Lightning. Football: None.
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